• I remember the day it all came down for Washington Mutual et al. Hurricane Ike had swept through my city at the same time as the crisis began. Had no idea then how bad it would be.

    Cameron Miquelon

  • We had just moved to Las Vegas, of all places, so that I could take a new executive-level job that I thought would secure our retirement. By August 2009, the job had gone away, the new house was $80K-$100K under water and we were living in economic ground zero, with essentially no jobs to replace the one I had lost.

    Rebecca Theim

  • Many of my co-workers got out of the market; closed their 401(k) when the market was plummeting. I decided to stay in and keep putting money into it. I'm glad I did as I am now back to where I was before the crash, plus some. If it wasn't for my very confident and determined husband, I may have skipped on the 401(k) contributions too.

    Yvonne Bosch

  • I bought my condo 10 years ago and the condo is only worth about a third of what I purchased it for back in 2003. I feel unbelievably stuck.

    Stephanie Schumacher

  • I still have a house that I can't sell due to the financial collapse.

    Jennifer Riedel

  • It took me a total of 37 months to find another job -- and not even one in my industry -- albeit one at which I earn about 3/4 of my previous salary. During that three-year period, I sent out close to 800 individual resumes ... was able to obtain only 13 in-person interviews.

    David Orban

  • I became aware of the beginning of the financial in summer 2007 as warnings began to be on NPR. By end of October and beginning November, it was clear the warnings about mortgage or housing bubble were true and that its demise would harm the entire market, not just financials and R.E. related stocks bonds and funds.

    Roger Boudiette