Episode 61: Panda Bear, Bare Naked Faces, and Baked Goods

Maureen Gubia

Panda Bear/Maureen Gubia

Icebreaker: Alex Cohen Alex (“Axles Of Evil”) Cohen — roller-derby consultant to the stars and co-author of the new book Down And Derby — tells us a funky chicken (and cow) joke.

Small Talk: Lying Pants, NYTimes 2.0, and the Eternally Happy Meal The staff at Marketplace share some news items your dinner guests probably missed. Like the revelation that retailers are doctoring pant sizes so you can fatten up and still slip into your familiar size thirty-sixes. (Listeners in L.A. and Minnesota heard NPR correspondent John Burnett preview a few of the heart-stopping dishes to be offered at the forthcoming Texas State Fair.

A History Lesson With Booze: Pay up, Beardo! and the “Rasputin” This week in 1698, Tsar Peter The Great tried to change the face of Russia… by instituting a beard tax. Fight the power - and put some hair on your chest - with a classic cocktail from America’s most famous Russian-themed restaurant.

“The Rasputin,” as mixed by Ken Biberaj, manager at the Russian Tea Room in New York City.

In a cocktail shaker, combine:

Shake and pour over ice. Drink it quick. Pay the penalty:100 Rubles (or local equivalent).

Guest of Honor: Noah Lennox (a.k.a. Panda Bear) Noah Lennox records solo as Panda Bear and is a founding member of indie band Animal Collective. Both entities put out records widely hailed as some of the best rock music of the last decade. He’ll be releasing singles from his forthcoming solo album Tomboy throughout this fall. This week he tells Brendan about how he makes experimental music you can hum along with… and why you don’t want to face off against him on the ball field.

Main Course: Medicinal Food Goes to Pot At California’s medical marijuana dispensaries, patients can get their prescriptions filled in edible form: weed-infused cookies, brownies and more. Melanie Lusk, owner of Redeye Bakery, makes these medical munchies. Rico asks her to demystify the practice of cooking with pot.

One For The Road: The War on Drugs - “Coming Through” Philly folk-rock group The War on Drugs spins out bluesy Dylanesque stories over driving synths and electronica. It might seem like a discordant mix, but this War sounds surprisingly peaceful. The single “Coming Through” is an advance release off their forthcoming EP, Future Weather — best listened to driving through a forest on a chilly night with your heater broken.

Music On This Week’s Show:

The Sea & Cake - “The Argument”

Aphex Twin - “Boy/Girl Song”

Link Wray - “Jack The Ripper”

Tipsy - “Liquordelic”


Tobacco - “Hairy Candy”

Panda Bear - “Bros”

Panda Bear - “Tomboy”

Panda Bear - “Comfy in Nautica”

Small Faces - “Song Of A Baker”

  • RonS09/11/10 12:27 PM

    Medication… I love it when they refer to it as “medicine”. Gimme a break. Medicated. Good god. I can’t wait for it to be legalized so we can be through with this idiotic charade of pretending marijuana is “medicine.”

  • Rico09/13/10 2:47 PM

    Well, careful there. Medical marijuana laws are surely exploited to allow recreational use, but that doesn’t mean marijuana definitively has no medical uses. The AMA says further research is needed, and the ACP says its proven effective in treating symptoms of HIV:


  • Kip09/17/10 9:47 AM

    I thought it strange that Melanie Lusk indicated that the reason she cooked with butter was because it has more fat than oil.

    The opposite is actually true. Oil is pure fat, while butter contains water as well as small amounts of carbohydrate and protein.

    I’m sure butter is delicious in her products and probably helps to mask the marajuana flavors some but, if she wants to go with the product that actually contains more fat per volume, it’s oil.

    RicoResponding to Kip
    09/26/10 9:40 PM

    Hm. According to this table, butter has more saturated fat content per tablespoon than any other common cooking oil except palm kernel and coconut:


    Maybe that’s the issue?

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