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December 8, 2006

Like Sunshine

My own history with Jorja Fleezanis dates back to the mid-80's when she was with the San Francisco Symphony and came to Saint Paul Sunday as part of the FOG Trio (with pianist Garrick Ohlsson and cellist Michael Grebanier). We both share a strong memory of the trip back to the airport in my '79 Chevy Nova, driving down a particularly bumpy St. Paul street... not the cushy life of the classical musician that many imagine!

Since then, Jorja has worked with us on programs ranging from solo violin and piano, to an ad hoc nonet performing Stravinsky's "L'Histoire du Soldat." Probably one of the highlights of our shared experiences is the commission of Nicholas Maw's Solo Violin Sonata for her to play on this show. Each encounter with her has been a little like encountering the sun after a long stretch of grey days. You're always a little surprised by the warmth and light and you find your shoulders relaxing as you soak up the good energy that comes from that source.

This is my last blog for Saint Paul Sunday. In some ways, this program with Jorja and Karl is exemplary about what I've loved most about my involvement with the show. The two of them have a remarkable relationship that is immediately apparent in their performance together and I suspect that it is fueled by three of my favorite human characteristics: a sense of humor, curiosity and acknowledgement for how lucky we are to be able to participate in the world of music creation.

Thank you for your participation in the work that we've done all these years. Don't ever stop surrounding yourself with music. No matter what your day is like, it will always be better for hearing Brahms, Beethoven or Peter Mennin.

Posted by Mary Lee at 2:17 PM | Comments (10)