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July 4, 2006

Rare sighting

The fog in San Francisco is a common occurrence. Sightings of the FOG Trio, however, are much rarer. Three musicians who once made their home in SF make up this special piano trio: Jorja Fleezanis, violin; Garrick Ohlsson, piano and Michael Grebanier, cello. (If you take the initials of their last name in the order I just wrote them, youíll find where they get their name.)

The FOG met when Jorja and Michael were playing the in the San Francisco Symphony and Garrick was a frequent soloist. These days, Jorja leads the Minnesota Orchestra, teaches and plays chamber music, Michael is still busy in SF, and Garrick is flying around the world soloing with orchestras and in recital. With datebooks like theirs, itís virtually impossible for them to get together.

Why do they try? And why do we encourage them? Because as with all wonderful friendships, each one is unique and the music-making that results is a tribute to the human creative process. Am I overstating the case? Tune in and find out!

Posted by Mary Lee at July 4, 2006 2:37 PM