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July 31, 2006

Dynamic Duo

At the end of this week's program Bill refers to the Music @ Menlo Festival which David Finckel and Wu Han have started (now in its fourth season) and which is going on strong even as I write. (http://www.musicatmenlo.org/) It's a remarkable community of musicians, volunteers, teachers and audience members. Click on "Comparing Notes" for a more intimate view of daily life at the Festival by our own Brian Newhouse. Also listen to the the past 3 years worth of concerts at American Public Media's Web coverage of the festival.

I always like to prepare myself for a day with David and Wu Han by having an extra cup of coffee...or three. But then again, the coffee shop is the first place you hit after picking them up at the airport. It's not coffee, however, that gives them their energy, but their tremendous passion for the music and a desire to make it as accessible as possible to anyone interested. Listen to them talk about Beethoven in today’s show…it's not musicologists talking, but musicians who have lived the emotional experience of playing a Beethoven sonata.

Posted by Mary Lee at July 31, 2006 4:13 PM