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January 8, 2006

My, how you've grown!

There was never a more embarassing moment growing up for any of us, I think, when, at a family reunion, an aunt or uncle made too much of a fuss over our growing up.

But after all these years with Saint Paul Sunday, I find it nearly impossible to keep those same words from leaving my mouth when artists return to our studio after 5, 10 or even 15 years. Don't we all hope that we continue to change, mature, grow in understanding as we, um, age? Why should we be surprised to see the same thing in our musician colleagues? Maybe "delight" is a better word than "surprise."

So it was an incredible delight to welcome Josh Bell and Frederic Chiu back to our SPS studios. We're celebrating our 25th season this year and the greatest joy of this history is discovering how our returning friends have grown in their own lives and musicianship. And, if you've been a fan of Josh or Frederic's all along and want to exclaim "my how you've grown!" today, please feel free to do so!

Posted by Mary Lee at January 8, 2006 10:26 AM



Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you so much for years of pleasure and enlightenment. Years ago I timed my Sunday morning run to coincide with your program so I could enjoy it while jogging in the mountains of Utah. Here in Maryland, no stations carry SPS, so I listen online even more religiously. When I go to your site Saturday and see that a new program is coming up, I get excited because it is sure to be exquisite. It is incredible that you can get so much beautiful music and companionship in one measly hour. I appreciate Bill McGlaughlin's warmth, generosity and passion for music and for sharing it with the world.

By Dale Thompson at January 8, 2006 6:44 PM


I always enjoy your show as I make my tea and browse the morning paper. But I have to say that last Sunday's program was exceptional. Not only do I admire these two performers, but I feel privileged to have heard them play repertoire that I believe I have not heard on their recordings. And I thought the performances were magnificent.

Thank you, Mr. McGlaughlin, and everyone at APM, for providing a venue in which our nation's artists can share their talents with a wider audience. I wish you many more years of success.

By Richard Hill at January 10, 2006 8:02 PM


I have listened to St Paul Sunday since its inception when I was fortunate enough to be living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and have continued to listen through moves to Springfield MO, Las Cruces NM and two locations in western New York where I now listen on WSKG out of Ithaca. I arrange my morning schedule around performance time even taking a radio in the canoe on early morning paddles so I wouldn't miss out. I love the conversations which make the music alive and have contributed substancially to what I know about classical music, St Paul Sunday has been my music education course. Thank you Bill McLaughlin!

CAtherine Sandell

By Catherine Sandell at February 6, 2006 12:11 PM


I used to feel sorry for myself having not been born at the time of Paganini and so I never heard him play in person. And then one night a few years ago I heard Joshua Bell perform the Tchaikovski violin concerto at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City and as that last note lifted off and the audience errrupted: electricity was invented for the second time!! Would that the sports world could have such a modest hero! By the way- I now no longer feel sorry for myself but rather for those who lived during Paganini's time!!!

By Charles McHaley at July 14, 2006 12:23 AM