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May 4, 2005

Spoleto Con Brio

The first time I visited Charleston, South Carolina I was a college sophomore and I still remember being struck by just how old much of it is. Somehow I hadn't expected—in this country—to see gravestones from the late 1600s and buildings predating American Independence. It lent a certain magic to the city's maze of overgrown churchyards and cobblestone alleys…

Returning years later with friends, I found that each summer Charleston hosts its perfect soul mate—the Spoleto Festival—which among many other things keeps the historic wooden Dock Street Theater humming with superb chamber music performances.

This week, Charles Wadsworth, founding granddaddy of Spoleto’s Chamber Music Festival-within-a-Festival, brings several young friends along for a taste of those occasions. Charles, often in seersucker, announces music from the stage, sometimes joining in himself.

He does the same here this week with Chee-Yun, Todd Palmer, Andrés Díaz, and Wendy Chen. When we recorded them, their affection for each other was obvious, and I felt, as maybe you will, that this was the perfect way to hear Dvořák and Mendelssohn—with friends, on a Sunday, followed by a stroll or a mint julep in the summer sunshine.

If you have any memories of your own from Spoleto (or from Tanglewood or Marlboro or Roundtop or...) we'd love to hear them.

Posted by Vaughn Ormseth at 2:27 PM | Comments (2)