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Our Barefoot Days Are Numbered

July 30, 2007

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. It's summertime, and it was hot all weekend, and it's hot. I'm just sitting here contemplating what to do today. Seems we're at one of those corners you turn every few months each year, when the universe shifts gears and you tilt your head toward a different horizon. I took a walk Sunday afternoon, you see, and got a feel of autumn. Not a blast of air or a pile of leaves dumped on my head, mind you. Just a hint. A light touch of woodsmoke in the air, a slight waft of cool breeze on my neck. And it isn't even August yet.

There's other stuff, too. More evidence. All the ads for school supplies. All the trucks along the road piled high with corn. More and more cars in the parking lot over at the school. Granola bars and juiceboxes on sale at the grocery store. Mr. Johnson bringing in his Ficus benjaminus from the porch every evening. And the geranium out on the back step isn't looking so great these days. Things are happening. Summer isn't long for these parts. Our barefoot days are numbered.

So bring it on, I say. Turn off your air conditioner and fling open your windows. Let the heat in. Kick off your shoes and take a walk through town, and make sure you wander onto a lawn here and there. If you haven't felt grass between your toes yet this summer, it sure isn't too late. Load up the kids and haul 'em out to the beach, and don't forget the boat and that round tube thingy you drag 'em around in. On your way home stop by the store and pick up some fresh ground beef and some bakery buns and stop by the Farvers' pickup out by the Park and Ride and buy yourself a dozen ears of sweet corn. It's the sweetest around, and the kernels are small and even and some are white, and you won't be sorry. Have a burgers on the grill tonight, and throw some potatoes and corn on, too, and sip some lemonade and give yourself some time to think. August is at hand. With what amusements will you fill up all those days?

It's like most good things, summer is. Gone before you know it, and you can't get it back.

And to cap it all off, after the kids head to bed pull out a bucket of slush. This recipe is one my parents used when they had deck parties way back when I was a kid. I remember sneaking a sip or two when I came downstairs to kiss my parents goodnight.

Vodka Slushies

7 c water
2 c sugar
Boil until sugar is dissolved and set aside.
Add 4 green tea bags to 2 separate cups hot water.
Let sit 5 minutes. Remove bags and cool.
Add to the sugar/water mixture.
Add 1 12 oz can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 12 oz lemonade concentrate
2 cups of brandy OR 2 cups of vodka (lime vodka works just fine for summer)
Freeze in an ice cream pail
Serve with 7-Up or sour.
Mmm. Enjoy. In moderation, of course.

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