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Out there is where the kites are

April 30, 2007

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I was on the road this time around, dropping off and picking up kids and waiting an hour here and half an hour there. Much of the time it doesn't make much sense to head home since I'd just have to turn around again anyway. I knew all of this was coming, so early last week, after giving it a good onceover with a vacuum and a bottle of Armor All, I stocked the car for spring.

Spring, after all, is not a season for hiding away in the pantry. Nope. Spring arrives and I'm out the door. There are sidewalks and gardens and parks waiting. Out there is where the kites are, and the ball games, and picnics and patios and cafés. There are people to visit, and ice cream trucks to chase, and garage sales and spring planting and sun. (The last truck I chased was a garbage truck. It was before dawn and I had missed the garbage man and was trying to catch him as he drove away to give him a plate of Christmas cookies. There was snow on the ground and I was wearing a robe and slippers, but I did it. He got his cookies and gave me a rather bewildered "thank you.") Anyway, it's springtime, and if you haven't attended to car supplies, it's time to get a move on.

Books and magazines go under the driver's seat, or behind it if you can't get 'em all in. You need an umbrella and Kleenex, sunscreen and lip balm, bug spray and granola bars and bottled water and gum. And hard candy; no chocolate. Nothing that can melt, or you've got yourself a mess. You'll want a notebook, too, and some pens, and a few stamped envelopes in case you feeling like writing a letter. All of this can go in the glove compartment, or under the passenger seat, or in any of those handy little storage places so many cars have these days. I'd recommend a few books on tape, too, and a classical music cd or two for those extra-harried days, and county and state maps because you never do know. A small cooler can come in handy. Keep it in the way back along with stadium or picnic blanket and a small folding chair. Then, of course, a First Aid kit and the standard car care tools. I'd highly recommend a roll of toilet paper wrapped in plastic, a flashlight with new batteries, and a couple of flares. You may never need them, but some things are good to have within reach, just in case.


1 lb hamburger
1 can tomato soup
2 T barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's is the best)
1 T mustard
2 T ketchup
2 T vinegar
1/4 c brown sugar

Brown hamburger. If you're an onion person, chop one up and brown it along with the hamburger. Add soup and remaining ingredients to your liking; I often add more ketchup and brown sugar.

Simmer for an hour or two. Serve on fresh buns.

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