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Wish You Were Here

July 21, 2004

Hello from Juneau! It's been four days now and we haven't run out of things to do. I'd thought a cruise would be claustrophobic, but let me tell you, what a trip. Mr. Sundberg spent the morning in the golf simulator and is at this moment attending a maritime history lesson. I'm on my way to a class in sushi preparation, and Mr. Sundberg and I have our third tango lesson after dinner tonight. I managed to listen to the show Saturday night, and it was not bad. I was getting a massage and the radio was playing and there he was -- Mr. Keillor talking about the Mississippi River. Got me thinking about rivers and oceans and how we're either river people or lake people and...well, another day. It all led to open water scuba instruction and after one more class I'll be certified. I'm seriously thinking we should stay another week. Anyway, here's to vacation time and Mr. Sundberg's tan and singalongs out on the Limbo Deck. Sure wish you were here.

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