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Let's Go Now

July 7, 2004

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I had all the windows open, hoping for the storm Geno the Weather Guy had been forecasting late last week. There was some rain early on, but it petered out and there was this lovely breeze blowing through the house. Since it was the last show of the season, I celebrated by getting a bottle of wine and sending the kids off to the Hansons' farm. Every year on the eve of the 4th, the Hansons have a bonfire out behind their old circular barn. The kids from town and neighboring farms are all invited for an evening of hayrides, volleyball, square dancing, and a wiener roast. The pastor usually shows up in time to scoop ice cream for the root beer floats and the kids gather 'round the fire and sing "Kum Bah Yah."

So I was at the sink slicing strawberries for a pie, trying to sing "Heart and Soul" along with Inga Swearingen but her voice can do things mine can only aspire to. The phone rang and I thought it was Mr. Sundberg so I said, "Hello, Mr. President" like Marilyn Monroe might have. Sometimes it makes him laugh, but most of the time I can hear his eyes rolling as he lets out a big old sigh. It wasn't him. It was Larry O'Leary calling to tell me I'd won the grand prize in the Small Town Daze raffle to raise money to paint the water tower. I apologized for calling him "Mr. President" and explained it was a private joke and he said it was better than "Oats" which has been his nickname since I can remember.

The prize was a week long Alaska cruise. It's a big prize for a small town raffle, but Genevieve Miller runs the travel agency and she headed up the whole shebang. I about tipped. Thing is, we can go whenever and Mr. Sundberg said, "Let's go now." So we're farming the kids out to their grandparents in Owatonna and I'm going shopping later today to buy a pair of binoculars for Mr. Sundberg and a pair of sunglasses for me. I may splurge on some new luggage, too. Or maybe I won't pack a thing.

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