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The fire this time

October 11, 2003

The movie director Robert Altman came to rehearsal yesterday and to the show today, scouting the theater for a movie project or something, reminiscing about his days in radio in Kansas City. He saw Guy Noir and commented that nobody is doing this on a stage anymore. He gabbed with Sue Scott and Tim Russell and Tom Keith, whose sound effects he thought were pretty great, and went up to dinner at GK's house and to watch the Sox/Yankees game. Here's a guy who, ever since M.A.S.H., has put out about one movie per year, doing what he chooses to do, bucking the big studios, doing everything from Popeye to Short Cuts (the Raymond Carver one), and now his new picture, The Company, a sort of fictional documentary about the Joffrey balley, comes out at Christmas. He's 80 now, clipped white beard, balding, clear-eyed, looking like an old gunfighter who comes to town not intending to get into trouble but you know he's going to anyway.

And the show wasn't bad either. John Koerner doing Two Songs and Ten Jokes, which he tells as if he were somebody who sat down next to you in the Chatterbox Café, and Jeannie Kendall sang "Heaven's Just A Sin Away" and GK and Becky Schlegel sang a duet of the Gillian Welch song, "One and Only." And a moment of radio drama that somehow radio does better—when the 15-year- old Josh saw his mother walk out of the bathroom in the black negligee.

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