Show Log

Notes from backstage

October 4, 2003

It's our second live show of the season, and some of the newer staff members are still getting a feel for the amount of talent and worker-hours it takes to put together a two-hour radio show. Earlier, Rich Dworsky and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band were honing a couple of numbers to perfection, and right now Marcia Ball is leading her band through a sound check. We can hear it all perfectly in the basement below the stage. It's a little strange, though; one hears these marvelous performances going on, and then they get to the end of the song and there's no applause because they're playing to empty seats and everyone in the building is busy getting ready to put a show on. I imagine that's something one gets accustomed to, and that the urge to run out into the house and clap eventually subsides. In any case, I'm sure this evening's audience will more than make up for it.

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