Show Log

Warming up

September 23, 2003

It's Tuesday afternoon, there are two mystery Volkswagens outside the office, and it's five days till the first show of the new season. Last night we did a live sort of warm-up show at the Fitzgerald in St. Paul. The house was packed, so packed that a deluxe balcony box reserved under the name Jeff Smith was fought over by two completely different Jeff Smiths who both wanted to sit there.

The show had all the musical guests and jokes about chickens of a normal show, but the sketches were infused with the slightly salty taste of fundraising — because stations around the country are going to chop up the show and use bits and pieces for their pledge drives. So Garrison tried to talk Maurice into donating a romantic dinner for two at the Café Boeuf to public radio members, and Judy Donaghy coached Garrison on his singing technique, and Scott Rivard gave an impromptu lecture on the physics of radios signals. The show got done around 10:30, and today everyone's pretty exhausted.

Right now we're working up scripts for the upcoming show, recording promos, stuff like that. Oh, and we're putting together some new features for the website, like this show log.

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