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I'd Say I'm Okay

January 19, 2010

I have been a fan of the show for years, though have not been listening as much lately. Hope to sit down and listen tonight. I moved my high school sweetheart from San Diego to the mountains of Saluda NC. After 27 years we are finally getting it right and will be married in the fall. (I am 43 and w both are from NJ)... Sorry, I digress a bit. I have also enjoyed reading Russ Ringsak's post to the website, however he has not posted in a while. Is he OK???

wondering and concerned in NC,
Jimm B.


Hi Jimm,

Well, I guess 'okay' is sort of open to interpretation; but if it's about health or even mental health I'd say I'm okay. Okay enough to not be concerned about it anyway.

I could say I'm busy but if I was water-boarded I'd probably admit more to 'lazy.'

But thanks for writing. I'll try to get one out here in the next couple of weeks.


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