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Coffee Shop

April 9, 2014 | 20 Comments

To the host:

I need to name the new coffeeshop at the Lutheran School of Theology (without getting fired). Help?



Scriptural Grounds. Or-- Caffeinated by Grace. Or maybe-- He Brews.


Honest Grounds.

Heaven Scent

How about "holy grounds" or "spiritual perks"....I can see the t shirts now....

Holy Ground(s)

Wholly Grounds, and change your name to Grace.

Tis wholly by Grace alone we are served. 8-)

Temporal Indulgence or
The Redeeming Filter

Another idea:

The "Here I" Stand

(we brew no other. 8-)

Or just call it Wholly by Grace, or just Grace.

95 Perks

Or you could have a sit-down space and coffee carts, and call the carts "Reformation" and the sit-down space "Counter Reformation".

Sacred Grounds is my suggestion

The Confessional or Sacred Brew. BTW I am not a coffee drinker.

Imperial Diet of Spiritual Grounds

All good, but I think the name of a coffee shop should represent the effect of that first morning cup:

The First Day


Jehovah Java!

I tried to name our new choir for the early service, the Dawn Patrol. How about Zepher breeze?

How about "Jehovah's Java"

Glory Grounds


Holy Grounds. For sure. The Lutheran School of Theology is a real place, and Martin Luther had a great sense of humor.

David Boyes, you must be a seminarian there.

Ben, please let us know the name you choose.

My favorites, in order:

He Brews (I mean, c'mon!)

Jehova (or Jehova's) Java

Holy Grounds

Awesome creativity!

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