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The World Theater

March 18, 2014 | 3 Comments

Memories of the early years of Prairie Home include "coming to you live from the World Theater in downtown St. Paul..." Before and shortly after the renovation of that beautiful venue, it seemed like a match made in heaven, what ever happened to that relationship?

Rich Allen
West Hartford, CT


The show still broadcasts from the theater, which was renamed the Fitzgerald Theater in 1995. We did 11 shows at the Fitz last season, are doing 11 this season, and plan to do 12 or 15 next season. We're still fond of the place, and the renovation of 1985 is holding up very well, but long ago the show ventured out to do broadcasts in other parts of the country (and a few overseas) simply because I like to travel and this was a perfect excuse.


And because of that, we're always glad to see you in L.A.

I remember attending movies at the World when I was a teenager. Several of us would take the morning train from Prescott, shop, eat lunch, go to a movie and then take the late afternoon train home.
It's sad there isn't passenger service like that anymore.

A Perfect Excuse to Travel

Sitting still one might just unravel
So why not take a perfect excuse to travel!

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