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Romantic Saint Paul

February 3, 2014 | 2 Comments

Hi Garrison,

St. Paul was recently rated as one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. Why do you think this is? And, what places would you recommend couples to visit/dine in the capital city?

Heather in VT


We would consider San Francisco or New Orleans romantic, or Key West, or Greenwich Village, all of them iconic spots, and that's where St. Paul couples would go for romance. But of course in an excellent winter such as this one we're having, the whole city is fabulous, nothing quite like it, dazzling sunlight and brilliant snow, fresh snow having fallen on Thursday, and a couple walking hand in hand along Summit or Goodrich or up Crocus Hill would see house after house in waves of snow, candles in the windows, smoke from the chimneys, and receive sensations of idyllic love, the peaceableness of marriage, the blessings of children, everyone snug in their frame. And then there is the Mississippi winding through town, and the hills of Highland Park and Merriam Park, where tobogganloads of children go hurtling across the crusted snow. I recommend a couple walk and walk and walk and when you're cold and tired and hungry, go into any cafe that's handy and order the soup. A bowl of soup when you've been out for a hike on a cold day tastes better than almost anything else. It's sheer need that makes it so good. Same with romance.


Love and Soup

Walking together
Is Living together.
The more we live
The more we give,
And when it gets cold,
A cup of soup is good to hold!

"Love is the reason to get out of bed in the morning." -Philip Seymour Hoffman

Who am I to discount Garrison. Of course he is right in that San Fran, Key West, New Orleans and the Village all have a romantic touch, but let me add a few lesser known suggestions of my own. These may be a little more off the beaten path than Garrison's. Santa Fe, NM. St. John, USVI. Charleston, SC, Carmel By the Sea, CA, Jackson Hole (Spring Creek Ranch), WY, Sun Valley (Ketchum), ID, Banff, BC, Ashville (Grove Park Inn), NC, Frederick (or Annapolis), MD and Lake George (The Sagamore), NY. Just some ideas.

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