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Red Rocks

July 23, 2013 | 4 Comments

Hi Garrison,

I enjoyed your tender, sweet, funny show at Red Rocks on July 18th and wanted to know what you and your colleagues thought of the venue?

(I just read Pilgrims and it was laugh-out-loud funny!)

Monte C.
Denver, CO 


The Radio Romance tour has hit some great outdoor venues like Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City and  Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California, and the fabulous McMenamins winery in Portland, and some not so great. What matters isn't the backstage stuff so much as how the venue treats its customers. At the Idaho Botanical Garden, for example, the place is laid out so that the audience sits looking directly into the setting sun and it's painful to see thousands of people trying to shield their eyes. Red Rocks is huge and the people sit on stone, surrounded by towering stone walls -- warm it is not -- and it's quite a hike from the parking to the venue. But the sound is good and Denverites seem to like it, so there it is. A show like ours feels rather small in that big canyon. Led Zeppelin would probably be a better act for the venue.


You didn't mention Brevard. What a wonderful venue: the mountain-like setting and the cool breezes, the covered open-air auditorium with your fans everywhere!...including the slopping grounds that surround the auditorium.
The group singing of old American hymns that you lead during 'intermission' seemed particularly poignant in the mountain setting. It was a magical night.
--and you are an American treasure. Thanks!!

I hope you liked the Pine Country Ampitheater in Flagstaff AZ - we loved having you there!

Coney Island was nice,even with some noise that started to compete for our attention(stage left to you).
We were having a heat wave,but it broke that day...and my sister came in from out of the country and she loved it. It's hard to find things that we both like.

Cincinnati by the roller coaster of Coney Island - the wine tasting before the show and the well timed thunder during your story was a night to remember. Thanks for coming to Ohio !

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