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July 14, 2013 | 2 Comments

I will be the Moderator for my Book Club in a few days.  I put LIBERTY on our list, and that's what our read has been the past month.  Any suggestions as to what questions I should ask the group or anything pertinent you might suggest to add to our meeting?

I love the book....second time around for me.  Thanks for any comments you can give me!!

June Folkes 
Raleigh, NC


The author of LIBERTY was attempting to get loose from his reputation (undeserved) as a celebrator of small-town values and Days of Yore and he wrote a novel in which Clint Bunsen, a diehard Republican, bucked the passivity of his neighbors to put on a smash-hit Fourth of July parade and get national attention for Lake Wobegon, a triumph that led to his illicit love for the young woman who portrayed the Statue of Liberty in the parade. It was the author's first attempt at portraying such a romance and perhaps that's where the club should start -- is the romance believable? Miss Liberty marching up the street steps on the hem of her robe and walks right up the inside of it and rips it off herself and reveals herself to be naked -- believable or not? And the sexual encounter between them? And the scene where she comes back a year later and wants to take him away with her and encounters his wife Irene? I liked that scene, thought it was particularly cinematic, thought of turning LIBERTY into a screenplay and then went on to other things. 


Books & Movies

Garrison Keillor paints a picture as he tells a story, and this is why sometimes I think I did see the movie that was never actually made, and also no doubt why A Prairie Home Companion is still going strong nearly 40 years since it launched.

Pilgrims, A Wobegon Romance would be a good follow-up for the book group as well as for a movie because it would offer glimpses of Lake Wobegon and Rome while showing how easy it is for the gullible to be betrayed.

As someone who has sung in a cathedral with nothing on under my robe except undies I can believe it! If it is hot you don't want to be wearing much under a robe. I also graduated college wearing short-shorts and a bare midriff top under my gown.

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