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Bob Dylan

May 27, 2013 | 6 Comments


Just doing some math and it seems you and Bob Dylan are close in age. And you both went to U of Minn. Did your paths ever cross back then? Did you ever catch his act at "The Ten o'Clock Scholar"? 

Thank you. 
Joe Herald


Mr. Dylan arrived at the University a year before I did and he left about the time I got there and went to New York to find his fortune. I gravitated to Dinkytown and McCosh's Bookstore and the Scholar, places where he hung out, and I heard stories about him from old folkies who had known him, Maury Bernstein and Jon Pankake and others, but I doubt that our paths crossed. My main path was from Dinkytown to Eddy Hall, where I worked at KUOM, and Vincent Hall, seat of the English Department, and Murphy Hall, where the office of the Ivory Tower was. His path was along Bleecker and McDougal Streets in the Village. And 4th Street, of course.


Bob and Gary
Did not cross paths,
But each in their own ways
Cut quite the wide swaths!
Don't miss the Bob Dylan songs in the Prairie Home Companion archives!

4th Street? Are you positive?

Garrison -

are you positive it was 4th Street?

Interesting you should bring this connection up. Today we launched our Kickstarter project: a larger than life bronze sculpture of Bob Dylan in Duluth, Minnesota, where Dylan was born. We have 60 days to raise the funds for the sculpture, and we're hoping that you can help us pass the word along. (If you would donate, we would appreciate that kind of support as well!) We hope this tribute, in Dylan's birth city of Duluth, Minnesota, will become THE destination for Dylan's biggest fans. We hope you can check it out, donate, and pass the word along:

I have seen both Dylan and Garrison at Meadowbrook, nh...why or why have ,,,they not got together is bewildering,,,is it

hi gar, bob's and my paths have crossed. and he has written songs about me. but what you an lily did, wow. although i'm not sure about that one part??? t

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