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Sarah Bellum

February 25, 2013 | 10 Comments


Could you settle a conjecture? Since you obv. write for the show, when credits are read at end, Sarah Bellum is always mentioned. Is that your nom de plume? Does she live off the coast of the Isles of Langerhan? Sea of Cortex? Just for a lil' Pariety? Obv. have picked my brains.


P.S. I am leader/founder of Reno/Tahoe string quartet, The String Beings. I am known as the Supreme Being!


Van, Sarah is a good friend and not bad as a writer though as she ventures into her seventies, the synapses don't click as nicely as before. Other writers have come and gone, Natalie Dressed, Xavier Onassis, Cora Spond, Justin Case, Mike Rochip, Lou Pole, Gloria Rome, and Ginger Lee Dunn, but she is still banging out the scriptage while I sit and watch.


You know, I think that Sarah Bellum may have a future at Car Talk. I hear that Tommy and Ray may be looking for someone to head their think-tank division...

If Sarah should need to take on assistants in the future, I recommend my good friends Bauer E. Bumm, Horace McNure, Ike Witt and Hugh Gotterby Kidden.

Does she call her father's sister Auntie Bellum?

Would love to hear more from Isabel Ringen.

What ever happened to Amanda Reckonwith?

Sarah Bellum walked into a bar. She raised it.

That's Amanda _B_ Reckonwith, 2nd couisin once removed of Erasmus B. Dragon.

Dear Mr. Keillor, I always thought "Sarah Bellum" was your way of humbly slipping your name into the writing credits of A Prairie Home Companion. .A play on words:"Sarah Bellum" as a parody of "cerebellum" a portion of the brain. Even though the cerebellum has more to do controlling physical action as opposed to cognitive thought, most people don't know that so I think it is funny anyway. Take care,Garrison--and take care of "Sarah Bellum", too. N.E.Wilson

...and what about former staff writers who became successful authors on their own? Who could forget "Let's Go Skydiving!" by Hugo First and "Let's Get Fit!" by Eileen and Ben Dover.

Missing from the roster of previous "writers" was one the first: Emmanuel Transmission.`

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