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Norwegian Immigration to Lake Wobegon

February 13, 2012 | 6 Comments


My girlfriend introduced me to this show, and we have now been listening to it for a year. I'm from Denmark, so of course I have to ask, when did the Norwegian people of Lake Wobegon emigrate? Norway was under the Kingdom of Denmark for around 300 years until 1814, which make the people of Lake Wobegon Danish. After 1814 they became part of Sweden, which didn't last very long because, honestly, the Norwegian, as well as everybody else, do not care for the Swedish people ;-)

Peter Emil Sørensen
Statesboro, GA


Herr Sørensen,

The Norwegians who came to Lake Wobegon left Norway on account of the herring famine of the 1870s and surely were not Danish, nor were they Swedes. The Norwegians always knew who they were, even when under the iron fist of their powerful neighbors. Of course, all of us, at one time or another, have wished we were Danish. As the old song goes:

Er du dansk? Er du dansk?
We'd all like to be if we can. Sc-
Ottish is fine, Italian, or Greek,
And Americanism is downright unique,
But when I need a change of landsc-
Ape, I would like to be dansk.

Good luck being Danish in Georgia. Tre slags sild med grits.  Tak for brev.


Thank you, Garrison, for the statement "Norwegians always knew who they were". Norwegians remained Norwegians during the four hundred years of Danish rule, and remained so even when immigrating to Lake Wobegon .. Today Danes immigrate to Norway to look for proper work. The Times They Are A-changin' ..

Per Jørgen Olafsen
Bærum, Norway

Check this on Danish

These are Norwegian komedians

Stefan Hansson
(a swede)

My husband is half Swede and I am half Swede so we have always said that our kids are 100% Swede and we are proud of it!

Yeah, well try having a Norwegian maternal line of descent and a Jewish paternal line. Top that!
I've been to Norway twice and was lucky to meet all of the old folks. Went to college in Northfield MN , but not St. Olaf's.
My sister and I have a lot of fun being from this mixed background. Wouldn't change it for the world.
I receive " A Writer's Almanac" every day and love it.

My Swede doesn't much care for the disparaging and quite serious remarks the Nordsk made. This is America, so lighten up. To me you are all Scandahovians!

So? Norwegian, Scotts, Yankee.

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