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June 20, 2011 | 5 Comments

Dear Garrison:

Heard some of your comments yesterday afternoon on the radio about last Sunday, being Pentecost. Surely Pastor Liz did not say what you said she did regarding Pentecost??! Pentecost is not the event in which Jesus, risen from the grave, breathed on his followers! Pentecost (a Jewish feast day) during the year after Jesus was crucified, was the day in which the Holy Spirit, visible only as flames of fire over the heads of Jesus' followers,and felt as a "mighty wind", descended to earth to stay, as the power animating and endowing the church. It was actually the birth of the Christian church. Pentecost was not about the teaching of forgiveness, but about the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

Better get back to Pastor Liz about this.
Best Wishes,
Canon Cheryl J. Bower

My dear Canon, the Gospel text for Sunday June 12 was John 20 where Jesus gives his disciples the power to forgive sins, and though Pastor Liz touched on Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit, she found it more pertinent, what with the flood of righteous comment on Congressman Weiner, to emphasize the Gospel text, and if she commingled the two in a confusing way, then she begs to be forgiven.


Exactly right — that text is the Johannine account of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, which is why the lectionary offers that Gospel pericope. John does not report the Ascension-Pentecost events, but it is understandable that Pastor Liz would make a connection between these two images of the giving of the Spirit.

I thoroughly enjoy listening and knowing that the people in the churches at Lake Wobegon are hearing the same scriptures that we are. I do wish, sometimes, that they would do so a few days early, as I don't have the chance to incorporate their insights and experiences into the Saturday evening mass.


Fr. Fred Ball
Little Rock, Arkansas

Well, one of the things I most wanted to do in my life happened last night -- to be in the audience of A Prairie Home Companion.Listening to this show is part of my Saturday ritual and my 14 year old daughter gives up "her" station on the radio without debate knowing, first, that it is non-negotiable but also that she will eventually hear Guy Noir Private Eye. She was happy to join me when I told her we were going to the concert and spoke of how she couldn't wait to hear Guy Noir live...We enjoyed the Summer Love concert last night in Portsmouth, VA. Mr. Keillor's storytelling was amazing. We were thrilled when he came out into the audience and was just inches from us. But where was Guy Noir?

Here in the 21st Century, the age of instant communication, it is always amazing the feedback Garrison receives about his comments on religion.
Being here in the 21st Century is about being here now and lending endearment to our somewhat nostalgic religious past. In any religion, aren't these simply stories written by humans like you and me? Why not get over such limiting devotion and be here now? Don't you think Jesus would be in favor of being here now and not slogging along in ancient man written religious doctrine? Isn't it comforting enough to know that you are? Isn't our knowing a gift absent of fear and no?

Glad to see someone in the audience (besides me) know that Pentecost is actually a Jewish holiday, though I can imagine Shavuout, along with its rites and rituals - is not covered in great detail @ Our Lady of Perpetural Responsibility...

But it brings me to wonder, was there ever a schul in Lake Woebegone?

Mr. Keillor,

I just learned that Gerard Mulligan, former writer for David Letterman, was a former college english teacher before he became a TV comedy writer.

Is he a member of P.O.E.M., Professional Organization of English Majors?

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