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May 26, 2011 | 70 Comments

Suddenly one night last week there was a tidal wave of emails urging us to cancel the June 4 broadcast in Flagstaff in line with a boycott of Arizona ---- I hadn't been aware of any boycott, but evidently there is one ----  by people opposed to the new state law authorizing state troopers to stop the cars of people who appear to be Mexican and asking to see their papers.
The suddenness of the onslaught of mail (from people who were "shocked" or "horrified" or "outraged" by the idea of "A Prairie Home Companion" going to Flagstaff) suggested an organized campaign and many of the letters seemed to have been copied from a form. None of them tried to argue that our cancellation would actually affect real people in some positive way; mostly they were just plain angry righteous letters.
I questioned our decision to do a show in Flagstaff months ago, the day after Congresswoman Giffords was shot in the parking lot in Tucson and I spoke to our friends in public radio in Flagstaff and, while they completely understood my concern, they argued that Flagstaff is a hotbed of moderation, a college town, a very different place. Cancellation of the show would hurt the Flagstaff station financially. It would be a slap in the face. And I think that now is no time for public radio to retreat in the face of extremism. And the Flagstaff station is a loyal friend. So we're going to go.
The law in question strikes me as reminiscent of the old East Germany, but at the moment it is making its way through the courts and isn't affecting anybody.
I did plenty of boycotts back in the day ----- boycotted green grapes, non-union-made clothing, refused to buy a Volkswagen because it was after all a car sponsored by Hitler ----- and I don't mind people urging me to boycott whatever they think needs boycotting, but the bullying tone of the mail we got last week is something I resent deep in my Midwestern soul.
Instead of boycotting Flagstaff, I am going to protest California's inhumane overcrowding of prisons ----- 140,000 inmates in prisons designed to hold 80,000 ----- by boycotting California wines. (I don't drink, but it's the gesture that counts.) I am going to punish Wisconsin for its denial of collective bargaining for teachers by boycotting Harley Davidson. No hog for me. I am going to teach the Japanese a lesson about nuclear power plant safety by avoiding sushi. And show the French how I feel about sexual assault of hotel employees by refusing escargots. Call me a wild-eyed idealist but those are my positions and I am sticking to them. You can make your own decisions. But if I run into a guy on a Harley eating an escargot sushi while drinking a Napa Chardonnay, I am going to give him what for.


Thanks Garrison, for deciding to come to the little island of blue in the sea of a red state. We know you will (and do) love Flagstaff for the lovely place that it is - a small mountain town with gracious people (who don't want to check your papers).

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!
Wendy may want to know that the most popular button in Flagstaff states, "I love Flagstaff...too bad it's in Arizona"

The show must go on! Thank you for still coming to Flagstaff. We can't wait.

Thanks, Garrison, for coming to see us. Flagstaff reminds me of South Minneapolis back in the days before gentrification-- tolerant, a little rumpled, and willing to let others have their own opinions even when we don't share them. We're looking forward to seeing you!

Our family is looking forward to a second show with Prarie Home Companion - the first was amazing! Mom will be 83 in July and she is so excited to see you again!! Our sons are 21 and 23 and they're excited to see you again. We're bringing friends as an anniversary gift, too. Thank you all for joining us!

I got tongue-tied (paralysis of the fingers?) at the thought of writing to the funniest guy on earth, but I loved your thoughtful reasoning. And I laughed out loud when I finished your final paragraph.

I am extremely glad that Arizona checks for the illegal status of people who are pulled over. I and a LOT of other people are grateful that they do too. I wish every state AND the federal government would do their job and enforce the laws already in effect. After all, aren't they criminals and breaking the law? Maybe every citizen should turn in illegals they know about! Go the legal route, I have no problem with that, but don't sneak (what a nice word for "breaking the law") over the border to enjoy citizenship when you aren't one!!!!!

Congrats to the Prairie Home Companion for doing the show, I applaud you and will continue to support you!

And good timing for your visit, too. Arizona is becoming Arizona again: Proudly diverse, tolerant, and a place of social justice. A wonderful recall campaign to take out extremist Senate President Russell Pearce is about to make history. Read this story in the Huffington Post:

Thank you for not giving in to the bullying. The boycott doesn't really do anything to affect those in power in AZ. Please come to Tucson, too, if you can - we are a liberal enclave who are so embarrassed and upset by our state gov't's behavior that we wish we could seceed from AZ!

Okay, I've got another grumbly to go along with the whole immigration thing in Arizona. It's about the tickets. I know that PHC has nothing to do with it, but... tickets for the Flagstaff show are $47.50. Okay, I'm seeing one of the best shows in the US by one of the America's best entertainers. And Garrison, I rank you up there with the Nation's top intellectuals. But then there's the $10 fee on top of that -- $6 for the ticket company and a $4 facility fee. Then, when you make the purchase, there's another $3 for "order processing." I give up. I'll listen to it on the radio in my home, 2 miles from the venue... Sniff...

Garrison, I had the incredible pleasure of seeing your show last nite at Wolf Trap here in was a wonderful nite filled with humor and music and sweet feelings for my fellow PHC enthusiasts....minutes before the curtain enormous thunderstorm split the skies soaking all the "lawn" folks...they hung in there and the show was pure Garrison. At one point, there was a "standing intermission"....the entire audience stood while Garrison led us thru songs we could all sing...Bliss!

Flagstaff, hang in are in for a treat... the show is a delight...just weather the storm


While en route to a funeral in New Mexico last
summer, my husband and I spent the night
in Flagstaff. The people were warm -- the food at
the diner on old Route 66 was tasty.

Thank you for treating the people of Flagstaff to your
show. Wish we could go -- sorry we can't. I bet you'll
have lots of Californians visiting Flagstaff next weekend too!

Keep up the good humor...

San Clemente, Ca

I decided to boycott AZ when I learned Sarah Palin was becoming a resident. The thrill is gone..

Could an officer stop Sarah's car and escort her to the border?

Great post. Were you aware of the hypocrisy of the boycott organizers? There is a lot of good info here that would cause most artists to reconsider.

I'm not familiar with your music but I'm going to give it a listen now out of respect for your words here.

Garrison you rock!! The law they talk about is not in force and it's the same as the one the Federal books! What's the deal? Anyway, thanks for sticking your guns and boycotting those other things and not Flag...they are good people up there!! Saw you in Tucson and I loved every minute of it:) Your show is a religion to me, it gives me hope that things are still simple somewhere and that we can all get along if we just slowed down long enough to listen!! Enjoy Arizona...Thanks!!!

A boycott is not just a personal statement, it's an organized act of collective protest. The Arizona boycott was organized by Arizona residents to put pressure on their own state government to repeal an immoral, unjust, and unconstitutional policy. If you are sincere in your E. Germany reference, your glib dismissal of the boycott reveals a willingness to make light of an evil that you have some degree of power to resist.

I think that Ionesco would have been shocked at how quickly you decided to ignore the fact that people are turning into rhinoceros. I think I just witnessed you turn into one yourself by deciding to look the other way.

Tucson, the site of Gabby Giffords' attempted assassination, is in a blue district, too, and is currently host to a fairly strong movement to secede from red Arizona and form a 51st state (Baja Arizona).

Flagstaff is fantastic. Tucson is fantastic. And so are a lot of places in between. Sadly, Arizona politics these days are setting new low standards for racism and extremism. The reason not to boycott AZ is to form solidarity with its many, many wonderful people and cultures. Go. Celebrate Arizona's rich heritage and quirky folks. But don't tar Tucson with the brush that painted the shooter. And don't belittle the legislation currently pursued in Phoenix; it's nefarious, spitefully symbolic, and influential - raised as a possibility in Minnesota, too. (To keep out all the Swedes?)

Thank you for your recent visit to Tucson. And I look forward to your Flagstaff show.

A Tucson Native turned UMN Prof

Arnie, writing as an Arizona resident, I urge you to look into Sound Strike and learn that it is absolutely NOT organized by Arizona residents. It is organized by self-righteous Californians who choose to hypocritically ignore their own prejudicial laws (Prop 8 anyone?) and victimize a state they feel they can bypass without hurting their OWN bottom line. Yes, right after SB1070 was passed, Rep Raul Grijalva spoke about a boycott, and then quickly realized the devastating impact it would have on AZ residents RATHER than the bigoted legislators who actually passed the bill. The boycott helps no one, except the egos of artists who can pretend they are "doing something."

"But if I run into a guy on a Harley eating an escargot sushi while drinking a Napa Chardonnay, I am going to give him what for."

I'm your huckleberry. :) When do you visit Louisville?

We're blue in Tucson, but it's more likely from holding our breath. Thanks for standing up to the bullies.

Garrison, I woke up with you countless dark January mornings in St. Paul. Mid 70's, I think. Desert decades gone and not forgotten, I still delight in Prairie Home Companion.

Been gone 3 wks & just heard about the show, immediately started trying to find where to get tickets and I agree with Gregg: "It's about the tickets. I know that PHC has nothing to do with it, but... tickets for the Flagstaff show are $47.50. Okay, I'm seeing one of the best shows in the US by one of the America's best entertainers. And Garrison, I rank you up there with the Nation's top intellectuals. But then there's the $10 fee on top of that -- $6 for the ticket company and a $4 facility fee. Then, when you make the purchase, there's another $3 for "order processing." I give up. I'll listen to it on the radio in my home, 2 miles from the venue... Sniff..."


I added up all the fees for your "ticket" and the total cost
was $30.00 less than the ticket price we paid for the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The show would have been worth twice the price.
If you've never seen APHC live, you've missed seeing not only the performers, but the patrons. It was wonderful being in an audience full of appreciation for the songs we used to sing. Where can you go and enjoy singing America The Beautiful with a group of true patriots?

If Arizona passively allowed the job market to be flooded with labor, the law of supply and demand would continue to drive down wages and working conditions. On close examination, Arizona is leading the nation in fundamental values by striving to confer dignity upon labor.

If GK called off the Flagstaff show, it would make some kind of point, I suppose, by seriously disappointing a theaterful of ticket-holders. It's one thing for a public figure like GK to make a statement as to immigration policy, and another thing to drag his paying audience kicking and screaming along to some proclaimed-for-him-by-others moral high ground.
Personally, I live in the opposite corner of the nation, and I would really like to hear his take on the immigration situation, if he has one. I'd like to know how he addresses it. If I were lobbying to get a gem of a "policy" piece out of him on this s, I wouldn't try the bullying route. I am hoping the e-mail campaign hasn't ruined our chance to hear some home-grown-style common sense on this issue.
Lobbyists/bullies, the best way for this man to weigh in on almost ANY subject is for him to come there and speak out. (Geez@!)

Thank you for refusing to bow to the masses regarding Arizona boycott.

There is not and never has been any question of random stopping anyone who might appear to be of Mexican origin.

The stopping by law enforcement only applies to the operator of a motor vehicle who is observed to be breaking the laws of the road.

Why don't people read the actual content!
Looking forward to your visit and The Show in Flagstaff June 4th.

OMG! Are we going to try to be so PC as to "boycott" everything that we do not agree with?

Please do not let others defer you from your committments!

I always enjoy your show.

Good for you Prairie Home for sticking to your guns, and not be pushed around by these extremist groups. Flagstaff Arizona is a wonderful city and home to a lot of good people. These local business should not be a target of any groups trying to force their opinion by punishing the people they claim to be helping. Just makes no sense to me. That’s my 2 cents worth.

Excuse me sir, not to be rude, but this law really is racial profiling. I understand your concern about illegal immigration, but I know several close friends who have been stopped under this law for no reason other than that they are hispanic. Simply put, don't listen to the propaganda by the right-wing media and explore all of the facets of this political decision.

To all the good folks in Flagstaff, you are in for a real treat, we have been to see two PHC, and one "evening with GK", lets keep in mind this is the last of the live variety radio shows, its more than just two hours of radio, its people coming together in a way that we should do more often, one of a kind, and GK is a national treasure as with all the PHC folks ..ENJOY THE SHOW..

Without knowing the fine print, it's not clear to this PHC listener whether the proposed law is right or left; from what I've seen, the states bordering on what is essentially a war among drug warlords are trying all sorts of things, and the constituencies sometimes line up in ways that seem to be against their own interests.
What seems bizarre is that a group would see it as a plus for PHC to boycott itself. If they think Keillor is a fan/fanatic of their own persuasion, you'd think they would be exceedingly glad that he is bringing PHC to Arizona. If, on the other hand, they expect him to say something that they disagree with, and therefore oppose PHC appearing in Flagstaff, then -- then I get a real sickening feeling. If a California group is opposing PHC, that is all the worse. They could demand Keillor boycott his own show at any location, right when he's been talking about retiring. So maybe their e-mails are a sort of heads-up that there are going to be members of the audience with large placards promoting this position or that, especially out on the lawn. "Thank you for coming, PHC; we want a chance to tell NPR listeners what we think of X, Y, Z."
Wow, that is a new development. I was a student during the Vietnam war, when sit-ins and marches were daily enterprises, or moratoriums, which this seems to be closer to. Everybody be constipated for two straight days. Sit and do nothing. Don't go to class. Don't eat. Sit in the park and look mournful. Understand we are failing as a nation.
Nowadays, I'm not so sure I appreciate this activism. I have a personal size, one-use fire extinguisher, which failing the police with their hoses could be used to make a point. But audiences are not usually part of a national argument. Least of all, PHC, the voice of the people who want to keep their heads down and stay out of trouble.
I'll be listening with great interest, and some serious qualms.

Thanks so much, Mr. Keillor, for thinking about the controversial law in this way. It is true that many in Arizona support the law, but many do not, and they live all through the state. It should be pointed out that SB1070 was never put up for a vote at the state level, but was simply drafted by Russell Pearce and signed into law by Jan Brewer without voter input.

I am very excited to see your show, and am bringing my extremely Republican parents, who are also very excited. In fact, my father's exact response was: "You mean I could get to see Prairie Home Companion in my lifetime? Absolutely."

Thank you so much for your amazing contributions.

For what it's worth, I'm a huge PHC fan - I listen to old "The News From Lake Woebegon" bits in the office frequently - but am also a huge fan of AZ's law (and the proposed changes to WI's law re: unions, etc.). Mr. Keillor, as a self-proclaimed "knee-jerk Liberal," you and I agree on very little it seems (at least based on what I've heard on your show and what I've read of yours ... except about saying Merry Christmas, on which we certainly agree), but I can obviously appreciate you for being the amazing story teller and thoughtful person you are. And, of course, for being a Minnesotan. It's reassuring that you're taking the show to AZ despite the small group of vocal faux-protestors imploring you not to. We on the Right have some of the same problems as you on the Left have - narrow-minded loud mouths who cannot accept someone else's point of view if it differs from their own. Having a different take on a subject doesn't make you a bad person.

Thank you for being reasonable about this issue. We need more knee-jerk liberals like you.

Like Michael Franti said back last September, the fact that this is in Arizona IS THE REASON that he came!!! Let's stand together and face down this assault on freedom!! See ya on Saturday!!!!

THANK YOU for your witty and sage response.

We are very much looking forward to a wonderful show on Saturday. See you then!

If you were going to boycott Flagstaff, Arizona, there's a better reason: legal desecration of the nearby mountains that are sacred spiritual home to divine beings worshipped by several Native American tribes in Northern Arizona. Flagstaff is not Phoenix, nor Tucson. It is the forested regional highland city that serves the largest Native American population within the entire USA. The focus in Flagstaff is on other local matters, not the state legislature dominated by extremist officials from the urban Phoenix area that is hundreds of miles away in the desert. Glad you are coming to Flagstaff.

I don't know about Arizona, but in Massachusetts being stopped can be more than inconvenience. If the police smell marijuana, then there is the chance a crime is being committed, and searches and so on can follow. (I'm sure they can always pretend they don't smell it.) I am thinking of marijuana specifically because we voted a couple of years ago to legalize marijuana; one can be fined for use, I believe. There was a recent SJC (high court) ruling, as I understand it, that actually the smell of marijuana should NOT justify a car search. But what if the car is borrowed and has someone ELSE's cocaine and illegal firearms in it.
In short, being stopped -- it puts the police at risk too, but it is not necessarily just about showing your papers.

THANK YOU for NOT boycotting something that has been completely blown out of proportion and by putting things into perspective. We do not live in Flagstaff, but in a smaller mountain community SE of the "larger" city; glad you are joining us in the 'high country' of Arizona!

Thanks Garrison.

BTW. Perhaps in your script/monologues, consider tossing in some fun reference to the Hopi and Navajo? Flag is the primary border town to the largest community of native americans in the country, still thriving and doing well in their semi-atonomous nations. And Hopi like to laugh, too.


Do not know how long you have lived in AZ but I have been here 26 years and I can tell you the powers that be ignored immigration laws for the last 20 years and until the recession hit and the profits were gone. I do not like 1070 as I am descended from an immigrant but not Mexican. The immigrant many times were oppressed and made slaves or indentured servants. Read your history Michael and you will find this country was built because of immigration. Why 1070? Politics. We have some law violators making laws against law violators.

Touché' Garrison,
As a fifth generation Arizonan, born in Flagstaff; I'm delighted to hear that you used your own mind, heart and soul (tongue in cheek) to decide who you would or would not boycott. We all tire of this bullying political correctness gone mad.

I am Anglo, Navajo, Oneida, and Spaniard, a rich heritage in a wonderful state, in a beloved country.

Believe that beautiful Arizona is neither red/ blue, tolerant/intolerant, left/right, in or out. Those are buzz words used by transplants to our state.

Conscientious, intelligent and looking towards the future, we made some difficult decisions and are doing what others fear to do. Not wanting to leave a legacy drowning in a sea of indecision and debt, we push towards clarity with compassion.

We love you and we love A Prairie Home Companion, this alone should speak volumes.... it should, but It seems that many are hard of hearing.

Thank you for these many years of entertainment! Looking forward to June 4th!


Having tickets to this Saturday's show in Flagstaff, I'm sure glad you didn't call it off. I had to write, though, because folks need to understand the law correctly. It does NOT authorize troopers to pull people over who appear to be Mexican in order to inspect their papers. The new law does, however, among lots of other things, allow law enforcement officers who have made a "lawful stop, detention or arrest" to make a reasonable attempt to determine immigration status of the person. In other words, they can't stop anybody to simply see their papers, but if they stop or detain someone who is in violation of a law, they can secondarily attempt to ascertain immigration status. It's sort of like our seat belt law. A police officer can't pull you over for not wearing a seat belt, but if he pulls you over for something else and sees that you're not wearing a seat belt, he can get you for that, too. So the only people that have to worry about being approached about their immigration status are people who are violating the law somehow, be they Mexican, Chinese or Russian.
Just wanted to clear that up! See you Saturday!
Walter Weinzinger
Flagstaff, AZ

I am so grateful to know you have not canceled your show. This is a very special opportunity for all of us to let you know, again, how much we love and appreciate you and your show. We have other means to "boycott", such as by voting, and that is how I choose to make my concerns known. I will be front and center on June 4th, eagerly awaiting your fabulous show!

I agree with your decision to appear in Flagstaff. However, I'm really disappointed to read your smart-alec cracks about people who use what little power they have to affect policy. Yours is a life of privilege, Mr. Keillor. You'll never be pulled over for being brown; you don't need a union in your corner.

So what if some people wrote bullying letters to you? Couldn't you have explained your reasoning on the Flagstaff question without resorting to sarcasm and belittling? You sound smug and rather like a bully yourself. You used to be a bigger man.

So, with the benefits of on-line commentary afforded to us by a GREAT classical music and balanced news station, we have 40+ comments bent on replaying the debates about immigration, water rights fights, and everything else that we as high country residents deal with every day. Come on folks; is it THAT necessary to monopolize any on-line opportunity? This curmudgeon doesn't think so.

Keillor and Co.;
Thank you, indeed, for not giving in to the pressure to boycott. As a Northern Arizona resident who is vehemently opposed to this regulation, I feel it is far more effective to protest within the area, raising funds to organizations and legal funds designed to combat the for-now legalized racial profiling. Whenever I drive home from Phoenix, and see state troopers with their high beams shooting into the windows of passing cars, I am reminded of the lessons that history has taught me about the foolishness and ultimate tragedies that arise from xenophobia and ignorance. The Lives of the Cowboys could be very interesting without immigrant labor!

I look forward to being entertained by you all come tomorrow. I'll be the guy with the mustache on the lawn.


What would Pastor Inqvist do ???


Been listening to PHC for about 30 years it seems, got tapes sent to me in Peace Corps, saw you in Phoenix, and my kids now love you too! So glad you decided to come to Flag, we are so excited to see you in person for the second time! Never you mind those cranky people! Depriving us from PHC would not make things any better!

I agree with the posters who've tried to point out that Phoenix is so much different than Flagstaff and Tucson.

Please don't boycott Arizona; instead boycott hatred and narrow minded thinking wherever it is. Flagstaff is a beautiful college town way up in the Ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona (elevation7,000 feet), a diverse community of whites, Hispanics, Native Americans. We have immense natural beauty up here. Not to mention we're only an hour and a half from that world wonder called Grand Canyon.

GK should imagine a composite image of a Flagstaff bicycle rider with skis strapped onto his backpack, ready for both summer and winter! With some money in his/her pocket to spend on a delicious meal in Historic Old Town Flagstaff.

"In a mountain college town that knows how to keep its secrets, one man is searching for the answers...Guy Noir, private eye."

In short, we are thrilled that you are returning. Last weekend I was camping in the forest and listened to the Wolf Trap performance. Loved it.

Garrison, thanks for coming to Arizona to do the show. Russell Pearce that sponsored SB 1070 is about to be recalled (we hope). Your presence and statement helps remind the world that we can promote intelligent thought and politics that make sense. We look forward to the show tomorrow.

Thank you for your comment Garrison and for not kowtowing to the angry mob. I'm a transplant from back east and for 19 years I have found Arizona to be a beautiful and diverse (in many ways) place to live. As far as Illegals: they are ILLEGAL. Period. Pulling someone over because they "might" be illegal, "look" illegal - WRONG! Making people show proof of citizenship to vote, register their children at school, apply for government assistance -RIGHT! Get real people. Our country's economic future is at stake.

Since I can't afford the price of a ticket, wouldn't it be OK if I just sneak in? What would be the harm in that?

Good call, Mr. Keillor. Back here in Minnesota, we'll be listening to your Flagstaff broadcast! All that was needed for this situation(illegals)to not have grown out of proportion was for our government to enforce the I-9 rules for hiring that was already on the books, instead of allowing companies like Walmart to use "hiring agencies" as middlemen, that could be blamed for the hiring of illegal employees. Yes, these people are hard workers, and are victimized just as much as many of us, but they do know that they are here illegally. We legal citizens do not get a pass for illegal acts. Our country should be working to help the Latin countries with unions and workers rights (hasn't our country spent a fortune on bringing "democracy" to the Middle East?). It's not that "Americans won't do those jobs"--they did them before, and they'll do them again--it's that many of the guilty companies don't/won't hire Americans.

As people of my generation used to say, RIGHT ON!!!

We've been listening to PHC on KNAU since we moved to Flagstaff in the 80's and have waited patiently for you to come here. So what do you do? Wait till the year after we move to come do your show (although we did see your Summer of Love Tour here last year). Not to worry though, we didn't move far away - to the big bad Valley, and are back in the hood to see your show! I'm SO excited - thanks for coming!!! We are BIG fans!

My wife and I hate to hear we're missing PHC in Flagstaff while we're living here in Washington DC, but love knowing people are starting to realize that Flagstaff is the anti-Phoenix!!

Absolutely outstanding, Garrison! Right on the mark. Just got done listening to your show here in Flagstaff, LIVE on KNAU! A monster show, my Friend. Thanks for doing the right thing. Extremely high regards to you and the entire legend that Prairie Home Companion truly is. It's quite simply a significant part of our National Heritage.

I dare say most of us don't have a clue as to the pressures of dealing with illegal immigration in AZ or any border States and when one state gets serious about enforcing the laws and those breaking those laws a lot of liberal type folks get there shorts in a wad about it. If they had to live there with growing concerns over drug running and the violence associated with it, my guess is they would be singing a far different tune! Nonetheless I usually enjoy your show with my wife but I do not support the liberal tones in your politics but we are discerning enough to separate the wheat from the chaf!

Oh thank you...and thank you again. We just got back from the show in Flag. and had a great time. After all these years of listening to PHC - and to finally get to be at the show...just too good!

Thank you so much for supporting KNAU by hosting PHC here in Flagstaff yesterday. KNAU is a precious resources here--it is our best contact to what is going on in our community and the world. It means so much to all of us who live in the KNAU listening area that you and your colleagues support our station and spent time with us amongst the pines on a perfect June day. Many, many thanks!

Of course, there is no "law authorizing state troopers to stop the cars of people who appear to be Mexican" or any other law "reminiscent of the old East Germany," but never let the facts get in the way of an uninformed political rant.

The law allows officers who have made a valid traffic stop to ask about immigration status if they have a reasonable suspicion that there is a violation of immigration law. The same reasonable suspicion standard governs officers in inquiring about any other illegal activity and has for decades. The requirement that foreigners carry ID has been part of federal law for a half-century, the same time period in which we defeated the tyranny of "the old East Germany."

I am thankful that Arizonans love their country enough that they have taken a leadership role in saving it from illegal immigration.

Although I completely respect your decision to not support the Arizona boycott, I find it perplexing that You then chose to close the June 11, Seattle program with the Woody Guthrie tune "Do,Re,Mi" ... Hmmm, I try to imagine what Woody might have to say about the whole issue ... Best Regards, K.C. PDX,OR

As I listened to the Seattle show, I was disappointed by two segments, one having to do with slavery, and one referencing Unitarians. In your skit about slavery you said, "we would have done it to (held slaves if we had the chance) if we had lived in the hot South at that time - it was all about location and climate!" The other segment was about the lack of faith in salvation and redemption after death in the Unitarian Universalist belief. I'll tie together the two with one comment. You are wrong about what we would all do back in the days of slavery, as history will show, that Unitarians and Universalists were strong abolisionists starting in the early Nineteenth Century. It was best stated by the Unitarian minister, William Ellery Channing, who said," What is the end and essence of life? It is to expand all our faculties and affections. It is to grow, to gain by exercise new energy, new intellect, new love. It is to hope, to strive, to bring out what is within us. Slavery is thus at war with the true life of human nature." As for salvation and redemption it is through character and forgiveness here and now. Your usual creative humor completely missed its mark on these subjects, and you are forgiven.

Gosh darn Garrison -and all,
Sorry abt a few folk over-reacting atcha. Things are kinda extreme down here, what with the heat and people cooking to death in the desert trying to escape the economic hopelessness that our own corrupt "free trade" & drug policies sustain. As far as the actual situation goes here, boycotts today do need sensitive consideration for who will be affected. If that wd have been your effort, well, I wdn't be grieving in disappointment at the unfortunate reactionary tone of snide dismissal from someone I have supported and believed in. SB 1070 is part of a much larger agenda that now threatens even decades of progressive achievements like Ethnic Studies as a core curriculum (see below). You seem under & misinformed- many local police are against 1070 because they feel required to profile & with this comment, "at the moment it is making its way through the courts and isn't affecting anybody". Now we've got US child citizens every day facing separation from parent's or deportation to places they've never seen some w/out even spanish fluency. Their hopes for higher education continuing in the only life they've known and loved, taken from them, because their parent(s) dared to risk "illegality" for a chance at a better life than the promise of poverty or violent crime set for their families in stone by by allegedly law-abiding, responsible, "democratically-elected" officials in transparent and fully disclosed negotiations-
Following are some basic, un-bullying facts and references that have been known, if taken as intended, to soothe righteous glibness and extreme sarcasm and occasionally tragically inappropriate "comedic" flatulence. (I better go for another dose myself!)

In guarded hope,
Raquel Mogollon

Fight for Ethnic Studies- TUSD Board Meeting May

A record number of dead bodies were found in the Arizona desert over the past year. Authorities have found 252 bodies of people who died while trying to migrate into Arizona.
The 2010 total breaks the record of 234 discovered corpses that was set in 2007, the Arizona Daily Star’s Border Deaths Database revealed. Nearly 2,000 men, women and children have died trying to cross Arizona’s border since 2001.

NYU- Women of Color Policy Network's Immigration Policy Brief

ARIZONA RESISTE SB1070, the Police State, and Apartheid in America
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A Year After SB 1070, the Deportation Pipeline Still Begins in Washington

Addendum To June 12th Comment : Well, If G.K. had sung "Deportee" at the Seattle show instead of "Do,Re,Mi" that would have been the ultimate contradiction etc . . .

Mr. Keillor, Greetings. I live in Tucson. I think you are wonderful! You have the most wonderful voice: I could listen to you read the phone book. Thank you for coming to Arizona. You're a gem, a priceless jewel.

So typical, a small % of America becomes offended so everyone else has to change their way of thinking.

Thankyou for your humorous approach to a rediculous demand.

I think you're missing the point of concern. I'm a Native American woman. I have four teenage and older children. Many people assume we are Mexican. How many blonde, blue-eyed people will be targeted by this law? How many of them will be asked to produce papers proving their citizenship? If you're honest, you know the answer--not very many. Boy, I wish we'd thought like white folks when the first illegals showed up here on Turtle Island!

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