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Anonymous in the Big City

May 24, 2011 | 2 Comments

Dear Mr. Keillor,

Yesterday, Saturday 5/21/11, I happened to ride the subway from the West Side of Manhattan, the C train, downtown, at about 2pm. You and your wife stepped into my car at one stop, and I was thrilled to recognize you. A little later, before 59th St., by chance you actually sat down beside me. I thought to say Hello, but then thought better of it. You seemed so calm and thoughtful.

I sensed that few if any passengers recognized you. Did you get that sense -- of being somewhat anonymous in the Big City?

Tom Lewinson

That was us, Tom, rushing to make the curtain at the Stephen Sondheim Theater on West 43rd to see the 2 p.m. "Anything Goes" matinee and we did make it. Two seats in the back row of the orchestra and the show is terrific, Sutton Foster and Colin Donnell are great and Joel Grey, and two big tapdance routines, and at the end the audience stands up and whoops and yells. As for the subway, it's how we get around, of course, and I just never think about anonymity. Not an issue for a radio guy. Ever so often in New York, some young beautiful woman with a stern street face suddenly smiles at me on the street, violating the rule for young beautiful women, and that is shocking, and then I think, "Ah, there are benefits in this line of work."


What a surprise, a Norwegian firm accused of manipulating the price of oil.

Funny… even when I was young and beautiful, I always enjoyed being the person to smile at others on the streets of Manhattan. I’ve never been able to afford to live in NYC but I’ve always SWORN that if I won the lottery, I would move to Manhattan in a NY second! I suppose my chances would increase significantly if I actually bought a lottery ticket every now and again.

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