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Thanks to Ford

May 11, 2011 | 1 Comment

We loved doing the show at the Fox in Detroit and, by the by, meeting our friends at Ford, which underwrites our show, and we did not mention the Edsel, the car that became a joke because the "horse-collar" grille in front looked like a man yawning. The Edsel came out with great fanfare in 1957, launched with a TV special called The Edsel Show, starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney. The company was projecting sales of 200,000 and they sold 64,000 (and discontinued the line in 1959), and what hurt the car were the jokes about the horse-collar grille that comedians said looked like an "Oldsmobile sucking a lemon." That was one of the cleaner jokes. Although it was a fine car and rather handsome, the Edsel went down to defeat and automotive design became cautious and cars started to look more and more alike and little boys no longer sat by highways competing to see who could identify the cars: all the cars looked alike. Except the Mustang and the T-bird. Oh how I loved my Mustang convertible. But that's another story.

1 Comment


Riding around in a dark blue mustang convertible was wonderful. My vanity plate read LUV JRA (love just ridin' around). But I finally had to sell it. The man who came to my door worked with his father restoring classic Mustangs. The reason? His father was one of original people who worked on the line building Mustangs. In his later years Dad developed a drinking problem. So Son got him interested in restoring the cars he had built in his youth. Sounded good to me -- I knew it went to a good home. I still miss the wind in my hair and the audiotape of Beach Boys music and Wilson Pickett's Mustang Sally!
San Clemente, CA

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