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What happened to that "Sweet Biscuit Fiddle?"

April 14, 2011 |


We were living in northern Minnesota back in 1977, '78, '79, '80 and loved Mary DuShane. Especially when you would say, "Oh, Mary, give us some of that sweet biscuit fiddle."

What ever happened to her?

-- Robert McKinney
Sugar Grove, VA

An answer from our production assistant, Ella S.:

You're thinking of an early permutation of the Powdermilk Biscuit Band, which featured Fiddlin' Mary DuShane, guitarist Adam Granger, Bob Douglas on mandolin, and Dick Rees on bass. Mary, Adam, and Bob were together on A Prairie Home Companion's Reunion Show in 2008, when the "biscuit fiddle" and the rest sounded just as sweet as ever.

For the last few decades, Mary has been playing everything from country rock to contra dance. She is part of a jug band called The Geezers -- we had them on the show back in 2005.

Mary DuShane's favorite thing right now is Cajun dance music, which she picked up from Louisiana. She currently plays with two Cajun bands, the Cajun Hot Soles and the DJ Cajun Trio. And she also enjoys teaching fiddle lessons at the Homestead Pickin' Parlor in Richfield, Minnesota. Or you can hear her on Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976.

Mary DuShane

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