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Live in San Diego

February 24, 2011 | 11 Comments

Dear Garrison,

I have 2 young boys( 6&9) who really would love to see your show live in San Diego. We listen and laugh @ the show on the radio and want to confirm that the show would be appropriate for them live.

Thank you,
Selise Pastore

I think they'd love it, Selise. Drop me a line and I'll get them seats on stage and that way they can see Fred Newman close up as he does the dolphins steering the submarine past the humpback whales and firing the sausage pizzas over the volcano (thereby cooking them) and into the speeding car chased by coyotes. And they can observe Peter Johnson doing paradiddles on the drums as the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band strikes up the Bebopareebop theme. Appropriate??? Appropriateness has been a lifelong goal of mine. And nine is the perfect age for a Prairie Home listener. Snorts and honks and explosions a-plenty.


I'm just having a nice chuckle imagining an inappropriate PHC!

Dear Garrison:
We were lucky enough to get seats for your performance in San Diego yesterday, and we loved it. Altho we were in the nosebleed section, we were able to enjoy you and all the other performers on the stage. That piano player, wow...The Navy band, Wow, wow, wow, and I loved the song, Japanese Bowl, but still don't know the name of the singer.(You were great, too but you always are). I couldn't hear when you announced her. I listened to the whole show this am and still didn't catch it. Was she a guest, or is she with you all the time. Terrifica lady. Your show is what America is all about, and anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of hearing you live or on your broadcast is really missing a piece of this country. I also have a very deal fried from Min-a-so-ta. She goes back for reunions there. My husband is a big fan of yours, too. Glad you were able to enjoy the "storm" we were having. Thanks, again..MM PS How does he do all those effects. What a talent....

ditto, it was a great show. I look forward to more Sara W. and the Decembrists especially since we live in Oregon. The band medley of the military anthems was an emotional memory moment with a big lump in the throat. I love San Diego, my hometown Hemet is about 80 miles north. I love Balboa Park , THE Zoo, there is none better, and the museums, you could spend a week there and not see everything. Thanks for having the show there, Bravo!


I loved the song 'Japanese Bowl,' also! I came to this site because I was hoping to be able to hear it again. Am I correct that Jearlyn Steele was singing? I don't even want to hear anyone else sing it; it's HER song!

Thank you for this wonderful show. I listen to it twice every weekend - once on Saturday and a repeat on Sunday. Makes me feel good, makes me smile. "Pretty good" accomplishment!

~ Terry

Also loved the song Japanese Bowl and could not hear the name of the singer announced.

Just heard this show 8/21/11 and loved Ms. Steele singing the Japanese Bowl. But when I googled, I couldn't find the lyrics to the song online. Was it an original song at PHC this performance? I would love to be able to play it at will, but don't know where to find it. If possible, could you/someone forward the information to me?


Just visiting here in the USA from overseas and am quite a fan of Prairie Home Companion. Am not accustomed to any extensive detective work with the internet but, is there any way to hear that song about the Japanese bowl again? I was simply charmed by it, hearing it in the parked car, waiting for a friend to emerge from our local "Wok" establishment, here in Kentucky, with Sunday's lunch. I'd love to hear the background inforation on the song again and to study the song further. Was it originally written in English or perhaps in Japanese, which I am currently studying? If origially in Japanese, it would be great to share it with my class, overseas. Thanks

I too want to know the name of the singer on "Japanese Bowl". Please answer for us.

would appreciate the few lyrics to "old japanese bowl". Powerful song! Thanks from a long time listener from the coast of NC.

Japanese Bowl was written by Peter Mayer
and sung by Jerelyn Steele on this show. I think she sings it better than Mr. Mayer, but it's a very beautiful song no matter who sings it.

The Japanese Bowl song is simply beautiful.

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