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How come the house band is called The Shoe Band?

November 16, 2010 | 4 Comments

How come the house band is called The Shoe Band? Is there a story behind it?
-Mike Mooney, Albany, NY

At one time we had a sponsor, Guy's Shoes ("When you're talking shoes, you're talking Guy's"), the manufacturer of the Cash Shoe ("with the secret compartment in the sole") where you could stash your cash, and also the Emulator Shoe, the only shoes you can walk a mile in and experience the feelings of another person. In honor of Guy's, the band became the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band (or G.A.S. Band), which was shortened to Shoe Band, a four-man outfit these days with Richard Kriehn holding down the fifth chair on mando and fiddle and 2nd guitar when we can get him, and frequent guest Shoes. It's a hot band, at its best with rollicking country blues and stride but able to go in many directions, country and gospel, delicate accompaniment, Viennese cafe combo, R&B, opera pit, and, in the interest of comedy, able to be cheesy on cue.


I love the Shoe bank and, Garrison, you are wonderful!

Shoes and the whole cast did a characteristic fantastic job in Houston last night! Thanks to Garrison, Shoes, Susan Graham, Quebe Sisters and the team for making my husband, Charles', 60th birthday the most fun ever. And thanks for announcing it on the air! Love y'all.

Does the Shoe Band have any recordings that could be purchased?

And a fine band it is. Need to comment: the pacing and obvious behind the scenes preparation evident in the Prairie Home Companion is wonderful. Love the show!

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