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October 21 Cinecast

October 21, 2010 | 93 Comments

Thoughts or comments on the Cinecast? Please leave a comment below.


What a wonderful show tonight! All the songs, skits-just the best. Mr Keillor, you and your regulars and guests are so clever and talented.
Thank you........Marcia Rheingold


Great show, thanks, loved the music. And, those sound effects gents...what a hoot. :-)

Also enjoyed the pre-show stroll to the Mississippi River. I lived in St Paul many years ago. Walked down, Exchange St, stood in the same spot to view the river--even saw PHC at the, then, World Theater.

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

Rod C
Long time listener, circa 1975 or so!

What a wonderful show. It was almost like being there at the Fitz. The music was superb,the sketches funny and ,as always, I loved the wistful trip to Lake Wobegone. I was touched by the tremendous effort that everyone on the stage put in to entertain us. The technical quality of the transmission, the video and audio mix were flawless. Thanks for a great evening.

Joe Hughes

Awesome show! Thanks for making it available to us like that. OCMS is the best!

I think you're right, Garrison. The world is probably a better place when we quit worrying about trying to make it a better place and just appreciate the good that's already here. Thanks for giving us something good tonight.

Just returned home from Oct 21 Cinecast of PHC!
Absolutely entertaining. Music was outstanding!!!

Sara Watkins, Joe Ely, Andra Suchy and the Women's Vocal Ensemble of The St. Olaf Choir & Old Crow Medicine Show. Thank you for putting on a great show! Loved it.

I haven't smiled and laughed with love in my heart for such a long time in a very long time. My mother and I loved every minute side by side in that theater.......and she clapped with the audience because, I believe, she felt she was there in your actual audience. I hope she wasn't too loud? I was happy when I came home tonight to look for some info online and discovered she shares your birthday! Thank you for putting the nectar of life on stage, in all ages, for all ages.........

What a wonderful show! My husband and I, and two dear friends from church, celebrated his birthday with Garrison and such a talented cast of musicians and singers and sound effects engineers!It was a techically flawless production. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort to entertain so many people across the country.

Imagine my surprise during the middle of the show when Garrison was reading the greetings, and I heard the wonderful sweet message from my amazing husband Carl. I believe it was the best gift he has ever given me. Thanks to the person who chooses the greetings to be read, and thank you Garrison for reading it with just the right amount of tenderness and sentiment.
As always, the show was amazing and most enjoyable, and seeing it live was a true bonus. Thanks to all who had a part in the production!

Thank you once again for a wonderful show. What a beautiful voice Sara Watkins has and it blended wonderfully with yours. Your songs with her were a high point of the show for me. And those three violins playing us off at the end of the show were fantastic! The News from Lake Wobegon contained a bit of advice we all would be wise to pay attention to in this political year, that strong opinions could be keeping you from finding someone to help with your storm windows. Thanks for a great show!

The cinecast was brilliant!! The only thing that tops it is being there live (which I attended on oct 2nd of this year). Never stop doing this show! I am a listener since 1986 .. And I still love your show GK! Job well done.

Reading the glowing comments makes me feel as though I was able to see it all. Can't wait to hear Saturday's show! Driving home tonight in the frosty moonlight, it was nice knowing everyone was having a wonderful time. Hurray for yet another PHC success!

This was really a great show, Garrison. So much talent on one small stage! Here in a suburban mall setting outside Denver, Colorado, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, there were not nearly as many people as I expected. The last cinecast was a full house. I suspect that the sparse audience here has more to do with the tight economy that the lack of interest. But please keep the shows coming somehow. It is just like being in St. Paul, except that you hear better and see better. They talent is truly outstanding!

Yet ANOTHER wonderful idea from such a talented group!! yes, Mr. Keillor, please do this again and add in the singalong....I'd be there to sing with everyone!! Many, many thanks for giving us all our "second hometown" all these years!

Garrison, Your comment on enjoying the world rather than trying to make it better was timely; had to let some acquaintances recently go from my life. Sara's composition I Wonder Where You'll Be was a reminder to keep communication alive and well with spouse. Love Sue Scott's talent, and the clerk at the Krafft #8 in PH where we saw the show was pleasant, gregarious, attractive, sold tickets and made the popcorn while herself dealing with a Fall cold. Thanks to you and
all involved!!

A thoroughly enjoyable evening !!! Dinner out and PHC on a big screen. Everyone was great and the pre-show montage and walk in St. Paul were like being there. Thanks !!

Thanks for the special cinema broadcast last night! I was thrilled to be able to attend with my son who is home on college break. We have been enjoying your weekly show together since he was a little guy. Wonderful performances by all!

I saw last night's show via cinecast in a theater near Austin, TX. What a great show! It was the first time that I had seen a 'live' performance of PHC. It will be wonderful to listen to PHC on the radio in the future and now have a mental picture of all the players and everything that goes on during a performance. Great job everyone! I went to sleep last night with a big smile on my face :)

wonderful show, GREAT music...until the last 15 or so, we had audio but a blank screen.

Hi there GK,

I just wanted to say what terrific show you had Lastnight (10/21/10). I saw the show in Waite Park at The Parkwood 18. The funniest part to me had to have been when you were trying to get that verse down and it kept triping you up. The other funny part was the spelling contest. Good Stuff to say the least.

I will agree with you about what you said during the news from Lake Wobegon.....I think we should all enjoy what's out there instead of trying to change the world.

You did an awsome job during the show. I always listening to you on the radio.

I took a friend to the show last night in Greenville, SC and he and I just loved it! I so enjoyed Sara Watkins songs and Garrision your story telling is such a joy to listen to. I appreciate all the hard work that all of you put in to make this show happen each week. Thank you for allowing all of us who haven't had the pleasure of going to a live show the chance to see the show live on the big screen.


A couple good comments from the reviews at

1) Too many close-ups. "Just show the show" to provide more of a sense of all the performers' reactions while it's going on.

2) Ticket price too high.

Great show last night! Thanks, Garrison. :)

It was truly wounderful! funny, warm, lively and the music so good! I'm a new listener, (3 month ago) moved here from germany and got hooked the first time I tuned in by chance. so nice to actually see all the great people involved. I'm quite impressed by the soundmakers. thank you everyone.

Will the October 21st show be available on DVD? Loved the show!

My wife and I really enjoyed the show last night. We hope there will be more. The audience here in Madison certainly enjoyed the Wisconsin references. I'd sure like to know who the actress who did the preshow interview is. She was in last February's too and I don't think she received a credit. I wish she was on the main show, she's great.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the opening stroll through downtown St. Paul seeing streets and views of the Mississippi from just outside the Crowne Plaza hotel. That's where we stayed for the Fitzgerald Birthday Bash in September, our first visit to Minnesota, which we also thoroughly enjoyed. We caught most of last night's show at our Cineplex in downtown Toronto, Canada, it started late at about 7:45pm,EST, and just after 8, we had sound but no picture for an agonizing 10 minutes or so... It appears the cinema staff had started things going and then left it unattended, and only tried to fix things after a few patrons walked out to find someone, anyone, to get it going again. Once fixed we settled into a delightful show, and we left at peace with the world. Free tickets to the next event were handed out to everyone attending to make up for the technical glitches.

My husband and I saw the show at Cinebistro in Hyde Park in Tampa, Florida. Best "dinner and a movie" ever! My parents started us listening to the show when I was in high school in rural Tennessee in the late 70's and I've been a fan ever since. My father worked in radio for years at a small-town station, and my husband and I are both English majors. We feel right at home with PHC!

Great show, as always and we look forward to more cinecasts.

Erica Rhodes, answered my own question.

The music was exceptional, what an absolute delight!
Still waiting for Renee Fleming!!

What a show! I was front and center at the Fitz and was blown away! The fiddle duals were mind blowing! This was the first time I've seen PHC and have become a big fan. Old Crow Medicine Show was a main reason I went and I wasn't disappointed.

What a wonderful show! Really brightened our week to go on a Thursday in the middle of October! Wonderful performances! We particularly enjoyed the sound effects men, Joe Ely, and of course, GK himself.

Dear Garrison and crew and performers of PHC!!
Another wonderful, relaxing and entertaining show !!! Loved it ....loved it!!
It's so wonderful to see everyone so up close and personal...Garrison , you look a little tired..but your are still your wonderful, charming , relaxing self...How DO YOU DO IT?? week after week after week...I just thank GOD for you...Please take care of yourself...We need you with us so desperately...especially in these crazier than ever times !! Can't imagine out world without you !! SO TAKE CARE !! GET YOUR BEAUTY REST !
Loved, absolute loved Sara Watkins...what a sweetheart and talented lady...Her voice is UNIQUE..that's for sure...and I didn't mind all of the close ups..I thought it was balanced..It's nice to really see what people look like up close!
Sue and Tim were at theire usual best...not to mention the amazing "sound talents" of Tom Keith and Fred Newman !! ..Great , great show !! "Balm in Giliad" was so wonderful and so was the St. Olaf's Choir...!! Lovely ladies !!
KEEP the shows COMING !! WE NEED IT !!
(and the price even went down ! )
Christine Scherr
Fort Collins, CO. :):)

I have had the personal experience of seeing one live broadcast, an encore broadcast (in Hawaii no less) and a live show at the Fox Theater in Detroit during the past year. It never gets old and I find myself with a perpetual grin during the shows. Thanks to all PHC staff, actors, and quests who create an American treasure each and every time they walk on the stage.

Loved the cinecast last evening, but where was the promised singalong? We were all looking forward to getting to participate in the fun. Please don't lead us on like that! Enjoyed the show anyway -- great as always to see everyone "in person."

I attended the cinecast last night and had a delightful time.Garrison is a treasure and i am so very happy that he is from Minnesota. The sound effects guys were so entertaining as well as the musical performances. The St Olaf girls choir gave it a nice minnesota touch. Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable evening.

Popcorn and Prairie Home Companion - a fantastic "date night". We loved it! Every music group and number was wonderful, but we wished you'd given us more skits. PHC's heart is News from Lake Wobegon and the skits! And, like other commenters, we missed the sing-along. There wasn't any indication to us that it was a "live" broadcast and didn't feel that those of us in the theatres were invited into the Fitz. A couple of us clapped but no one sang the last song (I was raised Midwest Lutheran but don't know that song). Because of that, and a few too many 'musical guest's numbers', we think the ticket price was a bit high. We're looking forward to the next event. How about adding a joke section? And letting us know we need to be there early to watch the "walk to the theatre" and "makeup" (which was very funny BTW)? And a gospel number? Thanks PHC team!

We enjoyed the show at the Regal Theater here in Knoxville TN last night. The music was great and so were the sound effects guys. We loved it all!

Thank you for a WONDERFUL performance and the opportunity to 'watch' my favorite radio show live. It was the highlight of my week! I plan to listen to the radio broadcast and will enjoy being able to envision "being there." I will never pass up the chance to attend another cinecast or even better, a chance to visit the Fitz.

The film and interview was a great bonus - lots of fun and laughs - who knew it took you so long to shave!

People on said there were too many close-ups? Really? Those people are Out. To. Lunch. Why not just set up a single stationary camera in the back row of the balcony? Part of the point of the cinecast is that you can get an even better experience than people at the actual show. I *loved* the close-ups, especially of Sara Watkins -- it felt like she was singing just to you.

Yestereve we here in the Red River counties of North Texas rejoiced at civilization being a bit more accessible. We ventured over to Wichita Falls and were witness to your extraordinary production of PHC, including a local as notable guest. Bless you all. Some suggest that the tickets should be less, which would be fine, but quality costs and persons serious about 'values' should heartily support your efforts. Count me in and I look forward to singing with you and others around the world next time. How about 'Proud to be an American'-Greenwood.

Great show and I cannot wait until the next one. Are there plans yet? Reading through the other comments I see most people liked the close ups but I vote with keeping back at least a few feet. Some of those were really close. I would like to see shots that include the headstock of the stringed instruments. I know what Pat's playing but it is neat seeing what the guests have for instruments. A lot of players discuss the instruments used after watching a show. I also loved the pre-show show and showed up early this time hoping for another. Thanks. Every Saturday night we sit in the living room, sip our wine and go on a wonderful journey with you. Thank you for so many years of music and humor.

Thanks for the mention of the ELCA(Alabama). If only that were available.
Thank you for the wonderful show. Your guests were great.
This is a great way to see the show. Please continue making this available. We always need a PHC fix.

would love to have seen the show--but our Cinemark Theatre in Long Beach could NOT get the connection to work! We waited over an hour...what a disappointment. Please make sure there's a HD tech on hand for those theatres with HD, as they don't appear to know the details of making it all work. Boo, hoo.

Enjoyed the show,looking to more. I'm not sure why, but our local Cinemark only advertised this event two or three days in advance of the show. There were relatively few in the audience. But I know everyone enjoyed the program.

What a memorable evening - first of all finally getting to see a Prairie Home Companion in person after trying for so long and then 2nd what wonderful music and humor! You have been making our family smile and chuckle for the last 20 years! I have been talking about it all day and can't wait until you are back in St. Paul to take the children who finally understand why we made them listen all those years!

Awesome show - so awesome, I wrote up a little love letter to the production in my theatre blog I keep.

Thanks for the opportunity to see a live show.


Dinner $18.00 dollars, beverage and popcorn $15.00 dollars, PHC priceless. What a great evening! Looking forward to Saturday's show.

What a memorable evening. I am always amazed at the talent that appears on the show, this was show was no exception. Loved it, but please no more extreme close ups, I don't want to see the pores on the faces, teeth fillings and nose hairs. Leave a little to the imagination, please!

My friend and I really enjoyed the cinecast of PHC last evening. We had seen your show live in Milwaukee over 20 years ago so seeing it this way felt up close and personal. The music was phenomenal- especially Sara Watkins and Old Crow Medicine Show. We were amazed by Garrison's endurance over the 2 hour plus show!.Fantastic! A must see for the PHC fan!

Although the show was nice, I don't think I'll attend another one. The camera shots were 'way too tight to be enjoyable. I was not interested in counting the performer's skin blemishes, but I had a number of opportunities to do so. The show would have been much better had your camera-person backed off the extreme close-ups.

my friend and I had a great time,although the theater was completly empty. we pretended to hush the nonexistent audience so that we could hear all the wonderful music and sound effects and words of wisdom from Lake Woebegon.
I was born in Minn.(duluth)but left there at the tender age of 4 mos. so I enjoyed the pre-program
walk and talk.
hope next time we hve more company.

What a great show, almost as much fun as seeing it in person (10 years ago)! We loved every minute. Would like to see this be a annual, or even biannual tradition so we can share it with our friends.

I attended the 10/21 Cinecast in Henrietta, NY with my son, Seth Davis, and some of his friends and their mothers! You can't imagine my surprise when you read his comment to me on the show!! It made a fantastic night ever more special! We all had a great time and look forward to the next live broadcast!!

To close up or not to close up? Oh how I miss the times when the show was broadcast over the internet in four little boxes on your screen with close up and non close up views. Will that ever come back? I would gladly pay for that on a weekly basis or an updated version. I know it's radio and we are supposed to use our imaginations but I really miss seeing the show online.

We attended at the Forum 8 theaters in Columbia, MO. For my wife, three youngest (14, 12 and 12) and me it was a real treat. The kids have grown up with PHC, and really enjoyed getting to see the show, especially Fred Newman and Tom Keith! Looking forward to next year's!!!

It was a great show...close ups and all. Obviously not as good as being there, or even being on the cruise(s) all of which we have had the privilege of doing.....but the cinecast was the next best thing!

Keep on doing it!

Charlotte, NC

Total joy. What fun to sit with other PHC afficionados and giggle, applaud, cheer. A sing-along would be perfect! Actually, some of us WERE singing along, though we're not sure if the others in the theatre appreciated it. We had a great time and went home happy.

Oh, and the pre-show brought back great memories for those of us became weekly listeners when you were first broadcast in Ann Arbor. I remember the beard, Butch Thompson...sorry none of the shots had Puff in them, but I'm sure you can dig some up for next time.

Just too much fun. Let's do it a lot!

Show was great once it got started. The theatre couldn't get their act together until missed the preshow and the first 5 minutes of the show. Listening tonight to catch what we missed.

fantastic show, saw it at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, a great old space, which made the show even more delightful. It was none stop fun, it felt like we were in the Fitzgerald.
It boosted my spirit and lifted my heart to the heavens, a welcome change from the city slickers in Brooklyn!!!!! keep it up!!!!

Thank you for finding a wonderful song called "Louise"


Sure hope there'll be a DVD to commemorate the wonderful cinecast.

The Oct. 21st movie was spectacular. We enjoyed every moment of it. Seeing all the performers up close and personal was a treat. We would go every time you did this and bring family and friends along for the wonderful experience.

Only Garrison can make an entertainment experience shared with a theater full of strangers as up close and personal as a church picnic! Everything about the show was terrific, from the marvelous music to the always poignant Lake Woebegon tale to the truly amusing hi-jinks of Fred, Tom and Sue. Seeing the show on the big screen was almost better than seeing it in person, because it gave fans a chance to see the facial expressions and close-up interaction of the whole cast. Garrison is truly a one-of-a-kind, national treasure. Thanks for another memorable evening!

What a FABULOUS live show. We listen to the weekly show and have seen them live at Wolf Trap but this one surpassed them all!! Seeing everything so close up and personal really added so much to the experience. Please do more of these. Plus we really liked all of the musical guests as sometimes the bluegrass/country music on previous shows has not been to our taste.

How can we find out about them earlier than only a few hours notice like this time??

Ref last night's show, the complete saying is:
"If if's and and's were pots and pans,
there'd be no need for tinkers' hands."

Listeners since 1979 and Wolf Trap attendees,
William & Cynthia Bryant
Williamsburg, Va.

Wow! just stumbled upon this on the radio (which is rare because I gave up on radio about 10 years ago) and I was utterly amazed. Thank you for bringing radio back! Amazing! Beautiful!

Now... Let's get some Kentucky Theaters in on this cinescast. I love the idea of just listening but it would be just wonderful to see it live. Baxter Avenue Theaters is an independent theater.

Thank you so much for the show. I always enjoy watching those sound effect guys. We got to the theater about 10 minutes early and were very disappointed to find the show had already started! Next we will get there much earlier. Salem, Oregon.

Saw the show in Evanston, IL. Perfect. Couldn't get any better. Each of your shows is so very special. One of a kind. Never to be repeated. (well, except for rebroadcasts.) How fragile. How sad. How lovely. Do you know that people in theater applaud (many of us anyway) as if you could hear us. But we can't contain our enthusiasm. Thanks. Thanks, to all the musicians, players and everyone who makes the show possible.

It was good to have the closeups, too. And to see how you all relate on stage. Makes the experience more intimate, I think, for an audience who can't be there in person to catch the live vibes. (Sarah Watkins has the most beautiful mouth out of which come the most unearthly and lovely sounds.) Oh yeah, Daisy Buchannan's a hoot. But then, everyone was great. As usual. Thanks.

I know that my comment will get lost in the sea of others, but I had to write anyway. The show was wonderful.

The Ketchup skit was brilliant. Overall, the music was very entertaining, but the vulnerability in the voice of Sara Watkins made for a magical presentation.

Thank you.

I have been listening to the production for about 5 or 6 years now,I am 22..I enjoy so much listening to you all work magic in such a simple splendid manner.
I love listening and am interested if there is advice that could be given to me, I am so interested in learning how to do radio acting...voice acting. I think it is lovely, and honestly I practice all the time with accents and telling stories in a similar manner to the PHC.
Again....I love the show!!!!
Thanks so much for making my Sunday mornings a delight!

Now I know what people from Minnesota look like.

Loved it! Loved it!! Loved it!! It was just perfect! I'm still singing "Balm in Gilead" now five days later! My companion couldn't sit for two and a half hours, so he stood and watched it and never complained -- I could have sat and watched another two and a half hours!! PLEASE keep them coming!!! I'm so happy I found out about this cinecast -- now I'll have a visual while listening to your wonderful show every Saturday and Sunday!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Great show. I loved the Summer Love Tour and now this! Is there anyway to get the set list from the San Antonio Summer Love Tour. Some of the songs were the same as the Cinecast...but would love to get it!

Our family really enjoyee the cinecast. Your show touches myspirit in a most down nh9oojne3 way that makes me reconsider what I'm doing. That piano is at the top of the show. Tell Sara Watkins she must have the South deep dpwn in her soul--love that voice and style. Well it was just great. Yall come back down South soon, too.

There will be a compilation cd coming out mid next year featuring the best moments from the Summer Love tour. Hopefully this will have some of the songs you are looking for.
David Edin

My husband and I are so glad there was an encore presentation of the cinecast or we wouldn't have been able to see it! It is hard to get enough of a Prairie Home Companion! Rich Dworsky sure can play the piano! Hard to see just how good he is when we are sitting in the audience. And Pat Donohue sure can make me want to get up and dance! I could go on and on, but...Thanks!!!

I was lucky enough to catch your show at the Movies in Branford CT last week. I couldnt wait to see it/ I purchased a ticket for a great friend of mine who I will admit didnt know who you were. ( I know, maybe under a rock lol ) but SHE LOVED IT TOO. I hope you do this more and more I loved all the funny stories and the music was just beautiful Great Guest Thank you Garrison for sharing your sense of humor with all of us. Youre the best!!

We saw the show at North Park in Dallas but didn't see the walk to the river. The intro we saw was the woman doing an interview. Who is she? Great show and we were pleased about how well it worked in the theater.

We really enjoyed the cinecast, more than the first one since we had sound all the way through!

We missed seeing Andy Stein though, now we see he is no longer on the cast list and not on the guest list for the cruise next summer! We are really disappointed, we enjoyed him immensely in Norway and on the cruise last March.

Any chance he will be back?

Hi Garrison!

The cinecast shows were great (both of them), and I hope this will be a yearly feature of APHC. I am also appreciative of the information you provided about Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, whose final resting spot (along with his wife Zelda) in in Rockville, Maryland, not all that far from Wolf Trap. I'm wondering if you've ever paid a visit to his graveside in one of your trips to the D.C. area.


It was simply the very best thing I've ever seen on the "big screen". Beautiful music. I wouldn't have changed a thing, except would have loved to see the GK tour of St. Paul, which for some reason our Dallas (Northpark) theater did not include. (So I've ordered a DVD of the first cinecast which does include the St. Paul tour!). Have loved the PHC cruises, our visit to St. Paul this year for the opening season broadcast at the Fitz, and seeing GK in Dallas from time to time. Yes, PHC/GK are priceless. So looking forward to July 9th cruise for another week of joy, leaving all troubles behind! (And hoping for a nice selection of CDs and DVDs on board....).

Saw the show at Parkwood 18 in Waite Park, Mn. My husband and I absolutely loved it! We thought it was even better than the one in February. Hope this one will be on DVD too.
Listen to the show every Saturday on Public radio from Collegeville Mn.
We were at the live, free 4th of July show in Avon Mn. in 2009, and want to thank you for that. It was great.
We love you G.K. and all of the PHC crew! Keep up the good work.

Great radio show ! Cinecast had some problems at Scotiabank Chinook in Calgary. They were not ready for the 1/2 hr pre-show walk about St. Paul. Finally got in with approximately 15 minutes til showtime. HD ? Don't think so; very soft image and they had the aspect ratio wrong, causing a horizontally stretched picture, rendering everyone on stage a lot heftier than reality. 10 minutes into the first hour I went and found a staff person who showed up eventually and turned the house lights off. Don't know who directed the cameras but it obviously wasn't Robert Altman; too often on the wrong performer and too many extreme close-ups which would have been more appropriate on TV in the days of small screens. Did very much enjoy the musical performances; thought the sound effects went on a bit.
Don Peterson

The show was fantastic. I agree with other folks that have commented regarding the extreme close-ups. My wish is for a cinecast from another venue (such as Town Hall in NYC). Your abilities as a travel guide is an added treat. I remember seeing a PBS special that took place in Nashville on New Year's eve, where you pointed out and visited various locales prior to a performance at the Ryman Auditorium.

Could sound-effects talent extraordinaire Tom Keith create the sound of a "turducken" (turkey + duck + chicken) on a show during the holiday season?

Could the new veterinarian character be somehow involved with the "turducken"?

Kyle Hancock
Richardson, Texas

Garrison, listening to your program on Saturday afternoon seven miles in the sticks near Vale, OR, in the beauty of the American West's high desert - and not much intellectually, artistically or culturally (Woebegon without the lake! but nonetheless beloved). Without your program I am quite sure I would have gone completely crazy for lack of mental stimulation in the 27 years I have lived here. So I am a devoted follower and fan, especially as I grew up in Old World Lutheran country in Ohio and am your age so am deeply touched by these likenesses.

All this said to say that I have never been more proud of you than for calling out Rupert Murdoch on your program today! I am very, very impressed! And it affirms what I know to be true: people like you and others in the entertainment industry in particular, who have both money and audience, simply MUST take a stand against what is happening in our country because the little people like me, no matter how talented or insightful, simply do not have the resources to lead the charge or take on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, on and on. But we will surely follow anyone who offers truth instead of ideology that pays lip service to "the people, the American citizen" while snouts are buried in the corporate trough they are prepared to defend at all costs.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Carol Richter
Vale, OR

Perhaps Guy Noir can use these earcatching place names in an upcoming bit, especially if he uses all of them in one sentence:
Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Paw Paw, West Virginia, USA
Puka Puka, French Polynesia (Tuamotu archipelago)
Puka Puka, Cook Islands
Wagga Wagga, Australia
Walla Walla, Washington, USA
Woywoy, Australia
Xai Xai, Mozambique
Zam Zam, Sudan

Your team put on a great show! I went both nights, taking family members each time. I finally felt the full dimension of your fine efforts, after only being able to listen all these years (26). Please consider doing this at least twice a year. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to watch all the creative performers work together like the family you've become. It was so satisfying! You know you've captured Americana in a bottle! Thank you Garrison!

It is a wonderful thing to return to the "Theatre of the Mind" thanks for your show. I listen each week and even the encores. Tonight you are in Ohio and thanks for the wonderful things you said and presented. Even Paulas segment ws ok, kind of not to your usual standards but still funny.

Music is always superb, creative and entertainning, and hey this science teacher turned health inspector might just go back to get my degree in Lit.!!!!!!(or music)
Merry Christmas to your whole group.

I tried to get my spouse to St Paul in Oct 2010 to see the show.
Life got is the way, as did the inability to get tickets.
The cinecast was a terrific way to introduce him to the program; as the theater was close by, he could hear the voices, and the camera angles got us up close and personal.
He has a new favorite; the Old crow Medicine Show, and enjoyed the stories that took off on tangents.
We would defintiely go the cincast route again.

How can I get a DVD of the Oct. 14, 2010 Cinecast...It was a great Show!!! or CD would love a DVD however...

will the October 2010 cinecast EVER be available on DVD?? I had hoped to give it as Christmas presents in 2010....still hoping I can in 2011...PLEASE!!

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