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February 5, 2010 | 106 Comments

We're getting lots of reaction to the live "Prairie Home Companion" Cinecast to movie theaters last night. All the letter-writers compliment the TV camera work, the muted colors, the audio quality — bravos to all of that — and many of them comment on the warmth of the audience in their particular theater and how people clapped and laughed and sometimes talked back to the screen. Some people say they liked the performance. Thank you for that. Someone said it looked as if I was wearing makeup and was I and if so they were disappointed. (I was. Sorry.)

A few people were alarmed by the conversation ten minutes into the show between Erica Rhodes and me, in which she was presented as my replacement as host and we talked about what she'd do when she takes over the show. It's a tribute to Erica's acting ability that this bit seemed plausible, but — it was a joke, folks.

There were complaints — a viewer in Seattle was troubled discovering after she got to the theater that the show was not live but tape-delayed — it had been advertised as "live" and was not. This was the case all across the West — a 7 p.m. CST start in St. Paul meant a 5 p.m. start in Pacific time, which theaters felt was no good for people with 9-5 jobs, thus the delay. A complaint about a $22 ticket price, some complaints about theaters being sold-out and turning away patrons.

But Charlene Bell wrote from Pennsylvania: "I have listened to your show for the past 20+ years off and on; more on lately than off. I am a mother of 11 children and have forced my younguns to endure Guy Noir, Dusty; etc. Never saw even a picture of you or your show. Tonight was the happiest (and funniest) day of my year! (I would say life, but that was my wedding renewal). I took my sister who had absolutely no clue who or what Prairie Home was and we were laughing and crying, and talking to people we never met. No matter that we were the only African Americans in the entire theater, it never mattered. Thank you so much for the reminder of what is good plain fun and humor. God Bless."

The duets Heather Masse and I sang were "My Life" by Iris DeMent and "If You Were Mine" by Ann Reed. (Someone asked.)

As for me, I had a terrific time, though my solemn Sanctified Brethren face might not have told you that, and I'd be happy to do more of this, now that I know that people like to go to movie theaters and see this. But next time we'll sing some songs with the audience. I like the idea of people standing in multiplexes around the country and singing "America the Beautiful" and "My Girl" and "Ba-ba-ba-ba-barbara Ann."

At the post-show party at my house, Robin and Linda and Jearlyn and Heather and Carole the assistant director of the Cinecast and I stood around and sang "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" and "My Girl" and "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" and "Chapel of Love" and "Proud Mary" and some other songs, and that was the perfect end to a fine day of theater. Thanks for your comments.


Loved it! Loved it!! Loved it!!! All my favorites were there Garrison, Jearlyn and sister, Elvis Costello, dreamy Fred Newman. For two plus hours I was not sitting in a theater in Longview, Texas, I was right on stage with all of you. I've seen y'all live and this was the absolute next best thing! Please, please do more!

Just want to join the crowd expressing gratitude and enthusiasm for the HD movie. My husband and I have been PHC listeners for about 30 years and also were fortunate enough to be on the first two cruises. Seeing you all on the large screen was like getting reacquainted with friends we hadn't seen for awhile. Liked it much more than the movie of a few years ago. We regularly marvel at the enormous talent and great team effort that goes into every show. It certainly was in evidence last night. Kudos and thanks!

Could you please consider making this an annual February event? This got me out of the house and laughing, which are pretty good things in the middle of winter.

Also, please post the pre-show video on the PHC site. It was fun to take a (virtual) walk around St. Paul, and put the show in context.

What a WONDERFUL way to spend what was in Waco, Texas a very gloomy and cold winter's eve. Only thing I could have asked for was perhaps the exchange of that last Elvis song for a "commercial" apiece for ketchup and rhubarb!

Yes, please do MORE of these!!

I loved it and it was great not having to deal with traffic as I live in Los Angeles. I have seen the show at the Hollywood Bowl but this nice, a short trip from home and comfortable seats. Please do again. I was aware this was tape delayed but we in the West are use to that. For people who do not live in large cities this is a great way to see your show.

Your February 4 cinecast was one of your best shows. It was even better than when you came to South Florida in 1997, 2003 & 2006. I particularly enjoyed your pre-show tour of St. Paul in the vicinity of the Fitz, complete with mid-winter late-afternoon snow flurries.

Also, regarding last week's January 30th show, in your Guy Noir script, when Guy's bag of gold went to the wrong airport, I appreciated your throwback to the Darby O'Gill fairy tale.

I took my two children with me last night: John, age 9, and Joy, age 12. I wasn't worried about Joy, she had seen and loved the movie. But John was a different story. He was skeptical. But when he looked up at me with those big blue eyes, right after the first gospel song by the sisters, and said, "I LIKED that song!", I knew it would be a great night. And it was. Thank you so, so much!!

This was fabulous. The virtually-sold-out house at Celebration Cinema in Lansing, MI applauded many of the individual songs and skits, as if they were at the show in person. Having attended several live PHC shows and been on two of the cruises, I was delighted that the big HD screen captured so much of the fun, including the actors' expressive faces, Rich and Pat's flying fingers, GK's graceful movements around the stage, and the boundless talents of Tom and Fred. All of the music was superb, and I especially enjoyed how well Elvis Costello fit into the acting ensemble. Please do it again! Singalongs are a great idea; the audience here would have joined in with gusto. My only other suggestion for next time: After the 2-hour show proper is over, bring out the backstage crew for their own bow, introduce them by name, and let us applaud them too!

We had a wonderful time at the Feb. 3 cinecast. Cost $18 Canadian. Your intro was a surprise as it was not posted but we were in our seats at 7:30 for the 8 pm show so didn't miss it.
Just a minor problem for me. The motion of the camera's plus large close screen caused motion problems and I had to leave after the first hour.
Will the broadcast be shown on this web site in the near future since I'd like to see the part I missed.
Great fun.

I think I was the only teenager in the whole place. I honestly didn't care a bit. It was a FANTASTIC show, Frank Costello was great. I just wish more people would have clapped in the theatre. (The movie theatre, I mean.) Perhaps next time, you could say something? A few people clapped after songs, but NOBODY clapped during Powdermilk Biscuits. D:

Fantastic show, wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We sure enjoyed the program, from the intro to the very end. It made me realize all the work that goes into the show. When listening on the radio, it all seems to casually happen. It was a wonderful night out!

I especially enjoyed the little walking tour of
St. Paul, It added to event, after all even us in the northeast would have had to walk to the Fitzgerald from where ever we were staying. Really made me feel like I was there with you. At 20 years old I think I was the youngest person in the audience but we all clapped and laughed along with you folks. I was surprised at how many people were mouthing the opening to Guy Noir under their breathe besides myself. BRAVO!
lets do it again soon!

Thanks for the wonderful and entertaining show last nite. The pre-show tour of St Paul was a very a pleasant surprise, well done. Will look foward to the release of the show on DVD.

My father, and native north Minnesotan (Hallock), has always listened to the show; and now I have a partner who also listens to the show. I, shall I say, have "an acquired taste" for the show. I purchased the tickets as an early Valentine. It turns out it was a fantastic gift to myself. Great humor, genuine performances, beautiful music....and I guess Mr. Costello wasn't bad...haha he was great. I encourage anyone who missed it to get to the encore showing. It is well worth any travel and any cost associated with going!

What a joy to see the show up close and personal on the big screen! I've been listening to the show from the beginning, been to all the live shows whenever you're in Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago area, and was on the Norway cruise. This was a fabulous show! How delightful to see all the closeups of faces and musicians hands, too. As you've already heard from many fans, all of us in the movie theaters were applauding right along with the St Paul audience. I was grateful to get the email earlier in the afternoon about the pre-show at 6:30. So glad I didn't miss that! So fun to see the early photos and enjoy the walking tour of St. Paul. Hope you have Elvis Costello back again. He is truly amazing, both as a character actor and, of course, musician. Everyone was at their very best! I love the idea of some audience sing-along time in the future. Looking forward to the Carribean cruise in a few weeks!

Dear Garrison & Company --
You absolutely, positively MUST do more Cinecasts! Thursday's show was superb. We've enjoyed seeing you multiple times, both at the Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theatre, but never a show like this. Everyone was in rare form. We watched from a theatre in Arcadia, California and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The pre-show walking tour was delightful, too! THANK YOU.

An aside to Paul H. above: The name is Elvis Costello, sir! You may call him Declan McManus, or even Mr. Diana Krall, but he is NEVER Frank. Thank you. :)

What an absolutely wonderful night! The show was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, next time please DO the sing-alongs with the audience - I know the people in the Snowden River Theater in Columbia certainly would have sung along!! The only hiccup was that we lost the sound for a minute or two right in the middle of your monologue. The whole audience groaned. Can't wait to hear the whole story on Saturday night! Thanks also for the tour of St. Paul - it set the whole event up just perfectly. We hope you will make this an annual event - what a great break in a cold and snowy February. Thanks so much!

The show was great. I was so glad I was in my seat early for the walking tour of St. Paul. What a pleasant surprise. I didn't know there was a pre-show. We too (my fellow audience members) applauded as if we were there. It was a special treat to see the musicians so close and appreciate the true gift of talent they possess. What a wonderful crew. I was a little surprised by the cost of $22, but 2 1/2 hours of great entertainment was worth the cost. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Please do this again. Hope you release this show on DVD.

My birthday is Feb 4 and I am a big fan of the show, so I was delighted to see it in NYC last night. Of course, nothing beats seeing you live in person, but last night was great fun and the audience seemed to enjoy it. I most definitely encourage audience participation in the form of sing-a-long songs in future broadcasts. Well heck, you could even float the words below on the screen! The wonders of technology!! My NYC audience (Union Square) seemed a little reserved and not sure they should clap or sing, so the majority did not, tho I sensed they wanted to. So if they were directly told to interact, maybe they would have done so a bit more, which would have made me happy!! I really loved the musical guests, but my personal suggestion would have been to have more skits and less music when in the live theater broadcasts. Because that was where you really, really shined on video. The wow factor of getting to see how you do the skits is amazing. Or... if you mix up the skits and music more. It seemed like the musical numbers were more back-to-back than usual, and I found myself itching to laugh and be engaged more. The monologues and skits were superb last night. I just wanted more of that! I also loved the pre-show tour near the Fitzgerald and the old photos. That was a treat. Overall, congrats on pulling off a great first broadcast and I encourage you to try it again! (BTW, my friend Judy was thrilled Elvis Costello was on. And she laughed a LOT! Like I promised she would!)

We really, really enjoyed the program. The camera work was fantastic, i.e. sound effects guys, up-close-and-personal with Rich and Pat, and the music! I even wore my red sequined sneakers in honor of the evening.

Thanks and hope you can do it again...until then, as Charles Osgood says, "we'll see you on the radio!"

My husband & I listen to NPR all the time. PHC is one of our favorites. We really enjoyed the show at our local theatre here in Myrtle Beach. I also bought tickets for my parents who live in PA. My dad has been listening for years & is a big fan. We loved the pre show tour of St. Paul too. The show was GREAT. The singing was AWESOME. Everyone did an unbelievable job. We are planning a trip to VA to see the show live. Maybe next year we will go on the cruise too. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.

As a fellow Minnesotan who must live in exile in Texas (Waco), I was thrilled to be able to take my wife and son to the local movie house to see a show. The quality of image and sound were almost better than being there (although I would have almost given anything to be there). I've been a fan for decades, and when I lived in Madrid, people would send me bootleg tapes of the show. It turned into my lifeline to home. All the Minnesotans in Waco turned out, along with a few honorary ones as well. The "news" was great, and a couple of the songs brought tears to my eyes. Your musicians are so talented. Please do this again. Minnesota is so far away sometimes.

We really enjoyed the show here in Fairfax VA. We are a little bit conservative here so no one talked back to the screen etc. I didn't know about the walking tour and almost missed it but luckily i showed up early.
Great show all around but I do have a question. I read on Sue Scott's blog that you had Elvis Costello and Heather Masse on back in April 2009 and that he had participated in the Dusty and Guy Noir scripts. Could this have been similar to that show? What I mean is was this all new material ?Just curious and please make this and annual event. Thank you.

For years I've yearned to go to St. Paul and see A Prairie Home Companion live. For our 26th anniversary, my husband Peter and I attended the Thursday night performance and it was everything I'd imagined (except cold.) How great to see the faces of people we tune in to like church service and dance to like wild and crazy guys! Garrison, you are a treasure. If the cold dark Minnesota weather ever really has you thinking of retiring, you could do a great show from Florida. We love you!

I attended the Fairfax, VA show and my wife and I tried to gin-up some audience participation by applauding after the segments, but this group of codgers sat in silence. Oh well, Garrison, it was a memorable night to spend with you and the cast and crew of PHC. You and they never disappoint. Thank you!

By the way, after the next cinecast, let's have a post performance BYO party in the lobby. (Hmmm, perhaps a pre-performance party wouldn't be a bad idea with this group.)

I enjoyed the live cinecast at the Stadium theatre here in Sioux Falls, SD! Elvis Costello was great as was Heather M., the Steele sisters and all the cast!
Apparently there were many Lutherans in attendance here (besides me). I could tell because the first few rows of seats were empty, and they felt uncomfortable applauding!
Hope you do it again soon! Perhaps you could serve coffee at the next one?

The show was great!! Up here in the Great White North of Canada we are longing to see PHC, as well as hear it. If this is the closest we can be, then so be it. I was confused, however by the start time 8:00 PM EST. Everyone knows that PHC starts at 6:00 PM, so this show should be just like the one on Saturday evenings. I did not look carefully enough at the ticket so I arrived at the theater 2 hours early and thought I was the only person in attendance. But fortunately, after realizing my error and waiting a bit, there was a good crowd at the Cineplex in Toronto. I look forward to many more opportunities to see the show.

My sister and I are big PHC fans and bought our tickets as soon as we heard about this big event. We looked forward to this performance for weeks! Thank you so much for this fabulous chance to see you all work your magic! We've always wanted to attend a live performance but have not been able to yet. Hopefully some day we will, but in the meantime, this was the next best thing. Please consider another show soon and perhaps a DVD? We Michiganders love you!!!

I have laughed until I cried & cried until I laughed along with PHC since I was a youngun - it has been a family affair for most of my life. I'm now in my early 50's & take my mom to see you. We have attend the Ravinia Faire, the Rhubarb Tour (Please come to Indianapolis again!!!)We also attended the show in Madison, WI with the guys who were not supposed to be there (wink wink nudge nudge)...

How often can we look forward to these events???

You should have heard the loud, collective gasp when that little girl was named as your replacement - should have waited for April 1 for that - it would have been more edgy...

My mom (84)now likes Elvis Costello - she had never heard of him before. On the way home, I played a CD by his wife, Diana Krall. IF you could get them on together, that would be really great!!!

Thanks for the mini-tour. I have not been to "the cities" for a while. I knew who the Tornadoes were, though - a good friend of mine lives in Anoka! That was yet another fun surprise in an evening full of fun surprises! The only way it could have been better, is if you had invited me back to your house. That would only be in competition with the times my hummingbirds "talk" to me!!!

The camerawork was all wrong. We wanted the experience we’d have had AS IF WE WERE THERE!!! not the camerawork of a daytime TV show. Leave the camera out in the audience, so we get the view the audience gets.

We couldn’t see hardly any of the stage work, the sound effects guys, the entrances and exits. All the cool stuff we go to a live production for.

That said, for the mode chosen, the camerawork was very professional.

And, next time, remember to leave the portable mike with an usher before you leave the theater(!!).

We loved the show Thursday night! I laughed out loud...really loud and all but danced in the aisles. The camera took my eyes where they would have wanted to go. I am listening to the rebroadcast of it now and I have little pictures of everything running through my head. Next I want to come to Saint Paul and the Fitz!
Morattico Va

My wife and I watched the show at the Valley View Cinemark in Cleveland, OH. I agree with Ms. Rhodes that your demographics has slid to the older crowd. At 51, we may have been the youngest at the theatre. The average age had to be 65.

The band is the hardest working group in your show. Hats off to them.

From a production standpoint, it would have been good to have a split screen. A camera on the sound men and their antics, and the other camera on the whoever is talking or singing. There is so much going on, showing one view does not do the cinecast justice.

But it was a fun evening.!! Thanks GK!

Well worth the 170 mile drive to have dinner / theater with my Daughter & Her Husband in Lansing, Mi.


Bill & Sonja Collier
Ludington, Mi.

Enjoyed the show immensely. Audio/video quality excellent; look forward to seeing add'l broadcasts (subscription possible for a year's shows?). Congrats-

Thanks for the show; it was well worth the money. Our theater was far from sold out, being in the most conservative county of a very red state, but you gave us a classic show that anyone could enjoy, no matter their politics. It was well-crafted, beautifully presented, and thoroughly enjoyable.

My daughter especially loved watching Fred and Tom work their magic. We both agreed that the person most enjoying herself was Heather Masse.

We hope to see more productions in the years ahead!

Seeing your show live in St. Paul has been on my "bucket list" and now I can cross that off even if it was by way of the Cinemark in Moosic ,PA. I had a great time singing along and laughing until I cried!! Hope you can do this again. Thank you for warming up a chilly winter evening in PA. I also enjoyed the tour of St. Paul - the pie and ice cream looked lucious!!!

We just listened to the program on the energy saver, crank handle radio, which will always be our preferred venue. We wanted to add one comment to the above. The News from Lake Woebegone was perhaps the best ever. The story of the uncle who's an old drunk, saving his nephew, brought us both to tears. I once was lost, but now I'm found, a wretched soul like me. It's why we listen to you. Listen. Thanks.

Thank you so much, Garrison, to you, the cast and crew!

My brother and I were in the audience at the Showcase Cinema in Revere, MA, a mile form historic Revere Beach. We all clapped and laughed and cheered along with the audience in the Fitzgerald Theater and, indeed, felt a part of that audience. Clapping along with the Powdermilk Biscuit theme was especially fun!

I loved the episode of "Lives of the Cowboys". The play within a play was great, as was the "Swedish director".

I loved seeing and hearing the Steele sisters in their elegant attire, Linda and Robin, Guy's All Star Shoe Band, Fred and Tom, The Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Erica Rhodes, Heather Masse, and of course, the brilliant Elvis Costello.

It wasn't snowing near Boston Thursday night. It was cold but not cold enough to keep away fans of A Prairie Home Companion. I don't think it could ever be that cold!

We also hope you'll do this again.

Thank you again, so much.

Mary Hampton

Hi to Garrison...just wanted to say that during the Powdermilk Biscuits commercial, when you paused for just a brief second after "...heavens, they're tasty, and...", I and most of the folks around me in my theater in Memphis said in unison, "EXPEDITIOUS".

Fabulous show. Elvis Costello should be a regular. It was fantastic.

We loved the broadcast; Elvis Costello was in fine voice. The Steele sisters harmonized wonderfully and Heather Masse was a joy to listen to.

Garrison’s role was much like his weekly broadcast; he invited us in and took care of us while we visited. It was a nice change to merely listening to the broadcast as we got to attach faces to the characters.

Cinematically it was a certified event, the audio, camera angles, close-ups were well thought out and made our theatre an extension of the Fitzgerald. It was so believable that members of our audience were clapping at the end of skits and performances.

Thank you for taking the risk, we found it well worth it.

Ric and Melanie,
Tucson, Arizona

The Feb 4 broadcast was fantastic! Watching in a theater in Rockland, Maine, made the jokes about cold especially relevant- I loved the imagery of the pile of boyscouts huddled like a pack of dogs in the tent- which related nicely to the opening comment about "if you couldn't see your breath it was a waste of (heat) energy"...

All the talent was simply amazing! I have always been a big Elvis Costello fan, and his many gifts were put to good use here.
Heather Masse was wonderful, especially in the duets with Garrison and in the character acting- keep her coming back! We fellow Mainers are of course proud of her...

The camera work, sound, pre-show tour of St. Paul, musical and voice talent were all just great. I loved the variety of camera shots so we could see the musicians and actors up close.

I had been a fan of PHC when it began, but lost touch when working overseas. I'm so very glad my friend bought me a ticket to the Feb 4 broadcast- I'm definitely going to tune in regularly, and look forward to more broadcasts.
Thank you for a wonderful night of entertainment! I'm going to try to see the "encore" showing of this broadcast, even though it will be an hour and a half drive away- it's worth it.
Carolyn Brown

I went to the movie on Thursday and just now read all the congratulatory posts and your response also. Am I the only one who actually PREFERS the radio? I'm listening to the show again tonight (even though it's interrupted by Pledge Breaks) because I was so distracted that I missed much of the content. Yes, it was amazing to watch the musicians - especially your incredibly gifted music director Rich Dworsky - and it was fun to see how the sound effects are made and it was clear everyone was having a really good time but (how can I say this politely?) adding visual effects did not enhance my experience.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the Alaska wilderness with only a radio and books and long-playing records, and snow and tundra for visual input, but I find it hard to give up my long-time imaginary Prairie Home Companions for the real thing. (I've been to a few live shows and, of course, loved the movie, but going to the movies to see a radio show is a different thing altogether.)

It seems like these days anybody can make a movie, but you're the only one who can make a radio show that magically comes into my house every Saturday night and gives me two hours of real acoustic music, some laughs, some tears, a great story, and most of all, your voice. Did you know your voice has the capability of by-passing listeners' brains and reaching directly into their hearts?

Anyway, please don't leave again, and I just hope I die before you do.

Hello Garrison,

Hailing from San Francisco...watched the cinecast at The Empire on West Portal with husband Hank, and friends Winky and Geoff. Just loved it! Absolutely amazing are ALL of the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, and we could listen to the Guy's All Star Shoe Band endlessly. Your guests were fabulous and everyone was just charming! Well, wait a minute, was Elvis Costello charming? hmmm... well, he was great!...and he's a good stage/script reading actor to boot!

Like many posters above have mentioned, I'd always wanted to see the show at the Fitz, so thanks so much for bringing the Fitz to us! Loved every minute, we clapped, laughed, cried...and felt a bit of a connection knowing of all the folks all over US and Canada who ventured out to see it...and maybe made a night of it (my brother Pat, his wife Annette, and their son Robert were watching in San Diego).

Was bummed to have missed much of the pre-show 'walk around town with Garrison'. Well, I may just have to go back Tuesday and watch the encore...maybe take my son along...

Garrison, you are cherished, loved, chuckled at, and can be heard weekly in our house...hope this cinecast was successful for PHC and theatres so that you will repeat this annually or semi-annually.

Best regards; stop by for chili and music when you're in SF next...-Jean

PS: the HD was great! It was a clear vivid picture...

Just an absolutely FANTASTIC show! Enjoyed every single minute. Please do it again soon!!

What a treat. My wife finally witnessed firsthand the pull and attraction of PHC to me. I grew up in the Midwest and the songs from the show were the highpoint. They struck a chord deep inside; especially the Iris Dement number you sang with Heather Masse. Our theater in San Diego was sold out. Count us in for a repeat performance.

My thanks to the cast, crew, guests and to Garrison for a memorable evening. The only visual experience of the show I've had, other than the PHC movie, was a real treat. And WHEW!, what a relief to read that the replacement host bit was a joke. While I'm sure Erica would do a wonderful job, I'd be devastated. Having discovered PHC only 10 years ago, I already feel that I've missed out. Garrison IS Prairie Home.
When life can sometimes bear so few pleasures in our workaholic world, I am extremely appreciative of this program for the enjoyment and connection to a simpler time that it brings me every week. The cinecast was an added pleasure and drew a wonderfully amiable group of kindred spirits, of all ages and walks of life, together in Houston. Sharon's idea of an annual February event sound great!
Bob Watt
Alvin, TX

Garrison -

We saw your show in a new theater in Beaverton, OR. As many of the postings have mentioned, the prologue and tour of St. Paul was interesting. We didn't know, however that this was to take place. We got into one of the smaller venues of this megaplex theater, about 10 minutes before its scheduled time of 8 p.m. the place was packed, and the St. Paul tour was already underway. Some people were sitting on the steps of the aisles. Our only reget is that we didn't get to see all fo the tour of St. Paul - and we also had to sit in the 2nd row of seats. My wife is from Iowa and we both attended Iowa State University. Having great Lutheran connections - we connect with all jokes referring to these special people.
Our seats were a little too close - especially when the camera took a close up of faces. I too, enjoyed the sound effects, music by Rich and the band. I especially enjoyed seeing Sue Scott in person. In the movie a couple of years ago, I don't recall seeing her at all, which was disappointing. She is very talented as are all of your people. Keep up the great work!

Jim in Beaverton

I attended a screening of your live performance on Feb. 4. Thank you so much for making me laugh. There's been so little to laugh at this year for so many, myself included. I was able to set aside stress and worry, if only for two hours, and enjoy myself in a way that I haven't done in far too long.

I would be very interested in purchasing a DVD copy of the performance.

Thank you Mr. Keillor and Company for your wonderful work.

I am from Australia and am consumed with jealousy at the responses to this chance to "see" the show. Please, please release the show on DVD.


Garrison et al, Enjoyed the cinecast seen at the Krafft 8 Movie Theater in Port Huron, MI, on Feb. 4, about two-thirds full, mostly middle-agers or older. Favorite segments were the skits, the spoof with Erica Rhodes at the beginning, Life of the Cowboys, and the music well-performed had a note of solemnity to it, i.e. the balads. Regretably we do not have a Public Radio station nearby that carries your program so often listen to the re-broadcast on XM, Sunday evenings, great way to wrap up the weekend. Thanks for 30+ years of entertainment for many!
David Russell

Thank You. Well done. Bravo! I loved the surprise opening and closing with Garrison's tour and then leaving the theatre at the end . So warm. Made the show personal, as if it invited me in. Please consider that doing this once a year (although a well meaning suggestion) is not enough- This is too good for once a year. A quarterly broadcast Seems about right. How can I help this to happen ? I would sign a contract and promise to buy 4 tickets to each show until it stops...I know, this may or may not be the offer that convinces you, but it's out there. I saw the show in Phoenix. Local time for the show was 6PM . THAT was difficult in the middle of a work week and as a result our auditorium was not half full. Scheduling must be difficult from your end of things. Thank you again for a wonderful show and a brilliant broadcast. I, for four (see above promise) will attend all of them and help to spread the word to sell more tickets. It's such a fun group thing to do. We talked about the show all the way home...and when we saw each other the next day!

Thank You. Well done. Bravo! I loved the surprise opening and closing with Garrison's tour and then leaving the theatre at the end . So warm. Made the show personal, as if it invited me in. Please consider that doing this once a year (although a well meaning suggestion) is not enough- This is too good for once a year. A quarterly broadcast Seems about right. How can I help this to happen ? I would sign a contract and promise to buy 4 tickets to each show until it stops...I know, this may or may not be the offer that convinces you, but it's out there. I saw the show in Phoenix. Local time for the show was 6PM . THAT was difficult in the middle of a work week and as a result our auditorium was not half full. Scheduling must be difficult from your end of things. Thank you again for a wonderful show and a brilliant broadcast. I, for four (see above promise) will attend all of them and help to spread the word to sell more tickets. It's such a fun group thing to do. We talked about the show all the way home...and when we saw each other the next day!

At one of the cineplexes in the suburban wasteland outside of Grand Rapids, Mich. Demographic: aging boomers in natural fibers. We clapped for our local Michigan Radio guy, and when the credits scrolled to "our state's name here." For me, the only thing missing was the cats on my lap, and my comfortable couch.
I've had the pleasure of seeing several live shows since 1980, but always from the upper deck of Hill Aud or Exchange Street. It was a treat to see (on the big screen, clear enough to read) the musical charts, and the scripts. Also, the box of glass with the baseball bat, the tray or large pebbles, and the crumpling styrofoam plates.
Guessing that the camera editor is from The ADD Generation: the shot from the prairie home's upper window was my favorite.
For next time, get the sound guys their own camera. Put one in one of The Fitz's sculpted box shells. I've always been fascinated by the sneaky transitions, where one act tiptoes off and the next one materializes; share that with the regulars. Keep looking over a radio actor's shoulder. And do a Ketchup or a Rhubarb or a Bertha's.

I am still musing over Feb. 4th's PHC @ our local theatre. I was spellbound throughout and felt it to be the best show so far. You brightened my day. The audience in Spfld. is a bit reserved but some clapped, sang along and all were glued to the screen. The walk around was awesome though not announced but thankfully I got there early. I LOVED it! It was so personal and informal and I truly felt I was really there with you. My wish for years is to come to St. Paul, so far this is as close as I've gotten. I loved all the music and would love to have the audio from this performance. Next time can we also come home with you?? Yes, we were a bit scared at the bit w/you and Erica. No one could replace YOU even that cute, precocious little gal. I can NOT think of a better way to spend $22. Please come back.

My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time. For several years we've been hoping to make a trek to St. Paul to see a live performance. This was perfect for us and we both thoroughly enjoyed the "tour" of the town! Thank you for all you do, you are so appreciated, you and all those who make these performances possible! This is truly a lost art and should not be as it is a real treasure!

Ohhhhhh, what fun it was... My husband and I became "couple fans" when we married thirteen years ago; we were on the first two cruises and would love to be on the boat to the Caribbean - We had little enough sense to move in October, move Mom and Dad into the apartment on the property in November, and schedule a knee replacement right after Christmas. Only place we'll be cruising is to physical therapy and down the aisles of the supermarket.

But we felt like old friends watching the regulars on the screen. One of these days, we're going to show up in St. Paul for a show!

Thanks for a wonderful evening.

P. S. If you didn't like paying your $20 to see this show, you should have stayed home and watched cable, okay?

I wished I could have seen the show. Unfortunately, there wasn't one theater in the state of Alaska that had it or I'd have flown there if need be.
I guess my consolation was seeing you in Portland, OR the week prior for the Lake Wobegon monologue. I think that might have been the best theater experience of my life, eclipsing the Russian Ballet doing Swan Lake back in Germany.....

My cousins, a friend, and I attended the PHC Cinecast in OKC, and we LOVED it!!!!! Of course, we are all long-time PHC fans, and it was interesting seeing it as though we were there at the Fitzgerald Theater. We enjoyed the pre-show walk-about, and felt sorry for the folks coming in just for the 7 p.m. show who missed seeing it. It would have been great if you had gotten a piece of rhubarb pie at Mickey's Diner! I enjoyed seeing what the Orpheum Theater and some of the other downtown buildings looked like, since you've mentioned them on air over the years. I was hoping that my belated birthday greeting to my cousin and I would be read on air by Garrison, and even though it wasn't, we were still there celebrating our belated birthdays together, and having a wonderful time!!!

We hope that you'll do this type of show again. We are glad that you are not turning the show over to Erica, and we also hope you are NOT retiring any time soon, as our Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons would not be the same without you and PHC to brighten our weekends and lighten our spirits. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Bless you all for the gift of entertainment you provide each week! We have tried a couple of times to get tickets to your live performances when you come to Michigan, but it seems they always sell out within seconds of becoming available. This chance to see a live broadcast via cinecast was very welcome indeed and we enjoyed every second of it.
The theater crowd in Canton, MI was a mix of all ages, a few of whom were sufficiently outgoing to clap along as if present in St. Paul, though most were not. I think those few made it all the more 'real' for the rest, me included. Everyone laughed out loud though -- something one doesn't usually encounter (or at least notice) in a movie theater. What a great experience!
I was also glad that circumstances placed us in our seats early enough to see your walking tour of St. Paul. That was truly inspired and highly entertaining. Can't say it enough, THANK YOU!

My husband and I have seen the show numerous times at The Town Hall and love, love, love it. Never do we leave the show without huge, wide grins. How wonderful. The show a la Manhattan cinema on Feb 4th was an absolute treat, second only to the live show. I loved that there were folks in the audience - equally as "hard core" - who had never been able to participate (b/c we participate in the live show! what hubris!!) in the live taping. How wonderful to make the show accessible to so many more people! We had a *number* if technical difficulties, but even us New Yorkers imbued with the PHC-spirit were able to make the best of it! (Although maybe not again at 62nd & 1st Ave?) Thank you!

Young Gary from Anoka; this is your contemporary AL from Gary. Indiana that is, originally. What a treat; the music especially. Touched me to hear my "homies", the fabulous J&J Steele sisters from "the Steel City". Vibrant flowers from a place long past it's vibrancy, too bad. My heart and funnybone were warmed and touched, right from the starting walk about ST. P to your Parting Glass.

All in all a singular ensemble. Theaters Again !

First listened to you while lawyering in Cambridge but have become one of your regular congregation since '93 here in the Great Northwest, in Portland. At 60 I still have some winters & summers to see. Will you come along with me each weekend ? My Bose is always on so . . . come on in.

Thanks my friend, I remain AL

A magical experience!

Sitting in the movie theater on 23rd Street I could close my eyes and be transported to my own living room, with the ironing board in front of me.

Seriously, though, the evening was - as Patti Johnson said - second best only to attending a live broadcast in Town Hall.

I do hope that this will be done again in the future.

i have truly enjoyed PHC over many years. that is good. but what is bad was the show that hit the theaters last week. i missed seeing it--bur heard it saturday. to me it sounded labored and the skits were a disappointment. lives of the cowboys. the monologue were not up to their usual standard of comicry ands fun. and, i was also disappointed in Mr. Costello. Very mundane, routine.

sorry to be such a grouse. i expect top stuff from PHC all the time. and i guess it cant always be so.

you cant win em all, you know.

I've been a listener since 1982, although where I live now in the mountains I can't get good enough reception to enjoy the show as I would like (full podcast, please - I know, I know, copyright issues...). The only disappointment was that my theater didn't show the pre-show video. I hope it's available on line somewhere. We were there a full hour early so we could be sure to get good seats and see the pre-show...

Thank you, thank you - I know it was a lot of work (for you) but it was worth it (for me).


I absolutely loved the show in the theater! I watched from lovely Mesa, AZ where I was able to walk out of the theater without a coat afterwards, however, I cried through the entire intro as GK walked the streets of St. Paul. I myself am from the Minneapolis side of the river, but it was so nice to see that little piece of home while so very far away (I'm here on rotation for PT school). Thank you so much for thinking of this and I hope it will be done again very soon!!

Megan R.
(currently) Scottsdale, AZ

Garrison -- Thank you so much for making this show possible. I watched it in Springfield, Oregon. Sad to say that there were just a handful of people here and there in the theater during the show. When I told people about it afterward, none seemed to know it was showing there. I saw the announcement in the Sunday Register-Guard newspaper. Some people for various reasons have given up reading the paper. Maybe more publicity could be given about a future show (if you have one, and I really hope you do). I loved your show and it was really great to see it in action, so different than just hearing it on the radio. Of course, I listen to it every week, and have for many years and love it. When you came to Eugene at the Hult Center in the '90s I bought a book and if you remember, I was the one who asked if you would accept a hug, and you did. My grown son had surprised me with a ticket and sat with me, holding my hand. I have most of your books and many tapes and CDs of your shows. Thank you....thank you...thank you for this show, and for just being who you are and what you do for all of us. Sheila Lowe
P.S. Loved seeing how the sound affects are done.

Dear Garrison,
Just wanted to add our heartfelt thanks to the heaps of bouquets. We attended in Westminster, Colorado, with our youngest son. Vincent is 19, a big fan, raised (like his two older brothers) on PHC. We sat in front, which was great for him (visually impaired) = Large print Prairie Home! Kudos to all the hard-working cast & crew, both on- and off-stage. Very smooth! Amazing musicians bursting with talent! Thank you for a very fun evening.
p.s. John wonders if you really had an Uncle Jack who saved you?
p.p.s. Dilsha was born at Asbury Methodist in Anoka almost 60 years ago, holds you as a brother of the heart.

What a wonderful experience Thursday night was! Garrison Keillor and the PHC gang live; not to mention the legendary Elvis Costello! I enjoyed every minute of the show. A great treat for all of us north of the border. I don't suppose you'd ever consider coming up to Canada for a few shows?

Here's one vote for making this an annual, or better yet, semi annual experience. I hope a DVD of the show will follow!

I just returned from tonight's encore presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the show! I arrived early and especially enjoyed Garrison's tour of downtown St. Paul. What a great show! I would definitely be interested in future presentations.

Missed it, darn it; hope for a dvd or a repeat. 2 cruise/30+ year maven.I've always been a fan of Robin & Linda, straight and as "Marvin & Mavis Smiley".Ricko in Clearwater.


I saw it with a friend and now I want to bring the whole family. LOVED IT. Warm, real human entertainment. Please do this again as soon as possible.

My girlfriend and I loved the show and also the pre-show tour of your city, in Columbia MD at the Snowden River theatre. However, there was a bad sound problem mostly in the last half-hour particularly during the The News from Lake Woebegone, so we couldn't hear what happened! Not sure what happened or who to complain to. It was just a disappointment to miss this and some of the songs.

I couldn't afford to go. Can't understand why you had to charge more than Avatar!

My husband and I loved the show!! I was impressed by everything- the musicians, sound effects and you. I was at the theater at 7:20 so I could watch the walking tour and there was none. there was the bit of you walking outside at the end of the show but that was it. Would you put it on your website? thankyou-- Arlene

Also, I think this will appeal to your sense of humor. My Dad, Bud, was a farmer When he was busy but needed to make an appearence he would wear his stinky barn clothes......and would not be detained by anyone to chat. This worked well for jury duty.
And one more thing, would you congratulate our son, Mikey from Mom and Dad on passing his kidney stone. Thank you-Arlene a svenska

Michigan was running neck and neck with Minnesota last night for winter weather -- but no matter. The show was an absolute treasure from start to finish -- starting with the downtown walk-about and autobiographical highlights. If I had to pick one aspect of the show that I liked best, it would be the gospel music. That said, there wasn't one down moment in the entire show. If you want to do any more movie versions of PHC, I would say, "Go for it".

I have listen to this show for the past year & FINALLY got my husband to understand what I am talking about. I just sat there & close my eyes at one point like I was listening on a regular Saturday/Sunday night.
i wait all week for this 2 hour show!!!!
Ruth-- Wilkes-Barre PA

Thoroughly loved the show! I saw the first show on Thurs., Feb 4 and went back to the encore how on the 9th. So enjoyed reliving it all again. YES, please do more of the shows - I will go to every one of them! The theatre I went was a mall Sowplace Cinema in Carbondale, Illnois. We are right in same time zone as St. Paul.

Looking forward to next event. Perfect to be wonderfully entertained before our big snow storms kept us at home.
Chevy Chase, MD Linda

Actually, although you make a joke about being poker-faced, your face and perhaps your voice seem to be oddly proficient at portraying different levels of pleasure.

As someone whose work centers on the (more southern) Midwest, I enjoy the cadences of the language.

Bravo!! My husband, daughter (20-something) and I are great fans of PHC and thoroughly enjoyed the show last Thursday (including the lovely town tour)!

LeeAnn, Gary & Jade Stone
Tustin, CA

I'm sitting here with wet cheeks and a drippy nose due the happy tears flowing after reading all of the wonderful responses to the Cinecast.

I'm not surprised by the reception, loving APHC and GK the way I have from forever. Just grand to see the out pour. Huzzah!! ~ for spreading the wealth!

Enjoyed the show completely from start to finish, and was lucky to have arrived early for the introduction by GK on street. What a wonderful warm way to greet one's fans! I only listen now and then to PHC on the radio while driving (usually laughing out loud), when time allows, but now plan to make it a priority. The theater in Walnut Creek, CA was about 3/4 full. (I am from Michigan) Sorry I missed the live shows in San Fran in January, but will also pay closer attention to those live performances. The Feb 4 filmed show was so easy to get to and being on Thursday night, very convenient. PHC touches on our normal lives so succinctly and closely, uncovering the humor that underpins the everyday relationships and happenings.

Mr. Keillor -

It was wonderful. I am a more recent friend of PHC's, but I am thoroughly in love with it and find that affection ever deepening with each passing week.

Given that I am in my early 20's (as is my boyfriend, brother, and his friend - all of which were in attendance for the Cinecast), I felt honored and humbled to represent a younger, newer generation of PHC friends. Sitting in the theater, we were surrounded chiefly by those who could have easily been our grandparents. It was a sweet evening to share so memorable a PHC broadcast with such dear people.

The show was - as it always is - delightful. Your writing is timeless, your delivery impeccable, and your friends are many. Please do not ever stop what you are doing. Our lives are much the richer for PHC and you, Mr. Keillor.


So glad to hear that the cinecast was a success but please can you put it onto DVD asap for us folks overseas?
I am a British PHC fan and would dearly love to see a live performance, especially having enjoyed the movie a few years back.
However I cant quite justify the airfare to see a show at the moment!

Bethesda, Gwynedd, North Wales

Dear Garrison and APHC,

THANK YOU for wonderful APHC Live In HD! The Lovely Linda and I saw encore show (had to work Live night) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We braved the blizzard in Chicago that night to be there. It was so worth it.

Highlights for me were: your lovely, soulful duets with classy Heather Masse (WHAT a sunny smile!); The Lives Of The Cowboys had us laughing out loud; and former punk rocker Elvis Costello (The King Of America) was absolutely charming and jazzy. I could go on and on . . . . The ENTIRE show was most splendid; exceeding high expectations. You and APHC deliver the goods and know how to treat your devoted audience.

Hope you do this again from time to time. Encore showing allowed me to attend.

Thanks again,


I only started listening to PHC a few months ago, stumbling across it on the local PBS station while driving home from somewhere on a Saturday night. Thereafter, I was hooked and so of course was thrilled at the prospect of getting to see you all doing the show! I took my husband and thankfully we arrived early to be surprised by your great walking tour of St. Paul.

DO, please consider making this at least an annual event and thank you for creating this terrific weekly radio escape to Minnesota!

I doubt if I will ever make it up to St. Paul, I was born and raised in the midwest and now live south of the Mason-Dixon line. I felt like I was there, with all the other people in St. Paul in the theater. The mini tour of the streets around the thater was an extra special treat. Please let us continue to meet those people who make us feel at home, in your theater and on the radio. You could hear a pin drop in my hometown theater. Everyone who was in my hometown theater was there to enjoy and absorb the experience. We laughed and clapped as if we were in St. Paul. No cyring out of control children to be found. My own child who interns at a top 40's radio station down here, grew up listening--(sometimes under duress) has restarted up her college radio station on campus (after 30 years on no radio station at all) and enjoyed this performance even more than when we bought the PHC movie several years ago. I will do this every year. Ifelt like I had a whole body massage and was so relaxed when we left the theater. Thanks

I had some real fun watching the show live in HD, I think that edition of the show should be on DVD if your not planning to do it already. I think the live HD cinecast should be an annual same time next year Feb 2011 do a second one. Erica Rhodes might not be next host of PHC but she should have her own show and follow the same format. What do think of that GK, The Erica Rhodes Show, would you listen to that?

Loved it. Worth every penny of the price of admission. I'll skip a few mediocre movies and call if a great trade any day.

Last time you were out our way you sold out in about 5 minutes, so I figured it was the best chance I had of seeing you perform live. And if we were typical, you made lots of new fans that night. Our guest had heard the name, but never had the pleasure. We were laughing all the way home

My complaints? Minor in the scheme of things, but:
No Singing Cowboys??
No ketchup commercials?
No rhubarb pies?

Anyway, hope it wasn't the last!

My wife and I loved the show. We especially enjoyed your stroll through St. Paul before the theater show.

Loved it all. I especially enjoyed the walking tour and watching Rich D.- busy as a bee. I've have been to 2 live performances ( including the infamous in the rain in OKC) and two cruises, sad I can't do this one. Please do another one. Kathy

You and yours are a national treasure. For purely selfish reasons, I pray for many years of good health for you and all associated with PHC.

Thank you.

I was so excited to hear about this cinecast, but, unfortunatley, I was unable to attend. Please do more, so that I can enjoy it as all of you did. Thanks!

I have been a faithful listener to PHC for about 20 years and it was so much fun seeing you and the whole cas up close and personal. My husband isn't much of a radio person, but since we own the "Prairie Home Companion" movie and he loved the music, he was happy to join me at Tinsel Town in Medford, OR. I saw you at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville,OR and hope you and the gang will return sometime soon.

The music, as usual, was outstanding. I've always enjoyed Robin and Linda Williams. But, I was especially "blow away" by the duets of Jerilyn and Jovita Steel. I still have "earworms" from their singing!

My only disappointment was not having more cameras on the wonderful sound effects men. It's so interesting seeing how they make those amazing sounds.

I echo all the above sentiments about hoping you will do the "Live HD" show again.

Thanks for a wonderful evening!!!
We watched the show in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have been fans for years - enjoying the News from LW on cassette tapes on long car trips to and from Ottawa 20 years ago, and now listening to APHC on the internet. We had been talking about making a trek south to attend a show, so it was a pleasant surprise to see on your website (under "favorites", of course) that we could do so a mere kilometer or two from home.
We look forward to the next one!

Thanks for a GREEAAAT evening!! Really enjoyed the night especially seeing my fellow audience members clapping ang a standing ovation at the end. If your end had been equipped with sound you and your fellow cast members would have been mightly pleased. I was mad at myself that I didn't find a way to see you all at the Indiana State Fair a year ago so this helped fulfill a dream to see you guys. GOD BLESS U ALL>

Thanks for the broadcast. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. We're big Elvis fans (to: ilona linden. Great comment!) and have seen him twice. I was glad FOR ONCE I made it early to the show. The tour was a nice touch. Kudos to the special effects dept. for the snow. LOL. I never comment on blogs - I just saw this. I am listening to the PHC radio show as I write this. I hope you do the broadcast more. I think in some places (like Sacramento unfortunately) were booked in too many theaters. The theater we were in in was about 1/4 full. Thanks again to GK and all the staff for putting this together.
Sorry I missed seeing the show live in San Francisco, hope you come back soon!

THANK YOU! I had just the best time! I'm very much looking forward to the release of the DVD and I hope you include the pre-show tour around town as that was lovely! Also, I love Elvis Costello and was thrilled that he was a guest on the show!

Garrison Keillor you are a treasure! Thank you for the live-feed broadcast! and well.. just THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for your cinecast of Prairie Home. I loved it all. My teenage daughter kindly accompanied me to the show, and she enjoyed it, too. Your tour of St. Paul was delightful, too. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!

I am 26 years old and was not raised on public radio nor even heard of your show until I was 20 or so.
I cannot tell you how much Prairie Home means to me. We don't have TV therefore your show really is the entertainment showcase for the week. I hear it on Saturday night and ALWAYS listen to it again on Sunday morning. It keeps me smiling and I love the humor. I saw a note on your post about $22 admission? That is totally reasonable! The dog food I buy is more than that! A couple of bulk toilet paper packs are more than that! I would totally use newspaper for a few weeks as a substitute for wiping if I got to go to your show in return.
I LOVED Wilco and LOVED the Steele Sisters, WOW- they are walking proof that not just anybody can sing! I would love to see some of the current pop stars try and match that!
Well, the show is one of the last true things left, I fear by the time I decide to share my time and procreate the show just may be a thing of the past. Garrison, you make the show. I love your work.
I'll tune in next week!

Tracy, Franklin NC

My wife and I met on a coffee date in 2005. On either the first or the second coffee date, we had that "moment", the sense we were compatible, when we both learned that we were fans of PHC. When I learned that she also doing local radio theatre (Jim French's Imagination Theatre in the Seattle area), my respect for her increased immeasureably, and the love was on. So, of course, we had to go the cinecast and we loved it! Please make it an annual event. And for those
West Coast crybabies, upset we were not live, oh boo hoo, deal with it. That is a fact of life on the West Coast.

Many of the comments ask for sale of a DVD of the "movie show". Due to the Washington DC area "storm of the century" I could not attend. I checked the store section of this site and could not find a DVD. Please put a DVD of the show on sale.


We just got back from the cruise. My wife says, "The ship may be floating on the water, but we were walking on air"

A ticket to the live show (tape delayed four us in Las Vegas) was a Christmas gift from a co-worker far surpassin any other gift received (including cash!) and worth waiting for. Adding to the enjoyment was being able to listen to the broadcast the following weekend. Thank you for a year's worth of entertainment in one sitting!

Went to the show Saturday and it was GREAT!! First time I've seen the show in person. Thank you for doing justice to my beloved Seattle. Mr. Keillor, it sounds like during the preceding week you got out and about, met people, talked with them. Also thank you for utilizing KUOW's Andra for research. I do apologize for our weather, and I appreciate your going out in it to talk with folks. It was interesting to watch you fling finished script pages to the floor. It was interesting to see the next act assemble on the stage with the current act was in progress, often at a quiet gesture from you. I observed the Henriettas and Brandi's band sitting on the edges of the stage during the whole show, watching raptly with the rest of us. It was fascinating to see your regular cast in action. It always sounds like you've got quite a crowd there, but it's just one woman and two men besides you. That's counting Fred Newman doing voices. And he's just got a little tiny surface for his sound effects! And then you brought a stool to the front of the stage and did the Lake Wobegon segment sans script! I was blown away. Listened to the re-broadcast on Sunday and was able to hear everything much better than in person at the Paramount. Most of it was like a whole new show, since I'd been so distracted while I was actually there. Thank you. Please keep it going for a long, long time.

Dear Garrison . . . once again we are faced with losing you until after the 2012 election. Please reconsider your need to comment on "politics." We listen you every Saturday night to escape from the constant political badgering and commentary that we deal with daily. Once again, you have lost us . . . hopefully, for only a year . . . please, just be "funny". We need a good laugh!! We all know, very assuredly, what your political positions are, but we need YOU THE STORYTELLER, not YOU THE POLITICAL PROGRESSIVE!! With sadness, good bye, until the circus is over!!

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