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A Natural Step

December 29, 2009 | 5 Comments

Do you not feel a film about Lake Wobegon characters would detract from the pictures we as listeners hold for them in our imaginations? Mr. Altman's film worked well as a visualization of your radio personas, but I cannot imagine any actor giving the Lake Wobegon characters so true a portrayal.

Burton G.
Marietta, GA


I'd love to see Lake Wobegon portrayed in a movie. I am curious to know what they look like and what they talk about. Fiction is a bold venture into the dark and this seems to me to be a natural step. But I intend to write the screenplay. 


Saw 'The Man with the Red Shoes' on TV last night. How come you don't keep the looked great on you. I've been married for 47 years and my husband has always had a beard. I think, I KNOW,, he is just too lazy to shave. He is like two different people, ...For three months he looks like Santa Claus with long beard,and long wispy hair . Reluctantly he goes to have a 'trim' (at my insistence)...costs him all of $10.00, and I now feel I am living with a younger man. Alas, we cant turn back the years.

Funny, I think you looked younger with the beard. What does your wife think?

I'm for a Lake Wobegon movie. And - don't forget the footnote about the town council meeting (On page 314 in the more recent Faber & Faber edition). In fact, write up a few more of those meetings? Have one of them read Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great, yes? Unless you're afraid somebody will set fire to him/her.

That footnote is one of the best things I ever read. We've got peacenik groups here in Paris that have trouble getting things done, so I've edified them by reading this to them. I've even edified some of them in French.

Thanks for the whole book, and for the movie Prairie Home Companion, but most especially, thanks for that footnote.

I would love to see a movie about the characters and the town and the churches, etc. I was disappointed that the movie version of PHC was not about that. Please do one.


Loved the movie, "APHC." I own two copies (in case I lose one or one goes bad). What I wouldn't give to have you do another one. The Lake Wobegon posts I've been reading here seem to elude to that possibility? That has my vote for sure. I'll even buy more than two copies when it comes to DVD :)

Mike Thomas

Very exciting possibility! I'd hope parts of your last two novels, Pilgrims and A Christmas Blizzard would be incorporated. Uncle Elmer's character and his life long influence on James Sparrow gave me new courage, necessary to care for an aging parent.
We read both of them aloud and laughed.

A Wobegon film production would be great!

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