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August 24, 2009 | 2 Comments

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In early August my wife and I were visiting your lovely home city of St Paul. After strolling past the homes on Summit, we decide to take a break for ice cream in the homemade ice cream shop on Grand. I am sure I saw you there in person, my wife thinks not. It was about three in the afternoon on a Monday. Was that you?

David B.
Retired Professor of Psychology
Chico, CA


It was I, Professor Bauer, taking a break in the early afternoon, which is about when my brain goes dead and I need to reward myself for a morning's work with a big dose of sugar and butterfat. The Creamery is a St. Paul institution on summer afternoons and it's in my neighborhood and they have butter brickle. For soft ice cream, I go to Conny's Creamy Cone which is north on Dale. Also a good place to lean against your car and talk about baseball or the state of literature or the Republican party's leap into unreality on health care reform. These ice cream places employ high-school kids and so when you walk in, you also get a dose of youthful high spirits, and you can think about what you were doing the summer you were 17, and what if you were condemned to go back there, a harrowing thought.


We love Conny's too. It's the place we gather with friends and neighbors to enjoy a dipped cone, pleasant conversation, and the beautiful summer we have been having. A trip to Conny's is always a treat!

If you ever get stuck on I-80 and somehow wind up bewildered and lost in Sacramento, ask a friendly native the way to Gunther's Ice Cream Parlor, which is close to a tangle of freeways near downtown. Gunther's makes its own ice cream right on the premesis, and the premesis has not changed since 1941. You can peruse initials and protestations of love carved on the high backed wooden booths and tables decades ago by people who are now in rest homes, if they're anywhere at all, which gives me a sense of continuity between the generations which is often absent among Californians. Great ice cream, too.

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