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Lake Wobegon Screenplay

August 3, 2009 | 5 Comments

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Are you going to make another movie? I really enjoyed the Altman movie and miss that type of wonderful dialogue.

Thank you,


I'm working on a screenplay now, a fragile love story set in Lake Wobegon, and want to finish it before Labor Day. And then we shall see.


Great news about the film re-creation of life on Lake Woebegon. Looking forward to screendoors slamming, lemonade flowing and 'skeeters buzzing.

When are you coming back to New Orleans -- since Katrina you were here once with just you and the piano man.

Thanks, Elisa Siragusa -- fan since you have been on the air....

Writing, writing, writing and loving.
The beauty of a fragile tale; a story of love in precarious balance. We can imagine the rock red scarlet lichen drenched by the mist of an un-lived afternoon but to know it by touch from the wind and the shiver.
Anticipating is appreciation--- upwelling and raw.

I have just recently found "Prairie Home Companion" on my local AM radio station and I LOVE IT! I think I want to move to Lake Woebegon!

I was in New Orleans when you came I listen to the prairie home companion all the time.
Keep up the good work your fan for life.


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