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Sitting Around the Campfire

July 14, 2009 | 1 Comment

Hi GK,

I'm curious as to what person(s)(living and not so much)you would like to sit around the campfire with drinking iced chamomile tea.

Also, thank you for the deep joy.

Take care,

Melissa M


Living: Brave adventurous young women of the biking/backpacking ilk who have seen some of the world close up, on foot, and have stories to tell about it. They didn't just Google New York, or Jerusalem, or Finland, they went and walked around and met people willy-nilly and had small encounters that loom large in the retelling. I've had my chance to talk, and I have listened to all of the third-hand opinions I need to hear — tell me what you saw and did — I am all ears.

Not So Much: all of my dead uncles and aunts — I have a thousand questions for them that never got brought up at family reunions and Thanksgivings: why were we the way we were, so suspicious of Outsiders, so quick to judge, so formal with each other? why didn't grandma ever hug me? why did I never tell you how much I love you? And tell me about those moments of intense longing that led you to marry each other and produce us.

1 Comment

I'm cutting, stacking and gathering as we write.

The stories get to rolling as the embers glow and yes, exploring those questions. Let's write down a few and put them to music.

Please consider the hinterlands, say in August or Sept...when the meteor showers are at their best.

The smoked salmon will be ready by then too!

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