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It Wasn't Bad

April 23, 2009 | 3 Comments

Mr. Keillor,
My wife and I saw your show on Saturday in NYC. I want to say it was one of the most enjoyable 2 hours and 15 minutes I have spent on this planet. Thank you for bringing such joy to us all.

Henry H.
Manchester, MD


I take it you enjoyed seeing Elvis Costello yodel. Well, so did I. And Tom Rush and Heather Masse and the actors and the band and all. I don't know that I would rank that show ahead of two hours and fifteen minutes hiking down into the Grand Canyon, or sailing the Norwegian coast, or riding the Zephyr through the Rockies, but, as we say in Minnesota, it wasn't bad. It could have been worse.


Well, I loved looking through the travel links. I read about the Alaskan cruise from your essay this fall, pre-election. I believe it was just after our "Fair Gov" stepped onto the national stage. You spoke of waiting out the campaign in the Hinterlands.

Have you ever thought of doing the S.E. Ak, State Fair? Haines would be a most welcoming summer performance date. I think you'd love the famed Chilkat Performing Arts Center. It's like a mini Town Hall. Consider it?

Also, I see the long awaited Sonnets volume has been released. Hope to purchase it soon Sir. Can hardly wait.

My wife and I were there as well, on our honeymoon (fourteen years after we were married), and nearly ten years from the first PHC we saw live in Spokane, Washington. Seems PHC has been a part of our lives and our marriage and has always been a good thing. Thank you Mr. Keillor.

I was tickled by Elvis Costello's bits on this episode. I was most excited to hear the rhyming of 'Ypsilanti' with 'panties' in one of his delish little numbers. There are Eastern Michigan University alumni (Ypsilanti,. MI) gasping in secretive pleasure everywhere:).
Praise Buttermilk biscuits & the sanity this brings to me when I am working late in the classroom! NPR is one indulgence we arent blocked from in public schools!

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