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An Artistic Move

April 23, 2009 | 10 Comments

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As a regular, even faithful listener for more than a quarter-century, I sometimes find myself nostalgic for old, favorite snatches of sound. For example, while the opening theme of many years now is always a welcome sound, I do sometimes pine for the strains of "Hello, Love." But maybe the host has personal or sentimental reasons for not re-visiting that one. I wonder, though: How did "Lives of the Cowboys" ever lose Western Lubrication as a host? Thanks for everything you've done, and continue to do. Whatever else may be happening, you've been and remain a reliable bit of pleasure in every week of my life.

Kern C.
Seattle, WA


We switched from Hank Snow's "Hello, Love" to the "Tishomingo Blues" way back in 1991 when the show started up again in New York, after a long sabbatical. An artistic move, from the sweet clip-clop of country to the sweet yearning of old blues. Tishomingo allows me to write new words now and then. And as a song, "Hello, Love" is no great shakes, though I can understand the nostalgic attachment. I feel it, too, but nostalgia is dangerous for a guy in his mid-sixties. Western Lubrication? I'd forgotten all about it. I'll get it right back into service. Thanks.


Please have Tom Rush back as often as possible. He is a perfect match for the "flavor" of your show.

A 25+ year listener.

Have been listening since I lived in Duluth, MN in the seventies, then in Florida, Utah, California, and now NM. Prairie Home Companion kept us in touch with home all these years. I always wanted a recording of a song called (I think), "What Are Friends For?" I heard it only a few times and could never recall the artist OR the correct title. Can you help me?

Thank you for all the years!

Oh, I had forgotten "Hello Love." I even had a T Shirt with that logo. Speaking of logos on shirts, I had (from PHC) catalog a sweatshirt with the logo "Radio, Theatre of the Mind" with a radio microphone. I have looked for it again (since sweat shirt has long gone). Any ideas? I loved it and thought "how true."

And of course , as a resident of a small town in Wisconsin, you have given me many laughs and sadness. You ARE one of a kind!!

I too miss "Hello Love". I was just thinking about it as I listened to last week's show. I am a very long time listener. In the early 70's I was living in Fargo and going to school at Moorhead State. I listened to you laying in bed. You played the Beach Boys. I cried when you went off the air. Then went to see you when I could, like when you did your shows outside at Macalaster College. I even saw you once in Fargo.
I live out of the mid-west now, and when I listen to some of your jokes, I know one has had to live it to get them. Mary

I was glad someone finally asked about the
"Hello Love" opening song. I had listened to the old archived show from hawaii and really thought it was so nice an opening, Why would you change it?
Really appreciate you and all the "troops" for
making us laugh, especially in these troubled
times. God Bless !!

We too fondly remember "Hello Love" as we listened to PHC together back in our courting days. After 26 years of marriage, we still greet each other every morning, "Good morning Love" and listen to you every Saturday evening.

Crazed motorheads!
Texas didn't lead world export of petroleum for over fifty years without learning that gas ain't the world entire.
Gotta keep it greased!
Please bring back Western Lubricants.

Maybe the solution is for Mr. Keillor to sing "Hello, Love" once or twice a season in the middle of the show somewhere -- maybe before he reads the audience greetings after the show comes back from the sponsor break.

My two nephews, Jason and Sean, wanted to eat hotdogs at "Captain Frank's Hotdogs" in Nags Head, N.C. while vacationing last week. Driving down the beach road, past Jockey's Ridge, to Captain Frank's , I put in a DVD we checked out from the Statesville library. Jason, Sean and I howled as we listened to the story of Mr. Bolger, a camp counselor flying naked over a church camp and landing in a raspberry patch. I hope a new generation of Keillor devotees was born. I may not be able to listen to Mark Twain on DVD, but I can drive down the beach road on a hot July afternoon, fantasize about biting into a hotdog with the works and laugh so hard with my nephews that I have to wipe the sunscreen and the tears from my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift. Tom Sherrod

Nostalgia does seem a slippery path to tread in our later years. With the passing of Walter Cronkite it is clear to me that looking back only underscores the magnitude of our losses. A small comfort for those left to carry on.

I thoroughly enjoy your timeless broadcast(s) of "A Prairie Home Companion". The show is my Magnetic North even in those instances when I don't listen. Centi Anni, Garrison Keillor.

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