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Did You Hear the One About...?

February 25, 2009 | 2 Comments

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We LOVED the joke show last year, and do not want to miss it this year. Could you tell me the date and venue of that particular show, please?



I wish I could, Tracy. The Joke Show is, as always, a work in progress, and I haven't checked lately with our Joke Show Czar, Ella Schovanec, but I believe she is still rounding up material. Her office is down the hall from mine and I do not hear her laughing, so I guess the pickings are slim. With the Joke Show, we are striving to keep alive something that is pretty rare, the out and out Joke, the classic "Did you hear about the" type of joke, and we only want to do new ones, and there just aren't that many. Mr. Bush, bless his heart, inspired a lot of them, as did Mr. Bill Clinton, but I don't see that Mr. Obama will, and I don't see that our banking crisis or impending depression have inspired any, but we remain alert. If there is a joke show this season, it'll probably come in early May. Meanwhile you can send any funny ones to Ella through this form.


With the world's situation as it is, we really need a good laugh. Please ask Ella to bear down and produce one show soon. Please.

Come now Mr. Keillor, surely there is some humor involved with our President. I find it hard to believe that he has done nothing of humor thus far. You can't even come up with a cheap joke about how long it took the President to fill his Cabinet, its a good thing he's a politician not a carpenter...

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