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The Ice Storm

January 28, 2009 | 3 Comments

Post to the Host:
Thank you for coming back to Ashland on April 5th! I could not get out
of my house during the ice storm and I have been wanting to see you for years. Again
thank you!

Linda K.
Barboursville, West Virginia


I flew into Ashland, Kentucky on Tuesday and it looked beautiful in that snowstorm but then a woman named Wendy Wilson called to say she couldn't make it to the Paramount Theater for the show that night on account of bad roads and that the theater couldn't give her a refund. Well, I felt guilty because I had postponed the Ashland show from January 20th so that I could attend the inauguration. So I did the show at the Paramount Tuesday night but told the crowd that I'd come back on Sunday April 5 and do another for the hundreds of people who couldn't make it to town. And the next morning my flight out of Ashland was cancelled and then another flight was cancelled and I had to drive to Columbus OH to get a flight home. But I got to meet some wonderful West Virginians in the course of it all. A mysterious state to me. Its culture, its politics — the corrupt governors, the perpetual senators Byrd and Rockefeller, the absence of leadership, the dreadful poverty, the industry and kindness of the people. So I'll go back and meet some more of them.


Thank you so much, Try turning on to the Hur Herald for some interesting views from West Virginia. My people are from Logan County- grandfather was a coal miner; so was I back in the late 1970's when we still had the unions and the ERA allowing women in the mines.Anyway, my daughters live in Huntington, right across the river from Ashland. April 5,I will be there with bells on to crash the gates-if necessary- to get in to see you.Hope that there will be some tickets available for this show. Didn't know about the last performance, Love all that you do. English Major working as an addictions counselor.

Yes, "the kindness of the people." That's just what you find in the Midwest. That's the "small-town religious life" you don't want to read about in "Gilead" by Marilyn Robinson. So boring to the eastern elitists.


About West Virginia! My wife and I were finally able to move here four years ago, after spending our honeymoon here 30 years ago. We live in a place called Canaan Valley (pronounced KU NAAN with the emphasis on the second syllable). The valley ranges in altitude from 3200 feet to 4500 feet. Our average snowfall is 160 inches each year. Two weeks ago, the temperature was minus 21. The people and the beauty are breathtaking. The only thing that Lake Wobegone has on us is a lake, which the power company wanted to put in thirty years ago and would have flooded the entire valley.

Please come visit us.

Bruce Dalton

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