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The Department of Folk Song

January 28, 2009 | 1 Comment

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When I started listening some years ago, there was a segment on the program called "Department of Folk Song".

I really miss it. Any chance of having it resurrected?



Always a chance, Jeff, though we tried to resurrect the Department a couple years ago and it didn't draw much response from the listenership. People didn't send in the songs they heard as children, that still go around and around in their heads. That was the genius of the Department back in the early 80s — it was entirely created by listeners sending in submissions. But maybe there's another way to do it. Meanwhile, check out The Prairie Home Folk Song Book edited by Jon and Marcia Pankake that came out years ago, the best of the Department's offerings. A real treasure.

1 Comment

old songs, new words, an easy way to enlighten even when "educator" belts tighten!
here's one inspired by today's three digit heat index:
There was a little girl who had a rain puddle swirl, right in the middle of her garden. She planted a tree and with shade we now see,
that when she was cool, she was very, very cool, but when she got hot, she was florid! :-)

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