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I've Heard about this -- Cat Juggling!

December 8, 2008 | 7 Comments

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Please don't make jokes about juggling cats, swinging cats by the tail, etc. It's offensive, and there are probably cat detractors out there who could be inspired.



You're referring to a sound-effects joke in which I described a juggler who juggled a cat, a hot toaster, and an alarm clock while jumping on a pogo stick and playing a trumpet. I think the chance of a public radio listener juggling a cat as a result of hearing that is rather slim. About the same as the likelihood of someone juggling a hot toaster. But next time, instead of a cat, I'll have him juggle a horse.


I share my home with my lovely wife and two formerly stray cats. Said cats have all their claws and even the thought of "juggling" them would result in the
severe gutting of the foolish would-be juggler. And, for the record, I loved the sound-effects joke.

No, a Flaming Porcupine

My wife and I live with four cats. Believe me, it's a constant juggle (or is it jungle)! Whichever, Richard obviously needs an emergency sense of humor transplant!

Juggle a cat? I can't even trim any of my three cats' claws unless I want to lose an arm.

ummm...does nobody here get the fact that IT'S A J-O-K-E??? Sheesh...

I have a large very fluffy cat who weighs in at about 16 pounds and makes a fairly good repacement for a barbell for bicep curls. He has his claws and would not be hesitant to let me know if he objected.

Are you kidding? that probably was how the catapult was invented!

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