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The Not-So-Mysterious Origins of Guy Noir

December 3, 2008 | 4 Comments

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Please expound on how you selected the name Guy Noir. Could it be an allusion to "Dark Man"? or "The Shadow"?

Jac B.
League City, TX


Back when I was an English major in college, I was able to expound at the drop of a hat, Jac, and I could've written a thousand words on this or almost any other subject, including books I had never read, but I've lost that ability to tease out allusions and draw parallels and make them dance, and all I can tell you now is that I chose the name Noir because the sketch is based on film noir and the name Guy because it's a French name that in English simply means "man" though nowadays some people use it to refer to women too. That's it. Back to you.


Think "film noir" of the 40's and 50's.

Did you ever listen to the Adventures of Private Nick Danger, Third Eye, back c.1969? It was done on LP by the Firesign Theater.
The reverse side was How Can You be In Two Places at Once When You Really Are Nowhere at All.
Marx & Lennon were in the cover (that's Groucho).

Maybe Xmas of 2009 you could have performed on your show the beautiful simple Christmas Carol by American Transcendentalist composer Charles Ives. It is available on You Tube.
Thank You.

i enjoy the guy noir skits. but dont usually have time to get to listen to the whole prarie home companion. is there any way you would concider putting guy noir on his own podcast like you do with the news from lake wobegon. i subscribe to it too. Thanks for your great show, when i get to catch it,

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