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Paging Mildred Glick

December 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

Dear Mr. Keillor—
I am listening to the rerun of your November 29th show from Cincinnati and in your greetings you wish a happy 102nd birthday to Mildred Glick in Hollywood. I believe she is my mother's old friend, my "Aunt" Micky, my sister's namesake. I've lost track of her over the years and would love to touch base with her and her children. I can't believe there would be two Mildred Glicks in Hollywood. Is it possible for you to put me in touch with the person who sent the birthday wishes?

I had to laugh when I heard the age because my mother always said Aunt Micky lied about her age. I celebrated her "50th" with her in California with her, then, 5th husband, my Uncle Fred. People are amazed when I tell them the story of my two "aunts", one on the east coast and one on the west coast, who each had been married five times and their last husband was the same man.

Many thanks,
Suzanne R.
Birchrunville, PA


Those greetings, my dear Suzanne, are scribbled on scraps of paper by people in the audience and when I'm done reading them, I drop them on the floor and they're collected by a stagehand who throws them away. So we don't know any more than what you heard on the air, and probably that was all that was written on the slip of paper anyway. If anyone reads this who knows MILDRED GLICK OF HOLLYWOOD M*I*L*D*R*E*D**G*L*I*C*K *OF**H*O*L*L*Y*W*O*O*D paging MILDRED GLICK OF HOLLYWOOD and they'd like to put her in touch with you, we will pass that information on. A woman who married five times is worth your getting to know better. Hope spring eternal.


Thank you for posting my comment on my Aunt Micky. I hope I will hear from someone who knows her. There cannot be two women with the same name and about the same age. My mother would be 93. What wonderful and exciting women these were. They experienced a time that can not be relived. The world became small when they lived in Washington, DC prior and during WWII. Young people from all across the US came together to make a difference. Everyone pulled together and made that difference in our world. Let's hope the same will be true now when we need it as much as ever before!

My grandfather, Carl Darby, had a sister named Mildred Darby whose second husband was a George Click. Her nickname was Micky. She lived in California along with her sister Virginia. I would love to know more if this is the same woman. She is from Maryland. Please email me.

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