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Best Anti-PHC rant of 2008

December 3, 2008 | 82 Comments

"Prairie Home Companion" epitomizes everything wrong with:

  1. NPR

  2. Garrison Keillor, and

  3. Midwestern America in general.

When this flavorless, humorless comedy, featuring bland, slow-paced, hokey, corn-fed themes, doesn't actually lull the listener into a lobotomized glaze characteristic of the entire region south of International Falls between the Mississippi and the Rockies, it manages to infuriate for its sheer maddening unfunniness. Keillor and his crew of edgeless, hee-yuking goobers are the flat beer, Muzak, and unsalted chips of an outmoded radio world best left to nostalgic misremembrance or (better yet) glass-eyed senility.

Spare me this tripe. I'm not dead yet.

— Critical Miami


So-o-o sad. If Mr. K's work doesn't have you bust a gut at least once during the program, or the performances of the guests and regulars inspire you to wonder... ...maybe you should either check your pulse or get you money back from the gent who's funny bone you've been cutting your teeth on, sir-or-madame-as-the-case-may-be.

Dear Critical Miami,
I will not say I feel sorry for you,for evidently you have no feeling/s. It must be hard to not have any sense of humor or taste. Evidently you must have a European upbringing,(probably Russian Military). Oh to be denied love and the wholesome freeness of youth, that must be tragic. Were you cared for in a wholesome and loving environment you could enjoy the simple things in life. Radio, where one has to use the imagination to let the brain take flight and explore far off places and cultures and new experiences. Rather than to be a machine to accept things as they are laid out before you and not to wonder as to why it is to be.
No I will not feel or show sorrow for you. I would hope that instead you could experience the openness of the mind and explore the possibilities that are locked within. But you have been able to grasp the wonder of the Internet. Now imagine if you can it's capabilities just in your mind. They are endless.
You may not be dead yet, and I hope you have a long life. However, you are exhibiting most of the symptoms of someone who may be brain dead. But what do I know, for my parents loved me and encouraged me when they could.

Dear Critical Miami;

I disagree with your analysis. The obvious response is 'So, turn the channel if you don't like it.'

The more complete response is that the show features real talent, with real people, even when said people portray fictional characters. These are utterly competent and quality entertainers, period. If you are looking for edge, then perhaps you'd prefer the more vulgar routines of Doug Stanhope, who is a funny guy and whom I love to listen to, but not exactly for what you'd call a family audience. Or, perhaps you'd enjoy the music of folks like Kanye West or others of that ilk, who don't have enough talent or courage to shop their wares without the help of electronic voice modification. Now THAT's lame.

PHC makes me laugh, lets me relax, and allows me to (egads!)stretch my imagination; an increasingly fading capacity in the US of A these days.

On the other hand, Congratulations for the Best Anti-PHC Rant of 2008, and thanks for furnishing me with an opportunity to post a rant of my own.

Cranky but Enthusiastic in Richmond Maine

PS: "Hee-yuking goobers??"

I would post something equally peevish and boorish in response, but fortunately I am under the influence of ketchup's natural mellowing agents.

Wow, the critic managed to take up eight lines with just two sentences. What a command of the English language, especially the comma! I personally could have done with just the last two sentences of the ranter's own tripe.

What a wonderful little rant! I can only assume Garrison wrote it to help sir the soup and see if anyone was paying attention. If it is sincere, then I shall gleefully stand on my porch and pick my nose in honor of my midwestern childhood, as said writer slowly drives by in his/and/or/her rusting Camaro. Welcome to the world; thanks for your opinion; we can smell you on the wind and are richer for it. This finger's for you!

I cannot believe that someone would have such an intensely hateful reaction to such a wonderful program. Garrison never fails to make me laugh and the range of talent on the program is truly amazing. I feel sorry for anyone who cannot appreciate this show. It shows a lack of heart. vey sad for you Mr Miami.Maybe you just need a slice of rhubarb pie.

Critical Miami wrote:
Spare me this tripe. I'm not dead yet.

And I reply:

Well, I'm patient; I can wait...

I'm not fond of the misogynistic
lyrics found in rap music.
What do I do?
Turn it off!
I'd rather sit with my pre-school
class and sing "Love Is A Circle,
Round and Round."
And on weekends, there's reading
and walking and gardening and
A Prairie Home Companion -- thank
Hopefully someday Mr. or Ms. Critical
Miami will find joy in the "simple
things." My guess is that will happen
when it becomes the "in" thing to do!
(By the way, I don't think GK would
write this to "stir the pot.")
San Clemente,CA (far West of the

There is a recording of Will Geer reading Woody Guthrie. In it he says (paraphrased) I'm tired of songs that make you feel bad about yourself, that you're not good enough, that you're too fat or too skinny or too this or too that. I wanna sing songs that make you feel good about yourself, that you matter in the world...."
PHC is a gift that a friend I met on the road gave me, back in '81. I'm a kid again. PopPop is telling funny stories. The women are in the parlor, the men are in the kitchen. People know what you can and can't say in front of the kids. Every plate of food is cooked with love.
There are no sneers, or nasty language(outside the locker room or bar).
Yes, we knew much of life sucked. Yes we had a couple drunk uncles. Yes, there were "illegitimate" babies born.But there was also so much kindness and forgiveness, and many, many laughs along the way. (And the "F-Bomb" was never dropped.)
Some people have none of these memories.It is all bad to them. That's just sad. There is no need to slap back. I just sigh (like B.Lady) and shrug and move along.
You're a blessing, GK. Thanx!

Well, I can assure you all that there's many a European who enjoys the show - BBC Radio 7 broadcasts it every weekend and I never miss it. It is my absolute passion, now that I have discovered it, and an excuse to be in bed by 11pm every Saturday night!

Critical Miami - as a resident of the Chav State (you can google the word chav. I can tell you now it's not complimentary) it's never too late to learn.

Awwww, relax Critical in Miami. What are you all worked up about? Nobody forces you to listen to the program, do they?
Part of the genius of PHC is that it is low-key and easygoing ... something kinda rare in this fast paced, stressful, cynical modern era.
What I love most about the program is its gentle familiarity. It's great for the whole family to listen to together.
And yes, it's true ... it elicits smiles instead of big guffaws. But how often do you feel like even smiling these days when listening to a program?
IMO, Saturday night wouldn't be the same without my dose of PHC. Thank goodness for it and for Garrison Keillor. He makes it all SEEM so easy, as if ANYBODY can do what he does ... which is another part of his genius.

Mary in CT

Why do so many people have the attitude that if you don't like the same things they do, there must be something wrong with you? Doesn't it come down to personal taste? If Critical Miami doesn't like the show, it doesn't necessarily mean he/she had a poor upbringing or whatever; it's just not his/her cup of tea. On the other hand, Critical Miami's rant that APHC is bland and humorless, and represents everything that is wrong with Midwestern America, was way off base as well. There are many devoted listeners who would disagree, myself included. It's a matter of taste. I think D Morse said it best: 'So, turn the channel if you don't like it.'

Well, I don't agree with anything Critical Miami has to say but I did enjoy reading his rant. Critical Miami might be a humorless boob, but he sure can write.

I found that PHC was a show that had to grow on me; it wasn't my cup of tea either, at first. I don't remember ever having laughed out loud listening to PHC, but to me, it's a warm, friendly, inviting program, free from the cynicism and cheap shots heard on other radio shows. I especially like the feeling that everyone's welcome; no exclusions. This may sound dorky; I don't really care: hearing Garrison singing the opening song gives me a feeling of peace and optimism, every time. A world torn apart by anger and violence fosters an omnipresent sense that doom is just around the bend. Anything that helps to mitigate that constant anxiety is a blessing.

What's with the Miami critic? He/she doesn't have to listen to the Prairie Home Companion show. I imagine for every sour beer and vinegar person like that that there are roughly 2 million fans who absolutely love the show. I certainly do, and I want to commend GK on his creativity, Sue Scott and Tim Russell for their voice talent which is unsurpassed,and the rest of the crew for providing my highlight of each week. Keep the good times a-coming! Tom

Somebody in Miami needs a hug.

I'm a fan of PHC and I can see the critic from Miami's point. Not to say that I agree with what she is saying but I can see where she is coming from.

So, go spare yourself and shaddup about it. Sheesh!

You must be in need of more ketchup in your life.

I doubt Garrison Keillor and I would agree on much of anything involving politics or religion, but, dagnab it, the man has immense talent, a functioning brain (A rare commodity these days), a great sense of talent in others, and an obviously caring heart.

Now, I have nothing at all against Miami, but isn't that where old people go to await senility?
Seems the wait for some is a short one. Anyone who doesn't love and appreciate PHC is certainly suffering from something.

I am glad that my sense of humor came with me when I moved from the Frozen North to Sunny Florida. I love listening to the News from Lake Wobegon and remember my Norwegian bachelor farmer great-uncles often and fondly. Lake Wobegon is a lot like the small Norwegian town in which my mother grew up in central Iowa. Go ahead and complain. Everyone needs a hobby.

Good grief, what a rant! I myself look forward every day to surfing the PHC website and The Writer's Almanac, and the radio show is certainly one of the enduring classics of American entertainment, especially to those of us who share the outlook and worldview of our genial friend from St. Paul. As a fellow resident of the Upper Midwest, I regard GK as a favorite neighbor, and his work as a first-rate, dead-on observation of life in this most beautiful part of the world. I wonder what Mrs. Sundberg would say to our culturally impoverished and decidedly bilious commentator from Florida. I imagine she might well offer him a hug, as well as a bran muffin. He seems to be in serious need of both.

Tis better to be thought an idiot than.....

Gee, Critical Miami -- I commiserate with you on the loss of your sense of humor. I've lived in Florida for several years now (not on purpose) and have noticed that happening a lot with people down here. All this sun softens your brain. My advice: wear a hat.

This rant/review would be so sad if it weren't so true. The music has become unlistenable and the political comentary thicker than the beard on a Norwegian Bachelor farmer's backside. Garrison, we are as sick of listening to you complain about Bush as we are sick of Bush! Listening to PHC has truly become an excrutiating exercise in waiting for the good stuff - the news from Lake Wobegon. Sorry, I've been a fan for many years, but you're wearing out your welcome.

Critical Miami, the only one you need to rely on to spare you "this tripe" is yourself. There's plenty of radio entertainment that I do not care for, but I'm puzzled as to why do you feel it necessary to attempt spoiling it for others. Unless someone is forcing you to listen, simply change stations and move on.

If you'll give me half your share of Prairie Home, I'll joyously let you have my full share of Howard Stern, or any two of those "reality" TV programs. Deal?

Well, Miami/Dade County are the people who remind me that "the suburbs are the wasteland between the city and the forest". It is too bad they never actually lived in a small town and knew what America was really all about . Then they would recognize these people as the real Americans with all their warts and wonderful souls.

Adversity breeds character, as GK's listeners have been taught over and over. This Miami gentleman's rant is a cry for help-- he's clearly in need of a 4-month stint of Minnesota winter, to add something interesting to his life experience. Imagine what he's like as a dinner companion! I have tried to write for audiences living in southern Florida and could never find anything that appealed to them, to any of their senses. (I discovered that they seem to go for the occasional glossy color picture, which might explain this man's problem with radio.) Perhaps he could do a seasonal house swap with someone from Lake W.-- should we arrange an intervention?

While I don't agree, nor would I change a word. I like my lifestyle here in the vast midwest and appreciate not having folks with your mindset for neighbors. With that having been said...GO LAY DOWN BY YOUR DISH AND BE QUIET!

To me, what makes PHC special is that, for a brief interlude, I am removed from the normal stresses of life. I work as a business attorney and spend my usual days dealing with people's problems. Let's be clear. I came into this profession with my eyes wide open. Nonetheless, it can get a bit overwhelming at times, especially times like these when my clients are mostly failing small businesses or people facing bankruptcy or foreclosure.

With PHC, I get to go away to a place that reminds me when I was a child, akin to visiting my grandparents in the summer, when swimming, playing wiffle-ball with my cousins, and more swimming were my greatest concerns. Last year, during a rather long and trying jury trial, I listened to PHC everyday -- almost non-stop during preparation. It was a great help. Maybe it's a sick and twisted type of therapy. But having read other individuals' takes on the program, I know I am not alone.

I really cannot understand Critical Miami's reaction. Just turn the channel.

Don't like it..?
Don't listen..

It's a very simple concept.

Well, gee whiz, critical Miami! How about you sign your name so that you can demonstrate the courage of your convictions? Are you cranky because you have sent beaucoup amounts of cranky poems that (The) New Yorker has not deigned to publish, or do you just like to complain? Please, if you want to rant, feel free to do so in an environment where you can sign your name. If we knew your name, we could then be kind enough to cut you some slack, and make you some nice comfort food, such as a nice white bread and sun-warmed-by-August tomato and mayo sandwich and a little glass of iced tea to chill you out. Of course, as a former resident of Winona, MN, and now of other places, I know that I would love to sample a real Midwestern summer sandwich and definitely some sweet corn while listening to Garrison and the PHC crew--they have gotten me through some very hard times.

oooh! Somebody in Miami got a Thesaurus for Christmas!

Gee Miami didn't Santa bring you anything for Christmas? Is your wife having an affair?
Why are you so crabby? Just don't listen. Why be mean?
I hope your year gets better and you get nicer again. I'll bet you had some nice days when you were little.....

The writer is evidently not an "English Major"!!

Dear Critical Miami

It is evident that you are, unfortunately, a product of improper toilet training, untimely ripped from your potty as a child. This has tragically left you unable to truly connect with a more simple time in your life. Those of us who are normal have the ability to connect this way when ever we need a source of solace and joy. We connect with PHC, an institution now for three decades, in much the same way; you, unfortunately, cannot.

Coming to this site to assail a man who is not just a blessing, but a national treasure, boggles the mind. For shame!

Please get help. You should be able to find many shrinks down in your plastic, boobie-implanted, bimboed world of Miami.

Critical In Miami deomstrates what's wrong with:
1. Commercial broadcasting,
2. Manny Diaz (Miami's mayor), and
3. Miami Dade County in general

Apparently Miami is supplanting patriotism as the last refuge of a scoundrel. Hopefully, you can find something more nihilistic on TV to amuse yourself. Southpark is on all the time. There's no use in stretching your mind with radio entertainment. There's plenty of stuff to ridicule on your shallow end of the pond.

Hahahhahahahahhaha - I'm so grateful for this diatribe because it made me laugh out loud. Surely he INTENDED to be funny...Because, how could he even know what he just told us if he hadn't listened to APHC...a lot?

Perhaps the Miami listener is right about our beloved Prairie Home Companion.

The comment makes me think that maybe the government should pipe the program into terrorist holding cells at Guantanamo Bay. The radicals imprisoned there hate wholesome American culture too, and maybe Garrison singing "Tishomingo Blues" will drive them crazy and force them to reveal their terrorist plans.

For those of us who love PHC, it is like a tonic to the soul. For those who hate it, and don't have an off button on their radio, it could be a replacement for waterboarding.

You can tell Critical Miami is not of Scandinavian ancestry. He took more than a 100 words to say what could have been summed up in, "The program is not to my taste."

Suck it up and turn off your radio!

I grew up in Australia and have listened to PHC for years and now live in NYC - which Americans constantly remind me is not actually the US of A. I thinks it's witty and warm, opens my eyes to America 'out there' (great musicians)and keeps a slice of 'old-time Americana' alive while slipping in some intelligent cynicism where it fits. What's not to like. Miami maybe? :)

Life is a banquet, but Miami seems to be starving! Don't like the hot dish? - then select the sushi, for pete's sake! I'll try a little of anything, once, but PHC will always be on my plate.

It sounds like someone's Botox injected was administered a little too deep...

On Sunday, I will light a candle for you at church, Critical Miami.

During the 6 years that I've driven a big rig, I've found the apex of my radio listening with PHC. Even though I'm a conservative and find the occasional political joke to be tasteless and unfunny, the rest of the show lifts me up and makes my day better. The combination of gentle humor, pinpricks where appropriate, and an upbeat message (life is worth living, so get off your duff and live it!) far outweighs the few things I don't like.

So, Critical Miami, please either find something else to listen to or learn to open your mind to other possibilities than your jaundiced view of radio.

Without the dark, one cannot see the stars. Your comments help us see a bright one in PHC.

Someone needs an enema.

Miami Critic: Gimme a break. Perhaps your irritability is produced by thong-chafing or baking your brains. Take a deep breath and get over yourself.

I feel sorry for this individual. Either his Lexus is in the shop or his Blackberry is out of commission. Obviously, his brain has "no bars" and very poor reception. You poor, poor baby. Go have some Chardonay and Brie, and don't worry, the rebate check you've been expecting will come very soon. I refer to this person as a him for clues left in the original post such as "hee-yuking goobers...flat beer" doesn't sound like an upset woman but that of an ignorant 20 something male that hasn't had much satisfaction lately.
Mr. Keillor, plain and simple, I love your work. Thank you for keeping on keeping on. As they say in the railroad industry, "Highball, Clear track ahead."

Let me give you some mid-western Mother's advice:
If you can't say something nice, you shouldn't say anything at all!

To Kevin 1-6-09- Go buy the Wobegon books or tapes./or just go to the website and listen to the podcast of the News from Lake Wobegon.
You don't have to listen at all .

To Miami Critic.
So, you don't like it, don't listen ..simple solution.
The rest of us will listen and spend a pleasant time with all the wonderful RADIO characters. Radio, you know the original entertainment. The time spent, surely does give a person a fun time, you can sit and sew and listen, you can just sit and soak up the show with your eyes closed, or you can be driving down the road, home from the mall.. it is a pleasant time spent..
Don't like pleasant.. don't listen

Miami left out the midwest east of the Mississippi. I grew up among the German Lutherans and Polish Catholics of Michigan. Many of the same characters on the show exist in small towns all over America. I love the humor and the sense of place.

Doris in NC

My guess is GK published this because he saw that the writer put some effort into it. It does have a certain flow that's entertaining.

GK also doesn't like unadulterated praise, knowing full well he is not any more perfect than the rest of us. Don't get me wrong, I love GK's work but I feel I know the man after all these years and that he knows the danger of thinking what you do is great, great, great. See Tom Cruise or Michael Jackson for examples of people who've fallen into the trap of taking themselves too seriously.

Keepin' in real GK is and kudos to him.

Having grown up just down the road from Garrison's hometown, and having listened to his Morning Show on the radio (hope it doesn't make you feel any older) and having to wrestle with my Dad wanting to listen to Maynard Speece on WCCO in the morning (he would win, mostly), and having the occasion to know what Tomato Butt really is, I can say that Critical Miami should grow a pair... of fingers and turn the dial.
Really, this IS a free country!
The music is terrific, the joke shows leave me gasping for air, sore ribbed, and the show reminds me to buy more ketchup; what more can we ask?

Critical Miami, may I suggest that you relax, have a slice of rhubarb pie or even have yourself a Powder Milk Biscuit (spread on a little ketchup if need be). Then sit back and enjoy what life has to offer.

Aw, give CM a break. As someone who was listening to PHC when it was on in the morning and sponsored by Jack's various enterprises, I am and always will be a fan. However, if I were to tune in to PHC for the first time today during one of the sound effects episodes I would probably feel just like CM. Only difference is that, being Minnesotan, I wouldn't whine about it, I'd just change the station. Or as I do now, use it as my cue to go to the bathroom.

...and yet, Miami took the time and effort to find APHC website, go to "letters," then compose and post a rambling little tirade. Seems like a lot of time and effort to spend on something he claims has "no value" in his opinion! ;)

While I disagree with Critical Miami's view of your excellent program.Critical Miami's rant is enjoyable to read and its clear to me why it was the Anti-PHC Rant of 2008. Well written, focused and seemingly honest. I am a little confused by the last two sentences, as it seems to imply that the dead eat tripe. I just don't have the stomach to test that notion.

_ Roy Foster

Dear Geographically Impaired in Miami:

Your inability to relate to Mid-westerners isn't a crime. But it is an inability. To declare PHC is tripe is proof that a strong command of the English language isn't enough to protect your ignorance.

I'm likely a hypocrite. I have only lived in the south. I love prairies. It's entirely possible I would find your form of entertainment too fast, flashy and unnecessary.

Congratulations on your award, however. I bet you won all the Spelling B's in grade school.

There are many different kinds of humor expressed by us human beans and Garrison & Company (PHC)express/portray the great "tongue in the cheek" sense of American humor. Where else in America can we enjoy great humor, music, singing, writers, skits and talent that doesn't come from the "main-stream"?? By booking some new (unheard of )talent on this show has brought to us many wonderful performers that would otherwise never have had an opportunity to perform before the public... PHC has consistently contributed so much humor/happiness every week by making us forget the daily cares/troubles of the World. Go PHC!!!

Critical Miami sounds like my grandfather. He died in 1941, and I have always been eternally grateful to him for doing so well before I was born. My mom used to tell me stories about her father and I would think, "Surely such a mean-spirited, soul-deprived being could not have existed." Seems he did. Seems he's been reincarnated.

PHC is not fast and flashy. It, and many other NPR programs, are my mental yoga. I love "Lives of the cowboys".

Critical in Miami seems too nasty and maybe is only satisfied with the reality / gossip / fear mongering programs that are directed to the worst in us. Finding the humor and the beauty in our lives is something GK has been able to do for many years and I never tire of it. There is kindness and love of life in every part of PHC that we would all do well to be exposed to more often. I have known people who did not like the midwest or NPR. I know a lot of people who do not like Florida. I have never heard anyone so critical of PHC.

Critical Miami, another English major gone bad...

Who wrote that for you? Perhaps you should have someone read it to you.

Dear Critical Miami,
I feel so sad for you, and your lack of appreciating a wonderful show like PHC. Wow, what an awful world you live in. I hope that you are able to find some humor in your life, I really do. Take the chance, listen to PHC, let it envelope you, close your eyes while listening, and appreciate the wonderfulness of the show. The stories, the music, everything is awesome. of course, I am a Lutheran and mostly of Scandinavian background, but I know many persons of all backgrounds and cultures who appreciate this show. Please give it another try or two or more . . . . .


Having lived in Florida for over 30 years, I am only too familiar with Miami and the various organisms that inhabit it. And sadly, this Miami critic is typical of its populace. As a result, most "normal" Floridians consider Miami to be merely a place you must drive through -- or around -- in order to reach the Keys.

If it were up to me, I would build a very tall (and soundproof) fence around the entire county of MiamiDade and leave all of its critters to their own devices.

Well, folks, it looks like yet another round of "the Midwest is a benighted backwater" versus "the East and West Coasts are flashy and fake." *yawn* All I can say is, I've lived elsewhere and I couldn't be happier to be back in my native Midwest. I didn't really appreciate it until I moved away, so maybe Critical should come up here and see things for him or herself. On the other hand, I don't suppose he or she would make a very good neighbor. So just change the channel, honey, and take a deep breath. Thank God for variety, right? "When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash,/ Then I long for my Indiana home."

Critical needs to follow the advice of the enlisted man in the old British army: Keep your bowels open, your mouth shut and don't volunteer!

If you still didn't get the message from the rest of us long time fans, here it is once more: Don't like it, don't listen!! There are still plenty of us non-edgy folks out here in the real USA who will.

In the words of my favorite retail customer service manager: "Let me help you out. Which way did you come in?"

Hello, I'm not from the Midwest, nor from Florida. Neither do I live in the US of A. I live in the predominantly rural county of Shropshire, in the United Kingdom. I came across Garrison many years ago when one of his News from Lake Wobegon monologues was broadcast on the BBC. I enjoyed it , but it did not appeat to catch on over here. However, with the increased use of the internet ovet the last few years, I have regained contact with the characters of APHC and realised what I had been missing. It's intelligent, friendly and has some really great musicians. I may not undertand every reference, but it makes me smile and want to listen to more. It's well worth staying up for, (it's in the middle of the night over here), or, if you can manage with the highlights, catch up with on BBC 7. Please keep up the good work and thank you!

Don't like?
Don't listen! (apologies to Bob G)


Or, as my 15-year old put it - "Waaaaaaahhhhhh!"

I <3 PHC

Prairie Home Companion is a bright spot in my week. We have occasionally gone to great lengths to record the show if we're going to be away from home on Saturday night. In fact we have a total of 768 hour-long tapes, recorded since the time PHC went off the air and then returned, and I enjoy listening to those old shows much more than most of today's radio (excepting PHC of course!). There are 166 other hours in the week during which Critical Miami can listen to public radio -- he/she can surely turn his/her radio off for 2 hours.

As a true Miami Florida native (49 yrs)... I LOVE the PHC show and look forward to it every Saturday night.
Yes... in a big city with plenty of other things to do on a Saturday night, i prefer to listen to PHC. Everything seems right with the world when GK sings---

"i hear that ole piano down the avenue...

i am NOT critical in Miami... there are still a lot of great people down here who appreciate great talent and the good ole days humor of PHC

Please, stay in Miami. Having spent way too much time and money in your cesspool, I am aware of what life is like there. Please, stay there. Keep the other easterners there with you. I grew up in NJ, I can say that. You folks are so caught up in your selves, your jewelry, your Italian shoes, your addictions, your attitude and your money, you can't even handle something as simple as a 4 way stop sign! How could anyone like that have an appreciation for PHC? You all are in desperate need of The Golden Rule. Please, stay in Miami.

People in Miami are much too sophisticated to listen to PHC. Perhaps they should go back to their dancing on the tables in the clubs.

It's possible that Critical Miami is actually a critic by profession. If so, he is forced by circumstance to endure PHC, whether he wishes to or not. So, advising him to just turn the dial might not get the job done.

Poor Critical Miami. What a horrible way to earn a living!

It also occurs to me that C.M. may be oblivious to the strong possibility that the humor, the fey and whimsical ironies, and the nostalgic re-creation of a time gone by have simply eluded him. He just doesn't "get it."

I'm thinking Wit, Whimsy and Charm--like Beauty--are surely in the eye (and ear) of the beholder.

Great rant, Miami; too bad you don't get it. I'll bet you laugh your guts loose listening to Stern, or watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Different strokes, y'all.

The clue here is that Critical sees PHC as "what's wrong with NPR". We all know that there are people with social deficiencies that lead them to abhor Public Radio and TV, the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities,
the United Nations, scientific processes, and multi-culturalism. It must also affect the sense of humor and the ability to "live and let live".

Wow! Definitely not from the Mid-West and not a fan of the farce! It's OK; it takes a cut above, to understand the great feast of intellectualism and home style fun which can be appreciated by "Wordies" everywhere.


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