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Nothing Like It

November 25, 2008 | 5 Comments

Dear Host:
I'm from South Carolina and have lived in Minnesota for five years. I love Minnesota and can't imagine ever living anywhere else. What do I have to do to become officially a Minnesotan? These are the things that I have done: I lived in Duluth for 3 years, Mpls area for 2, I am on my second Subaru, I am a member of Bethlehem Lutheran church, I just saw your show live this weekend, I have been to a lutefisk dinner and lived, I am liberal and voted for Kerry and Obama. I know that I need to go to Norway and do a polar bear plunge. What more do I need to do?

Kimmie K.


Whoever is making you feel like an outsider, Kimmie, is just being snooty. Minnesota is here to be enjoyed and you've made a good start. No need to go to Norway. (It's expensive.) Go to Sauk Center and stay in the old hotel downtown. Go to Lanesboro (another fine old hotel in what used to be a stone mill, I believe). Drive out west of Minneapolis to Willmar and then get onto one of those county roads that goes straight west and drive slowly across the prairie and when the sun starts to go down, get out of your car and walk. So beautiful. The Catholic churches and cemeteries of small towns in Stearns County. A canoe trip down the upper Mississippi. A walk on country roads on a moonlit night in January. No need to plunge ino frigid water unless you're curious. But you do need to get psyched for winter. You brave the elements, welcome the adversity and somehow it makes you more cheerful. On the coldest windiest day you go out walking into the teeth of the blizzard and when you come back to home and hearth, you will be invigorated and feel lively and witty and even giddy. Nothing like it.


I enjoy your show. I was wondering if you will ever come to Saginaw Michigan to do your shows. I would love to see your show done in person. By the way do you know how to tell if a person is from Michigan? Ask them were do they live and they show you the back of their hand and point to a spot and say there...ha ha! Another way is if the person tells you she/he is from the "thumb" area of Michigan. You do need to come to this side of Michigan after all our local news station has two meteorologist from Minnesota, working for them. They must not of liked the warm weather there and moved to a colder climate....ha ha! Oh I have been to your airport does that count as visiting Minnesota? Ha ha!

Amazing how good advice is universal. Thanks for reminding me of the things I've been missing.

Best wishes,
Milwaukee WI

I love you so much! Great place to visit!,

informative post, keep it up.,

I'm from Minnesota and just moved to South Carolina for graduate school. I hope it's not a permanent trade. My fondest MN memories were sitting on the dock of a quiet lake as dusk falls, the State Fair, walking under trees of icicles, and scraping my car in the early winter morning (which I never thought I'd miss). I worked the summer at the Wildlife Refuge in Erskine MN-- I suggest seeing MN along the drive from Bemidji to Crookston, which goes from pine forest to prairie. Down south here, I'm adopting a slight southern accent to talk to store clerks and am worried about enjoying this warm winter too much... I fully agree that there is pride and cheer in welcoming adversity. Minnesota is a state of mind--a steady, constant, warm (despite the wind chill), and wonderful state of mind.

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