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How About Lively?

November 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

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I loved your column on Barack Obama but what in the world did you mean describing Michelle Obama as "jumpy"?

Mary O.
St. Louis MO


She has a lot of physical energy, a lot of bounce. I don't mean she's nervous or anxious, just that she has a quickness and grace. I liked the word "jumpy" but can see how it might be taken another way. No, she is very cool, very much herself, not self-conscious, but like a lot of young people she hops and bops when she moves. It's going to be fun to have that young family in the White House, don't you think? That graceful way they walked out on stage in Grant Park on Election Night — didn't stride, didn't jump around or wave their arms, moved with quiet joy and grace, aware of how much the night meant to so many people. I truly admire that gracefulness and humility about them. So — okay, I won't say "jumpy" again. How about lively?


Just this morning my husband
and I were discussing the fact
that many young women are now
covering their midriffs. It seems
grunge is on the way out.
From my perspective, besides being
terrific leaders (both Barack
and Michelle Obama), our new
First Couple will be models for
young people -- they have a grace
that many will identify with and
Finally! Finally!
Thank Goodness!
Sandy, San Clemente

What would you think of the word vibrant instead of jumpy or lively? I think it describes her pretty well without leaving a door open for misinterpretation. Maybe it's a little overused, a bit of a cliche. I think it works though.

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