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The Bramble and the Rose

November 18, 2008 | 5 Comments

A couple listeners wrote in to identify the author of GK and Andra Suchy's duet of "The Bramble and the Rose" (listen | watch video).

On PHC this week you said you "Wish you knew who wrote this song," the Bramble and the Rose. According to Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin's CD "Our Town," it was written by Barbara Keith. It's a great CD, by the way, and I highly recommend it. Enjoyed the show.

Doug O.

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I enjoyed arrangement of "The Bramble And The Rose" which Garrison mentioned that he wished he had written. It was written many years ago by Barbara Keith from Greenfield Massachusetts, a prolific song writer and performer who, along with her husband Doug Tibbles and his son John Tibbles, make up the group The Stone Coyotes.



Thanks for the information re: "The Bramble and The Rose". Thanks especially for the wonderful performance on PHC!

I was fortunate to be in the theater audience Sat. when Emmylou and band performed a post-show encore. Does anyone know the title/author?


I love that song! I wish you'd have Reilly and Maloney on the show. They do a wonderful rendition of The Bramble and the Rose.

A great show to be in the theater for! Musical gems abound! I believe the Emmylou post-show encore was:

The Other Side of Life
by Emmylou Harris
Angel Band (1987)

It seemed as though this band was performing it on stage for the first time together. What a treat.

I've been a Stone Coyotes fan for several years and had no idea that Barbara Keith wrote "The Bramble and the Rose" - although it makes sense if you've heard her other work. Anyone who hasn't heard Stone Coyotes - check them out! They're both incredibly accessible and familiar and completely unique at the same time.

In his book Be Cool, Elmore Leonard describes Stone Coyotes as, "Patsy Cline singing lead vocals for AC/DC." I love the mixture of deceptively simple lyrics, melodies and harmony combined with screaming guitars - it's real American music.

I would love to have "The Bramble and The Rose" duet to purchase. Is it possible? Also, Emmylou's "Love and Happiness". I am new to listening to the show.

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