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Back in the Stacks

November 6, 2008 | 5 Comments

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Has the series, "Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian," been discontinued? I have not heard it in quite awhile, nor could I locate any scripts for it in the archives for 2008.

Linda S.

We haven't done Ruth in a long time, that's for sure, but "discontinued"? That suggests that there was a meeting around a table and a discussion of Ruth, the pros and cons, and a consensus reached, and a memo issued: "TO: All PHC personnel, in re: Ruth Harrison. This will inform you that as of Tuesday she has been discontinued." And we don't hold those meetings. So it may be that Ruth is on leave, or just snoozing. Or disappeared while shopping. Or went to Tucson to visit her friend Kathy. But not discontinued.


Ruth Harrison is probably in the stacks preparing a small celebration now that Obama has been elected. After all he has promised to reform education and that includes Libraries. Ruth is probably tickled pink and can't contain herself in all the excitement of her job being thought of as important again.

Amen on this thing about Ruth Harrison Reference Librarian. I am also a reference librarian and think she is a hoot- even if her thinking is a little backwards. She represents the thinking of yesterday AND we love her. Please bring back Ruth.
I would play Ruth if need be or write for her part or whatever.
Oh I am a librarian in Alpharetta, GA- near Atlanta.

Oh and please don't let the rude behavior of our not so civilized citizens scare you away from Atlanta. MOST of us are civilized and know how to behave in public.

Check show of October 11 ... was not that long ago ...

I would love to see Ruth Harrison meet some handsome stranger, perhaps an author she has arranged to lecture at the library in a "meet the author evening." Let her have a wild trip to exotic places with this man... THEN when she returns to the library again, she will no longer just dream about the men and women on the covers of the steamier books she shelves in the back of the library...

Ruth is one of my favorite characters on PHC.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't miss these skits. I think they hit on the obvious, overdone librarian stereotypes. Dusty and Lefty are much more fun.

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