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Raise Your Sights

October 14, 2008 |

I've listened to your show since I was a kid. If it hadn't been for a friend canceling on a trip to see your show, I would have never met my husband and thus had my daughter. Speaking of whom — do you offer internships in sound effects? She is eighteen months old and does a pretty good fish, and a mean chicken. I'd like to develop her talents further.


I've heard all sorts of ploys to get free babysitting and yours is rather original. But no. The little girl needs to work with shapes and colors and numbers before she goes any further in the field of sound, and when she does sound, she needs to work on vowels and consonants, not clucks. The radio sound effects field is a small one: there are about two professionals out there and both of them work for us. Raise your sights and aim the little girl toward math. The country is going to need smart people someday and she can always do her sound effects on weekends, at mathematicians' parties.

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